Food Trucks at the Wedding Reception: A Popular Option

A food truck wedding reception can be a fun alternative to using a wedding catering company for the big day. But is it right for your wedding?

By Shira Telushkin

Food Trucks at the Wedding Reception
Photo by Carretto Studio
Food Trucks at the Wedding Reception Have Become A Popular Option Photo Credit // Pexels

Not sure if a catered wedding jives with your style? Can’t choose between buffet or plated food? Hosting a food truck at your wedding can be a really fun way to give guests an unusual experience.

For cities with strong food truck cultures, such as Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, and Houston, the sudden revelation of a beloved food truck can elevate the wedding experience. For those in other cities, it can be even more of a novel surprise for your guests.

Either way, food trucks are an easy, all-inclusive way for guests to experience a particular type of cuisine and a particularly popular way to cater to a smaller and more casual wedding. It’s a fun twist on traditional catering or a plated meal that can give your wedding day a special twist that your wedding guests will never forget.

What to Consider When Booking a Food Truck

If you want to hire a wedding food truck, make sure to start looking in advance. You will need to make sure the vehicle can access the space, plus whether your venue has the space for the truck and for a reasonable number of guests to be clustered around.

If your wedding food truck is supplemental to your main catering, you’ll likely want to book the truck for a time where it’s placed in the wedding makes sense. Food trucks are ideal for the cocktail hour or the smorgasbord before the formal meal.

If the food truck will be adjacent to the venue, then make sure folks know it’s there. And don’t forget to have a rain plan. Ideally, your venue will have an overhang or the truck will be under a tent, so rain won’t ruin the big moment.

The food truck will likely be rented by the hour and come with food and plates, but not much else. So if the food truck is your main source of food for your wedding guests, remember that you still need to set up and provide drinks, tables, napkins, and everything else. It’s a good idea to also have some light snacks or appetizers on hand.

You also don’t want there to be long lines at the food truck. Who enjoys waiting for their food? If you have a large wedding, consider hiring multiple food trucks. For smaller weddings, consider having the food truck prepare a few of their signature dishes in advance, or be prepared to set up meals on a table nearby, so guests can choose.

What Kind of Food Truck Should I Have?

Food Trucks at the Wedding Reception Have Become A Popular Option Photo Credit // Unsplash

Think big. You can have tacos, ice cream, falafel, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza, Bahn mi—the options are endless. Just think about the kind of food you most enjoy and the kind of food that doesn’t take too long to prepare. Food trucks don’t have to be savory, either. You can have a dessert food truck as well. Ice cream is a popular choice.

If you are stuck on ideas, look up food trucks in your local area to see what excites you.

Is Hiring a Food Truck Expensive?

In general, hiring a food truck is less expensive than having a catered meal. Depending on the truck and where you live, most run from $15 to $35 ahead. But the food truck generally doesn’t come with any other services beyond the food and something to eat it on. So if this is your total source of food, remember there will be additional expenses. You’ll also need to consider how many hours to book the truck. Unlike a catered meal, once the truck is gone, the food is gone, too. As a catering supplement, the food truck likely won’t be an enormous added expense. But if the food truck is the total meal plan for the day, then make sure you factor in other expenses before booking it.

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