Decor Inspiration for Your Boho Wedding

Boho weddings are known for decor inspired by nature and the great outdoors. Here, find decor inspiration for your boho wedding.

By Lisa Wong Macabasco

Boho Wedding Decor
Photo by Star Noir Photography

The First Look ✨

  • For outdoor venues, let the beauty of nature shine by paring back the wedding decor. Bring the outdoors in with natural accents.
  • Keep it simple for a relaxed boho vibe: Keep florals loose and casual or mix it up with a variety of colors, textures, and unexpected accents.
  • Nontraditional elements, like concrete, stone, marble, tile, and wood can make a standout statement—even just as a print.

The appeal of a bohemian-style wedding is undeniable: organic, unfussy, and focused on the love between two people without all the flash and frippery. And the decor speaks directly to this charming vibe, usually involving woven accents, natural details, and an abundance of florals or greenery. Remember less is more with boho wedding decor—aim for a perfectly imperfect vibe with a homespun, pastoral feel, and let your stunning outdoor venue steal the show instead.

Browse hundreds of real bohemian weddings at Zola—with details on venues, color schemes, bridalwear, and decor—to find ideas for your own effortless, earthy-chic celebration. Below, our favorite decor ideas to help inspire the decor for your boho wedding.

Let Nature Shine as the Perfect Backdrop

Accentuate your surroundings, especially if you have an outdoor venue featuring a natural landscape. Remember to choose thoughtful touches to complement—not compete with—the scenery. Let the beauty of nature shine by paring back the wedding decor. For a desert wedding, try a simple wooden frame with hanging succulents for the ceremony. Or incorporate shells and driftwood into a beach wedding. If you’re looking for a more rustic wedding, wooden chairs can complement a barn or a ceiling with exposed wooden beams.

Bring the Outdoors In

For parts of the wedding that are not outdoors, decorate furniture in natural elements. To create an organic, romantic aesthetic, hang up wreaths or hoops adorned with fresh blooms or lush branches; adorn your indoor bar with verdant garlands; prop up a wooden palette to display photos; or add wild garden floral accents to your cake.

Fresh flowers and greenery are a signature of bohemian wedding style, so feel free to think outside of the box when it comes to your floral arrangements. For example, you can use monstera leaves for tropical boho weddings and succulents and cacti for desert ones.

And don’t forget to add a more eclectic feel to the decor with unexpected accents. For a desert wedding, try decorative bull skulls; for a forest wedding, try pine cones, moss, berry branches, and antlers. Dried blooms also work well for fall boho weddings.

Decor Inspiration for Your Boho Wedding Photo Credit // Ashley Carney Photography

Keep It Simple

Let your tablescape evoke simplistic beauty: white plates, clear glassware, wooden tables, and candles accentuated with overflowing florals. Simple succulent accents or terrariums can be a lovely way to bring a touch of the earth to a tablescape or individual place settings. Also try bundles of sage greenery for boho wedding centerpieces and table runners made of white lace or crocheted textiles.

Mix It Up

Mix and match decor elements for the ultimate eclectic, effortless boho vibe. Try mismatched table chairs or layered natural textures and colors on the tablescape. Think marble with lavish botanicals, reclaimed wood with macramé touches, or centerpieces of eucalyptus and feathers. Spread out vintage rugs and string up paper lanterns for a homey feel. Reuse glass and copper jars, jugs, vintage lanterns, tin cans, and even wine and apothecary bottles as vases and votive holders for a relaxed aesthetic. Dried herbs, cattails, wheat stalks, pampas grass, thistles, mini apples, and smoke bush can also add an unexpected touch to bouquets and floral arrangements. Rustic wine barrels make excellent cocktail-hour tabletops, especially for weddings at wineries.

Incorporate Local Flora and Fauna

Take inspiration by simply looking around the venue. Drape the wedding altar, bridal bouquet, and even ceremony chairs with wildflowers and local ferns and vines, or lay out garland table runners made from area greenery. Source in-season flowers directly from the surrounding area to emphasize the sense of place.This will help tie your wedding even more closely to your location, making it feel like a piece of the landscape.

Rock Out

Think about how various elements of nature can work together in your decor plan to create the perfect romantic, yet casual boho vibe. Use decorative rock structures, like geodes and agates, as place cards, table numbers, or cake decorations. Gems, crystals, and quartz can produce a similarly ethereal effect as part of table centerpieces. And nontraditional elements, like concrete, stone, marble, tile, and wood can make a standout statement—even just as a print—while drawing together the natural components of your surroundings. Use them as escort or name cards, napkin rings, placemats, or table numbers, or as a print in your invitations.

Take It Easy

Keep the florals loose and casual—the boho wedding vibe is all about being relaxed and natural. Stay away from arrangements that are too tight or perfectly formed. Whimsical accents, like dream catchers and rope swings, can add a relaxed sense of freedom and play.

Look to the Skies

Let inspiration come from above. Add a celestial touch to your boho wedding with a swirling galaxy-inspired ceremony backdrop. Hanging crescent moons around the seating plan, create moon-inspired table number signs, or have star-adorned place cards printed.

Embracing What Works for You

Decor Inspiration for Your Boho Wedding Photo Credit // Star Noir Photography

When it comes to boho wedding decoration, the key is to keep it light, airy, and ethereal. While there are plenty of boho wedding decor ideas, you have the freedom to pick what's best for you and your significant other. Maybe a boho wedding arch is all you want, or perhaps you'd like to incorporate the bohemian style throughout your wedding day from the wedding dress down to the wedding favors. Either way, Zola has you covered for boho chic wedding inspiration. Discover more boho wedding ideas with us.