Gorgeous Church Wedding Decorations

All the church wedding decorations ideas that you need for your ceremony.

By Deanna deBara

Church Wedding Decorations
Photo by Unsplash

Many couples opt to get married in a church, either because of their religious beliefs, because of family tradition, or because they find a church that feels like the right location to say their “I do’s.”

Many churches are ornate, beautiful buildings with intricate architectural features—and that alone can make for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

But, what if you want to make the ambiance of your church wedding feel more styled, on-theme, or personal to you and your spouse?

That’s where church wedding decorations come in.

With the right decorations, you can transform a church into the perfect, personalized space for your wedding. But, what types of decorations would work for a church wedding?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular church wedding decorations:

Decorate the Wedding Aisle

The walk down the aisle is one of any wedding’s most iconic moments—and if you really want to amp up the “WOW” factor, why not decorate the wedding aisle of the church?

An aisle runner is a great way to add visual interest and lend a sense of drama to your walk down the aisle on your wedding day. You can go with a classic aisle runner look and drape a piece of fabric (white or off-white will lend a classic, traditional feel) down the length of the aisle, create a more romantic look by sprinkling rose petals down the aisle (or, for a more dramatic look, by densely packing petals to create a more solid-looking flower runner), or go boho with greenery—the possibilities are pretty endless.

Gorgeous Church Wedding Decorations Photo Credit // Unsplash

Line the Pews With Garland

If you don’t like the look of an aisle runner for your wedding day, there’s another way to line your aisle and add visual interest to your ceremony space—and that’s by lining the end of the pews with strands of wedding garland.

Starting at the back of the church, attach the end of garland to the end of the back pew; then, drape the garland and attach it to the next pew, and so on and so forth until you reach the front of the church. Repeat on the other side, and you’ll have garland framing the aisle as stunning wedding decor.

Similar to aisle runners, there are a TON of options when it comes to garland. You can make garland out of fabric, flowers, greenery, or any combination of the three. Whatever wedding style you’re going for with your ceremony, there’s a garland that can help capture that style.

Add Flower Vases to the End of Each Pew

If you don’t want your guests to have to navigate around garland when they slide into the pew before the wedding ceremony, but you still want to add a decorative touch to the aisle, try adding flower vases at the end of each pew. Similar to the garland, the vases will frame the aisle—and depending on the flowers you choose (seasonal flowers are a great choice for aisle decoration), the vases can add a pop of color, elegance, or fun to your ceremony space.

Candles, Candles Everywher

Many churches use candles as part of their services and wedding ceremonies, so using candles as part of your church wedding decorations only makes sense.

In addition to placing candles at the altar (perfect for a unity ceremony), you might also consider placing candles by the entrance to the church or at the ends of the pews on tall candelabras.

Create a Focal Point at the Altar

If you’re getting married in a church, tradition dictates that you’re getting married at the altar. And, while you and your partner will (of course) be the focal point, adding a few alter decoration pieces certainly won’t hurt.

While you don’t want to do anything too over the top for your aisle or pew decoration—and take attention away from you and your soon-to-be-spouse—subtle decorations (such as floral arrangements or draped fabric) can add visual interest to the space.

Gorgeous Church Wedding Decorations Photo Credit // Unsplash

Focus on the Entryway

If your church is strict about adding decoration inside of the church, no worries! Just focus your decorations on the entryway area. You can create a floral wedding arch for guests to walk under as they enter the church, display a photo collage of your favorite pictures of you and your spouse, sprinkle the stairs with flower petals—whatever church decor you would have done inside the church, feel free to do outside.

Talk to the Church Before Decorating

All of these church wedding decorations could be great options to add a personal touch to your wedding ceremony space. But, before you get your heart set on any particular decorations, it’s important to note that some churches have stricter rules around wedding decor than others. While some churches are completely fine with you decorating as much as you’d like, others have firm rules on what is and isn’t allowed (for example, some churches might not allow candles, while others might not allow anything that would facilitate a clean-up after the ceremony).

So, before you move forward with choosing or buying church wedding decorations, it’s important to touch base with your contact at the church and get their blessing (pun intended!) on your church wedding decoration plan.