Country Decor Ideas For a Barnyard Wedding

Whether you’re getting married in the country or want to emulate the beautiful setting, these country wedding decor ideas will help give your big day the rustic charm it deserves.

By The Zola Team

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Country wedding decor isn’t just for the Southern belle or the British bride. Wherever in the world you are tying the knot, beautiful countryside exists. Whether you say “I do” on a vineyard in California or a rural field in Pennsylvania, you can capitalize on the natural beauty of the location with a country theme.

Barns have become popular venues for these country celebrations, and with vaulted ceilings, clean lines, and plenty of space, it’s easy to see why. A barn is charming in and of itself and provides the perfect blank canvas perfect for decorations and different floral arrangements. Heck, you don’t even have to be inside the barn. Even by wedding up against its stately doors, you’re able to take advantage of the rustic architecture.

Whether you host both the ceremony and reception in the space, or hold the ceremony outdoors and move the reception inside, you can make the most of your barnyard wedding with country wedding decorations such as these.

Wooden Backdrops

Bring the barn outdoors with a wooden ceremony backdrop that is sure to wow. If you have a handy family member, consider involving them in your wedding day by designating this fun woodworking project.

By laying wooden pallets next to one another horizontally or vertically, you can create a modern rustic backdrop fit for a ceremony or photo backdrop. Add a few fresh blooms, greenery, or paint to the finished product to tie it in with the rest of your decor. You can even adorn it with fabric, like burlap, or your favorite love quote.


Monograms are the bread and butter of country wedding decorations. They’re traditional in nature, but come in a dozen or more different iterations. When looking for a simple and elegant way to personalize your wedding, there’s no better option.

For your own wedding monogram, look beyond stationery and consider linens, signage, lawn games, and even desserts. Monogramming these items will not only add a personal touch to ordinary wedding decor, but also make for meaningful family keepsakes that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Ornate Plates

Country wedding decor should be charming and elegant, and that includes the place setting. Utilizing a specialty dishware company for your dinnerware can elevate your table and tie in your wedding theme in a way that is subtle, yet makes all the difference. Opt for ornately rimmed plates for a soft and romantic feel, pastel china for a more vintage theme, or wooden chargers to match your barnyard venue.

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Nothing takes a barn from hay bales to wedding bells quite like dramatic fabric draping. By draping the open barn doors with fabric or burlap, you not only create a stunning photo-op but also a grand entrance into your reception space. This simple decoration makes all the difference, but feel free to have your florist dress it up even more by tying the drapes back with greenery and matching florals.

Beer Bar

There’s something about a country wedding that calls for ice cold beer. And the trendiest way to serve beer at your wedding is with your very own tap. A specialty vendor can help you create the ultimate beer bar that hides a couple of kegs and lets guests or a bartender serve beer straight from the barrel. You can even consider using a mason jar as a fun drinking cup that aligns perfectly with your rustic theme. For a cool ice bucket guests have never seen before, consider converting an old truck bed, boat, tractor, or other farm equipment. Then, fill it with bottles or cans from your favorite brands. Bonus points for selecting local craft brews.

Market Lighting

Whether your wedding is indoors or out, market lighting is a must. For an outdoor fete, string lights light up the night in a way that doesn’t steal the spotlight from the stars. To take market lighting inside, drape it from wall to wall for a truly dramatic effect. You can even incorporate lights into your floral arrangements for a subtle sparkle.

Hay Bales

Hay bales are good for more than horse feed. In fact, they make for the perfect country wedding decor. Consider using them for functional purposes, like seating and sign bearing. Drape them in blankets, and you’ve got a posh country lounge at the ready. Or, use them as tables to prop up photos, flowers, and food.

Raw Wood Tables

A country wedding should feel like an extension of the setting, and by utilizing natural elements, you can achieve just that. Be it the full-grown varietal, just the stump, or simply a piece of wood carved from the trunk, a tree brings rustic beauty to any wedding. Raw wood tables are a great way to incorporate this natural feel into your wedding day. Use them all over the reception, or just to hold specialty items like signs or desserts.


Don’t be afraid to play up the country setting with a lot of lush greenery. It adds color and texture to just about everything—tables, chairs, doors, and more—at a fraction of the cost of other florals. For dramatic effect, drape greenery across doors, hang it from the ceiling, and run it along tables. You can also bring in potted plants and trees to make the space even more lush.

Ceremony Doors

If you’re getting married outside but still want to create an official grand entrance to signify the start of your walk down the aisle, consider incorporating freestanding doors. They can be rustic and antique or look like they came off of a brand new farmhouse. Either way, they will help separate the ceremony from the great outdoors. Beyond just establishing an entrance, adding doors also creates a faux chapel or homey feel that makes the entire ceremony feel more intimate.


What’s more fitting for a barnyard wedding than animals? Horses are elegant, romantic, and the epitome of the country. So, even if they do mind their own business for most of the night, bring them around for at least a few photos.

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are perfect for a vineyard setting, but can add a rustic touch to any country celebration. They act as a more decorative tabletop and can be used at the ceremony, as cocktail tables, or even as the bar during cocktail hour. Alternatively, you can use them as a place to scatter flowers throughout.

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Include flowers with a wispy character such as daisies, snapdragons, daffodils, and poppies. For a more neutral palette, opt for varieties like Queen Anne’s lace, pampas grass, ferns, and baby’s breath. For more guidance, consider looking around the venue to identify which types of greenery and florals naturally bloom there.

A Farm to Table Menu

Embrace the location with a menu that’s straight from the farm. Guests will swoon over an entire meal fresh with garden delights. Plus, it’s an especially sweet way to do dessert, since you can complete the evening’s delightful dishes with an array of freshly baked pies instead of cake.

A Vintage Truck

For a country couple, there’s no better getaway car than a pickup truck. Dress it up with a “Just Married” banner and fill the bed with flowers to make an epic exit that’s fit for a photo opp. You can even let it pull double-duty as the backdrop for your photo booth.

Homemade Favors

Giving your guests a homemade favor with a rustic touch will remind them of your wedding day each time they see it in their home. End the night on a sweet note by sending guests home with locally-sourced or homemade favors. Honey, jam, syrup, and freshly baked cookies and milk all fit the bill for a country wedding, especially if the item is special to the location.

Whether you’re actually getting married in the country or just want to make it feel like you are, these country wedding decorations will help give your big day the rustic charm it deserves.

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