Flower Girl Crown Ideas

Flower crowns are the ultimate wedding accessory. Find a style that fits your celebration at Zola!

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Flower Girl Crown Ideas
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The First Look ✨

From lush roses to youthful carnations, flowers breathe life into every wedding. Not only do they look stunning, but they add a fresh feel and lovely scent to your celebration. And, flower girl crowns are one of the best ways to incorporate nature’s gems into your ceremony.

Throwing an elegant winter wedding inside a historic manor? Or perhaps hosting an outdoor summer bash overlooking the lake? No matter your celebration, there’s a floral crown to fit. To kick off your inspiration, here are Zola’s top ideas for flower girl hair accessories and crowns.

Types of Flower Crowns

When we say flower “crown,” we don’t mean a princess tiara. Botanical wedding hair accessories date back to bridal attire from ancient Greece and China, representing status and youth through their florals. Today, the tradition stays alive with brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls across the world.

Luckily for modern brides, there are more options than ever before for the little girl that will be center stage on your big day. Today’s floral crowns come in multiple styles, including:

  • Full ring – For the most traditional or bohemian look, a full-circle (or halo) flower crown is your best fit. These crowns usually have a circular base made of wire, melded metal, wood, or plastic. Designers then attach the florals and adornments onto this base in a pattern. Very rustic brides may use flower chains, where the floral stems are braided into creating the crown shape.

  • Half ring – Mimicking the classic tiara shape, a half-ring flower crown resembles an incomplete circle. This crown type often lies on the top of the head, held down by built-in combs or pins.

  • Crown veil – While more popular for brides than flower girls, veiled crowns are an elegant option. Most usually have a full-ring shape with a veil piece attached at the back. Some veiled crowns include a convertible option, where the veil can easily fall over the face.

  • Individual pieces or pins – Want something simple, yet stunning? Individual flower clips or floral hair combs give maximum beauty for minimum space. Make a statement with one large bloom (lilies, roses, and orchids work well), or pin multiple tiny buds into your flower girl’s hair for a light touch.

  • Woven – Usually made of ribbon, woven flower crowns are a flexible and romantic option. Flower girls can weave these floral bands into braided or twisted wedding hairstyles for a quintessential fairytale look.

Popular Blooms for Flower Girl Crowns

For today’s weddings, almost every flower can work on a crown. But, there’s a reason why certain florals are tried-and-true favorites. For a flower girl headpiece, you want florals that are versatile, eye-catching, and dry-air friendly—after all, no one wants a crown of wilted blooms.

Particularly for flower girls, most couples err on the lighter, youthful side when choosing the right florals. To start with the basics, consider these plants for your flower girl crowns:

  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Baby’s breath
  • Lavender
  • Carnations
  • Greenery (leaves, vines, etc.)

Another popular option is artificial florals. While they don’t carry the same velvety touch or gorgeous scent, artificial blooms erase any worries over wilted or crushed petals. And, from a distance, your guests won’t be able to spot the difference in the flower girl’s hair accessory.

Color Themes

Every visual aspect of your wedding day comes back to one blueprint—your color palette.

Typically, marrying couples choose three to four shades that define their entire wedding day, known as a color palette. This palette is often broken down into a primary color (the star of the show) and accent colors (supporting characters). From invitations to dresses to even your wedding website, this palette helps shape the entire look and feel of your wedding.

Need a pointed direction for your floral crowns? Select a color palette to base your florals around! For the modern and traditional bride, we’ve rounded up the top color palettes for 2021, and for all time.,

2021’s top wedding color palettes include:

  • Sage green and earth tones
  • Dusty pink and moss green
  • Royal blue and berry red
  • Burgundy and woodsy green
  • Dark teal and mahogany red
  • Periwinkle and blush pink
  • Mixed metallics (gold, silver, etc.)
  • Monotone (different shades of one color family)

Timeless color palettes include:

White and one jewel-tone color (blue, green, red, etc.)

  • Cream and gold
  • Black and white
  • Bright pink, orange, and green
  • Purples and dove grey
  • Pinks and reds
  • Navy, white, and gold
  • Light pink, deep blue, and mauve

Non-Floral Elements

Yes, the name is “flower crown”—but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with just floral elements. Get creative and add some other non-floral elements to your flower crowns. From other plants to man-made ornaments, these adornments add dimension and flair to headpieces.

To take a flower girl crown from bouquet to bonafide accessory, add these decorative elements:

  • Greenery – Florals and greenery go hand-in-hand. To fill out a crown, add foliage such as eucalyptus, olive leaves, pine needles, myrtle leaves, rosemary, or moss. And, for a uniquely minimalist look, go for an all-greenery crown.

  • Grasses – There’s a lovely rustic note to grasses and dried stems in a flower crown. Dried plants such as dried pampas, bunny tail, and golden plume grasses fill out a headpiece and add an airy, peasant-chic dimension.

  • Berries – For unbeatable colors in small doses, add some berries to your flower girl crowns. Consider hard-shell berries such as holly and cranberry, or even artificial berries in a fitting shade.

  • Branches or twigs – If you want your flower girls to resemble adorable fairies, incorporate twigs or branch accents into their crowns. The woodsy, spiky accents add a magical touch to a minimalist design.

  • Sparkle or fluorescents – To catch the light (and your guests’ eyes), shimmery elements take a flower crown from sweet to stunning. Anything from pearls, crystals, and tiny rhinestones adds instant glamour to a headpiece.

  • Metallics – Metal elements give flower crowns a modern refinement. For a light touch, add gold charms or a metal-wrought base to your crown. For a truly updated look, go for an all-metal crown. Delicate metal halos with jewel inlays will make your flower girls feel like princesses.

  • Ribbons – A classic choice, ribbons are the perfect age-appropriate accessory for a flower girl crown. Tie a full-ring crown with a ribbon in the back for a sweet look. For a braided wedding hairstyle, a ribbon-base crown can weave into the hair.

Seasonal Flower Crown Ideas

Seasonal changes don’t only control which flowers thrive, they also can set the feel and visual elements for your wedding.

Romantic winter, youthful spring, bright summer, rustic fall—every season has its own distinct colors, textures, and moods. Whether choosing your flower girl hair accessories or stationery (Zola’s invitation designs are searchable by season), take the ceremony date into account. Seasonal flowers are the perfect way to strengthen your theme and appreciate nature’s beauty.


Sleek, minimalist, and cozy, wintertime carries an understated elegance—and so do its seasonal blooms. To channel this mix of glamour and refinement, add these elements to your winter wedding’s flower girl crowns:

  • Winter flower varieties – Some might think that wintertime means zero plant life, but that’s far from the truth. Certain flowers can withstand the colder months, and they’ve grown to symbolize the season’s beauty. Look at varieties such as poinsettias, amaryllis, carnations, paperwhites, and white roses.

  • Evergreens – What’s more wintery than a majestic fir tree in rich green? Woven pine needles or even small pine cones instantly recall a wintertime forest as part of your flower girl crowns.

  • Sparkles – Whether it’s sequins, metallics, or crystals, all sparkly elements shine best in winter. Have your flower girls sparkle like new-fallen snow wearing silver or gold crowns with crystal inlays. Or, for a lighter touch, a bejeweled hair vine or small comb provides subtle glamour.

  • Velvet – Rich and deep, velvet embodies the most romantic elements of winter. Let this luxurious fabric be the star with a full velvet headband. For a hint of velvet, add a small bow or velvet base to bring a pop of color and texture to any bridal hair accessory.

  • Wintery colors – Certain shades just embody the dramatic colder months. With flower girl crowns, try to incorporate the season’s crisp whites, deep greens, icy or dark blues, scarlet reds, maroons, or metallics.


It’s no coincidence that some of the most beautiful flowers emerge during this youthful season. From maypole-inspired ribbons to baby buds, add these spring decorations to your flower girl crowns:

  • Spring flower varieties – Spring brides have their pick of the flower bed. Almost all main wedding flowers blossom during this time, including lilies, lilacs, daffodils, violets, irises, tulips, roses, and more.

  • Small buds – As the cold weather fades, tiny stems slowly surface on the ground. To reflect the delicate beginnings of spring florals, use smaller buds in your flower girl crowns.

  • Rose gold – If any metal fits spring, it’s the warm hue of rose gold. For metal crowns, opt for this feminine and light pink base to show off your flower girls’ hairstyles.

  • Ribbon – There’s nothing more spring-like than a maypole dance. For the full effect, attach loose ribbons on your flower girl crowns that will stream in the breeze. You can also weave colorful ribbons into braided hairstyles, or even use a simple ribbon as the crown’s base.

  • Lace – The intricate, dainty texture of lace perfectly matches spring’s tender spirit. Add some lace cutouts to the front or back end of your flower girl crowns, or even use a lace ribbon.

  • Spring colors – When in doubt, lean to lighter shades for a spring flower crown. Pastels in pink, blue, yellow, and green could all work, as well as some bright greens, creamy whites, and deep lavenders.


There’s a reason (besides the agreeable weather, of course) why summer is the go-to wedding season. The world is in full bloom, with all the natural splendor to match such a joyous occasion. For flower crowns, that means that you can go as bold and bright as you dare. Try these fresh touches in your summer wedding flower crowns:

  • Summer flower varieties – Like springtime, summer gives couples plenty of options for all floral needs. Go for the brightness of hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses, peonies, azaleas, gladioli, and more.

  • Large blooms – During the hotter months, flowers are in their prime. Take advantage of the peak season by using larger blossoms as statement pieces. An eye-catching lily pinned behind the ear or a majestic Victorian rose will make your flower girls shine.

  • Gold – Like the sun’s rays, gold is the perfect summertime metal. For flower girls that resemble little sun goddesses, try a minimalist all-gold halo. Spray-painted gold flowers also add instant elegance and glamour.

  • Greenery – Channel the abundant grass or trees in midsummer with extra greenery in your flower girl crowns. Kelly-green leaves can work as the perfect backdrop to larger flowers (hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses), or create a subdued look with an all-greenery crown.

  • Summer colors – Embrace the rainbow with summertime flower crowns. Bold jewel tones (emerald, ruby, amethyst), ripe greens, sky blues, and saturated pinks are all fair game during this plentiful season.


Balancing summer’s vitality with winter’s elegance, fall is a spectacular wedding season. And with such distinct natural beauty (hello, turning leaves), it’s not hard to pick matching florals for your celebration. Bring these autumn notes into your flower girl crowns:

  • Fall flower varieties – As the temperatures drop, certain flowers stick around to compliment the gorgeous turning leaves. For fall weddings, try floral varieties such as marigolds, crotons, pansies, mums, or Queen Anne’s Lace.

  • Branches – There’s a beauty to the trees turning bare during fall. Bring a rustic feel to your crowns with visible twigs, branches, and wood elements. A woven branch crown base gives a distinctly fairytale feel.

  • Bronze – Embrace the deep neutrals of the season with bronze. Like gold’s softer cousin, bronze adds romance and richness to any flower crown, either as a base or as cut-out filigree shapes.

  • Dried foliage – To preserve nature’s beauty all year long, people have long dried flowers and other plants in the fall. You can use these delicate, muted blooms as accent pieces or as an entire wreath. Plus, dried stalks or grasses, such as willow or wheat, add a distinct texture to headpieces.

  • Fall colors – You can’t beat the quintessential leaf colors for a fall wedding. Deep oranges, browns, tans, golds, yellows, and reds all match the season. For more variety, go for dusty tones of rainbow shades (pinks, blues, etc.).

Personal Style

At the end of the day, your wedding should feel like you. From the dinner menu to flower crowns, every aspect of your ceremony is a chance to celebrate your personal taste. That’s why Zola breaks down our florist vendors into six distinct design styles.

Love the romance of sweeping red and pink lilies? Or, perhaps the serene modern beauty of eucalyptus leaves and baby’s breath feels more like you? No matter your style, explore your flower girl crown design by choosing one of these design categories:

  • Modern – For the modern couple, don’t be afraid to step out of the box. Monotone (single-color) buds create a striking look, especially in nontraditional colors such as blue or grey. For a glamorous touch, integrate sleek metallics, gems, and crystals into your design.

  • Whimsical – At the heart of whimsy is creative fun. Mix and match different buds on your flower girl's crowns for a vibrant look, or add fun bobbles, ribbons, and berries to your design. To really unleash your inner artist, consider hand making your crowns. With a little wire and some hot glue, you can create a fairytale-level headpiece.

  • Botanical – Not into rainbow shades? No worries. Botanical crowns are the subdued accessory solution. All-green wreaths of eucalyptus, olive leaves, or even pine needles make for subtly stunning headpieces.

  • Bohemian – Perfect for outdoor or barnyard weddings, bohemian crowns embrace the beauty of nature. Go for natural, or less curated, elements such as wildflowers, dried flowers, grasses, and wood.

  • Romantic – Keep love in the air with florals that look (and smell) like romance. Lush roses, tulips, orchids, and daisies will turn your flower girls into walking cherubs. For peak romance, stick with Valentine’s Day colors—reds, pinks, lavenders, and whites.

  • Classic – For those who’ve always dreamed of a white-veil wedding, classic florals might be up your alley. Some traditional wedding crown flowers include roses, peonies, and lilacs. For timeless style, try simple earpieces or a hair comb to secure a classic up-do.

Matching Accessories

What’s a flower crown without some matching accessories? Deck your flower girls out from head to toe with some partner pieces. They’ll feel like the star of the show as they walk down the aisle.

Once you’ve secured your flower girl crown design, consider adding matching elements, such as:

  • Baskets – Every flower girl needs a petal basket to complete her important (and adorable) job. Paint the baskets in a matching color, or choose a similar base material (wood, metal, wire, etc.). Pairing the crown and basket will make for a picture-perfect look.

  • Petals – Of course, matching petals are part of the package. If possible, secure extra numbers of the floral varieties you choose for your flower girl crowns. Those can become the actual petals they toss down the aisle.

  • Fairy wings – Creating the whimsical fairytale wedding of your dreams? Dainty fairy wings give a magical touch to any flower girl (and she’s sure to love them). For a romantic vibe, consider mesh or lace wings. For a truly unique look, you can even sew florals into the wings themselves.

  • Flower pins – To complement a minimalist crown, a flower pin is the perfect statement piece on any dress. This is the ideal accessory to highlight the primary or “star” floral of your wedding.

  • Corsage – Flower crowns and corsages are like necklaces and bracelets—they just go together. For a classic look, create matching corsages for your flower girls’ wrists. Similar to pins, this accessory is another chance to show off your wedding’s primary flower.

Design Your Wedding Florals and More at Zola

Whether throwing a glamorous winter celebration or rustic summer gathering, every wedding has room for stunning florals. Bring youthful spirit and nature’s beauty to your wedding with our top flower girl crown ideas! Zola’s vendor database makes it easy to find the florist who can bring your budding dreams to full-grown life.

Are flower crowns just one item on your wedding checklist? We can help there. Zola’s digital tools make wedding planning a breeze. Explore our all-inclusive stationery suite shop, with customizable designs for every piece of paper your wedding needs. And, with just a few clicks, update guests by posting all announcements on your wedding website. At Zola, your wedding can blossom into a magical celebration for all to remember.

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