Colored Engagement Ring Trends

We’ve broken down the most common and popular choices of gems for rings, as well as consulted an expert on what the rising trends in colored engagements are. Read on for more.

By Amanda Mitchell

Colored Engagement Ring Trends
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So, you've decided it's time to get engaged—congratulations! You've found someone you love, you've gotten on the same page about your future life path, and now you're ready to find the perfect engagement ring for your partner.

If you're iffy on diamonds or you’re looking for something a little more unique and personal, surely a colored gemstone engagement ring might be perfect for what's on your mind. There are so many options out there, and colored engagement rings are far more trendy now than years prior—so it's a perfect time to jump on the bandwagon, while you have a plethora of choices to pick from.

If you're interested in picking a gem for your unique engagement ring and are wondering the meaning behind them all, here is a list of the most common and popular choices for rings, as well as ones you should avoid.


Sapphire: Peace, happiness, wisdom, fidelity Emerald: Wealth, knowledge, new beginnings, patience Ruby: Love, royalty, passion, desire, vitality Aquamarine: Courage, health, clarity Spinel: Passion, devotion, longevity Alexandrite: Luck, good fortune, love Diamond: purity, commitment, faithfulness Topaz: Guidance, affection, nobility, love, passion

Avoid (These colored gems are hard and not recommended for rings):

Colored Engagement Ring Trends Photo Credit // Kaleb Fulton Photography

Amethyst: Intelligence, calm, intuition, purification Opal: Hope, love, dreams, passion, Pearl: Wisdom, safety, purity, integrity Tanzanite: Life, youth, intuition, karma

“Across both bridal and fashion, we’re seeing consumers increasingly inject color into their lives with brilliantly colored gemstones," Tonia Zehrer, senior vice president, and chief merchandising officer at Signet Jewelers explained to Zola. Zehrer broke down this year's biggest trends in colored engagement rings so that you can make the perfect choice for you and your future partner. Read on for more.

Something Blue

If the water means something important to you and your’ potential betrothed, absolutely consider a blue engagement ring. "For engagement rings, we’re seeing couples look for drama with vibrant shades of gemstones. They’re also putting their own spin on “something blue”—with choices ranging from aqua to rich royal blues," says Zehrer. It's certainly a lovely way to give the first "something blue" to your partner, and blue is truly one of the best neutrals—meaning the gemstone ring can go with any outfit or accompanying gemstone.

Rich sapphires have always been a regal option for an engagement ring (think: Princess Diana), and sapphires are associated with fidelity and wisdom, two things that are lovely notes to begin a marriage on. Sapphires also rank as a nine on the Mohs scale of gem hardness, making them a great choice for a center stone—built to last as long as your love.

Pastel-Colored Gemstones

Zehrer told us that an increasingly common choice for engagement rings recently has been incorporating a pastel shade into the gem. Some people have been leaning towards more pastel-colored gemstones such as morganite and aquamarine for their romantic impression.

Light pinks, heavenly lavenders, and soft greens can make any gemstone really stand out, even if they're on the more pastel-side. Just because it's a colored gemstone doesn't mean that it needs to hit you in the face with all of its brightness. For someone who doesn't want just clear and light for their engagement ring, a light pastel gemstone can truly help make your ring a dreamy reality.

Pink and Yellow Gems

For many future newlyweds, pink and yellow gems continue to be favorites, according to Zehrer. Popularized in the latter half of the millennium, canary yellow diamonds are pretty much as popular as white diamonds, and pink rings like Blake Lively's have really taken off as well.

Whether it's a bright, magenta pink surrounded by a halo of white diamonds, or it's a soft, yellow diamond encased in a yellow gold ring, there really is something for every shade of pink and yellow. The colors even look gorgeous together and are great for both the budget-conscious (pink sapphires exist) or for those looking to drop some serious coin on the ring.

Vibrant Gemstones

Colored Engagement Ring Trends Photo Credit // Erika Follansbee Photography

Zeher says that an increasingly popular engagement ring trend for couples looking for drama has been engagement rings with vibrant shades of gemstones.

Alexandrite is great for anyone looking for a bright, vibrate stone that feels sort of magical—depending on the light, the stone can be green in daylight to a slightly purplish-red in incandescent light, great for someone who you love for their beautiful nuances and chameleon tendencies.

Tourmaline is also a great choice for a vibrant gemstone because it can come in several shades and colors—blue, green, red, yellow, pink, and even black. In the case that you're looking to showcase all the colors of the wind in your engagement ring, consider using tourmaline gems in the setting.

Colored engagement rings have been increasing in popularity, not only for the plethora of options but also for the symbolic meaning behind the gems. If you’re looking to become a trendsetter, an untraditional gemstone is a great way to get there.

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