Fun Date Ideas For Married Couples

Looking to spice up your dates? Read on to discover our top date ideas for married couples.

By Lisa Wong Macabasco

Fun Date Ideas For Married Couples
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Here’s something that may surprise you: Married couples need special time together more than other relationships. Unlike the early days of a new relationship, where dates allow you to learn about one another and see if you’re a good fit, date nights for married couples provide a stress-free time to focus on just the two of you, strengthening and reenergizing your connection and helping you create wonderful new memories together.

The best part is that most fun dates can be free or inexpensive. These outings are about reigniting the sparks of romance in your marriage and remembering what you love and appreciate about your partner, not spending time and money on lavish dates.

Need a little help coming up with creative ideas for how to enjoy this leisure time with your partner? Here, some unique date ideas for married couples.

Go on a Dining Adventure

If you’re looking for romantic date night ideas, sample a new-to-you restaurant or cuisine. Or, select an area with a number of eateries, and have an aperitif and appetizer at one, a main course at another, and finish with coffee, dessert, or cocktails at a third. You can also cook a meal together at home, enroll in a cooking class, or do a wine tasting or brewery tour.

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Get Inspired

Does your husband or wife love the arts? Visit a museum or art gallery, watch a movie or play, or attend a poetry or book reading. For a great way to reconnect and delve into conversation beyond basic family matters, discuss what you liked and didn’t like.

Attending a concert is another great date night idea for you and your spouse. You may be surprised by each other’s tastes or find new interests to pursue together.

Reminisce About Your Wedding

You don’t have to wait for your anniversary to relive your wedding day. Recall the best moments from your special day by watching your wedding video, looking through your guestbook, dancing to your wedding song, and pulling out any mementos (you can even wear your wedding dress if you like). By commemorating your wonderful day, you may remember why you decided to marry your partner. It’s also a fun way to spend more time together and recall all the good moments the two of you have experienced thus far.

Take a Staycation

Looking for a romantic date idea? Get the excitement of traveling without the cost or hassle by booking a staycation in a hotel, short-term rental, or even just staying in your own home. Make plans to do new things or things that you both will enjoy together: take a bath, go for a walk, play a game, watch a movie. Escaping your day-to-day routine is the ultimate goal here, as it’s an easy way to reignite a relationship.

Splurge on a Date Night

Tackle that long list of things you talk about but somehow never get around to doing. Make a reservation at a restaurant you’ve both wanted to go to (get dressed up!), and book a room at a nice hotel.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Pack a picnic, and find a park or beach to take a hike, rent a boat or kayak, go for a swim, or even camp. Do a bike tour on your own or with an organized group. Take a dinner or brunch cruise, go ice or roller skating, or just toss around a frisbee or fly a kite. If you don’t want to work up a sweat, take in a play performed al fresco or just find a scenic place to watch the sunset.

Make a Special Dinner Together

Choose a recipe you both will enjoy (perhaps a more complicated one that would benefit from two sets of hands and more time than usual), go shopping for provisions, and prepare the meal together. Play some music and open a bottle of wine to make cooking fun, and break out the nice tableware and some candles to add to the ambiance. Don’t forget dessert! If you’re just not a cook, you can still spruce up a nice takeout meal.

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Go on Another First Date

Capture a bit of the excitement you felt the first time you met your partner and pretend to go on another first date. Pretend that you’re meeting each other for the first time, and ask questions you’d ask someone you just met and were interested in getting to know better. Their answers may surprise you.

Whether you do a home date night or try out a new coffee shop, there are many new and fun things you can do as a couple. With a little creativity and planning, you'll be able to keep the spark lit for years to come.

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