DIY Wedding Arches for the Crafty Bride

All the DIY wedding arch ideas you need for a unique—and beautiful—ceremony. Read on to find out how to make homemade wedding decor.

By Deanna deBara

Do it yourself Wedding Arches
Photo by Unsplash

If you consider yourself the crafty type, planning a wedding is full of opportunities to flex those crafting muscles. You can DIY your wedding invitations, your wedding decor, your wedding cake, and, if you want to lend a bit of your craftiness to your wedding ceremony, your wedding arch.

As a creative bride, you probably have your own DIY ideas. But in case you need a little inspiration, here are five DIY wedding arch design ideas to help you get started.

Flower Wedding Arch

Depending on the flowers you choose, you can customize your wedding arch DIY idea to fit your wedding style. Going for a rustic look? Try cream-colored roses, orange ranunculuses, and peach peonies to add the perfect earthy charm to your arch. Going for a more modern, contemporary look? Choose flowers with unique shapes, like the protea flower (also known as a sugarbush). Have a more boho style? Fill out your arch with dried pampas grass, succulents, and a statement flower (like ranunculus or Gerber daisies) for a truly bohemian vibe.

You can also . For example, if your wedding day falls during the winter months, choose icy blues or lavender flowers to create the “winter wonderland” vibe. Hosting your wedding in the fall? Bright colors like gold, maroon, or orange will lend an autumnal feel.

The point is, a DIY floral arch is completely customizable, and based on the flowers you choose, you can create an arch that matches your wedding colors, design, style, and season.

Greenery Wedding Arch

DIY Wedding Arches for the Crafty Bride Photo Credit // Unsplash

If you want to get the look and feel of a flower arch, but don’t have a ton of budget to spend on florals, try incorporating greenery into your DIY arch design.

Filling out your DIY arch with garlands of greenery (like eucalyptus, ivy, or willow) creates a sophisticated look with just as much impact as a floral arch—without the high price tag.

Fairy Light Wedding Arch

If you’re getting married in the evening, fairy lights are an affordable way to really wow your guests with your DIY wedding arch design. They add a whimsical, romantic touch to your backdrop, plus offer a ton of versatility in creating a unique wedding arch design for an outdoor wedding.

For example, you can hang fairy lights that cover the length of the arch for a cascading effect. You can even create a “curtain” by parting them down the middle and securing them to the sides of the arch with ribbon or fabric. Or, for a more dramatic effect, you can wrap the length of the arch in fairy lights, so the entire arch sparkles. Of course you could also go for a more minimal look and sprinkle just a few throughout greenery.

Just remember: You may need an accessible power source to plug the lights into. If a power source isn’t available, look for lights that run on battery power. Before purchasing, check the specifications—the batteries should be strong enough to power the lights for at least a few hours. The last thing you want is your DIY fairy light arch to go dark in the middle of your ceremony.

Draped Wedding Arch

DIY Wedding Arches for the Crafty Bride Photo Credit // Unsplash

Another budget-friendly DIY wedding arch idea? Draping fabric across the arch. A draped arch feels elegant and timeless—and because all you have to do to create it is buy (or rent) the fabric, it’s also one of the easiest and most affordable DIY wedding ceremony arch options out there.

For a classic look, stick to fabric in white or cream. For a little more color and personality, opt for pastels for a softer look or a bright hue for a bolder look. Having a hard time deciding? You could even combine multiple fabrics in different colors to create a layered look.

Combination DIY Wedding Arch

Any of the above DIY wedding arch ideas will help you craft a beautiful, sophisticated, and memorable arch for your big day, but why settle on just one idea?

If you really want to wow with your DIY wedding arch, you can mix and match any—or all—of the above ideas to create a look that feels uniquely you. For example, you might drape your arch in fabric and incorporate some greenery. Or maybe you decorate your arch with flowers, but add a strand or two of fairy lights to make it sparkle once the sun goes down.

Bottom line: All of these DIY wedding arch design ideas are completely complementary, so feel free to mix, match, and combine the elements until you come up with an arch design that feels true to your style and vision for your wedding day.

Get Out There and DIY Your Wedding Arch

Wedding DIYs offer the perfect opportunity to show off your crafting skills. And now that you have some ideas to act as a starting point, you have everything you need to design the perfect DIY wedding arch for your big day. Your guests will be so impressed!