Classic Aisle Runner Ideas for Your Wedding

Aisle runner ideas to create the perfect walk down the aisle.

By Deanna deBara

Classic Aisle Runner on the beach
Photo by Unsplash

When you’re planning your wedding ceremony, you want to make every detail memorable—and few memories are as important as your walk down the aisle.

But, what exactly are you going to walk on during that iconic stroll down the aisle? Let’s take a look at some classic aisle runner ideas to inspire your own personal walk down the aisle.

Go With a Classic Runner

One of the most classic aisle runner ideas for your wedding is using an actual runner.

A runner is a length of fabric that spans the distance of your wedding aisle. Traditionally, the runner is rolled out during the ceremony right before the bride walks down the aisle, but many couples also incorporate the aisle runner in their wedding decor and have it rolled out prior to the ceremony.

There are tons of options when it comes to choosing a beautiful aisle runner for your wedding ceremony. You can go with a classic white or ivory, choose a hue from your wedding color palette, or go with a patterned design. If you want to jazz things up a bit, you can also add embellishments, such as sparkles, gemstones, an emblem of the couple’s initials, or a romantic and meaningful quote on a custom aisle runner.

Whether you decide to go traditional or more embellished with your wedding aisle runner, just make sure that you choose one that fits with the overall look and feel of your ceremony decor—and that feels true to your design style.

Classic Aisle Runner Ideas For Your Wedding Photo Credit // Unsplash

Use an Assortment of Rugs

If you want a more vintage, bohemian look for your wedding ceremony (without venturing too far from classic chic), rugs can be a great alternative to an aisle runner.

Chances are that you’re not going to find a single rug that’s going to cover the length of your wedding aisle (if you only use one rug, it’s going to be a pretty short walk to your soon-to-be-spouse). Instead, try layering different rugs on top of each other to give you space for a more dramatic entrance.

The key to success with this look is making the rugs look intentionally mismatched. Choose rugs that are different, but have an element that ties them all together, such as a specific color or pattern. This way, you’ll get the vintage, bohemian, mismatched feel that you’re looking for, but the overall look of your ceremony decor will still be cohesive and visually appealing.

Create a Pathway of Petals

Another classic (and gorgeous) aisle runner idea for your wedding day is to create one out of flower petals.

The most classic of the flower petal aisle runners is, of course, rose petals, but if there’s another flower petal that you prefer, go for it. No matter which bloom you select, you can choose white or ivory for a more classic, bridal-inspired look, or go for a color that complements your wedding decor, bridal bouquet, or wedding palette.

How you choose to scatter those petals down the aisle on your wedding day will also affect the overall look. You can use petals sparingly for a more minimalist look, pack the petals densely to mimic the look of a fabric, or you can mix different colors to create a pattern within the aisle runner (like a word, a heart, or a mosaic print).

If you have wiggle room in your floral budget, you can ask your florist to provide real petals for the aisle runner. Alternatively, you can opt for silk flower petals or other artificial wedding flowers to get the same look with a more affordable price tag.

Classic Aisle Runner Ideas For Your Wedding Photo Credit // Unsplash

Try Fall Foliage

If flower petals aren’t quite your thing—and you’re getting married during October or November—creating an aisle runner out of autumnal leaves, greenery, and fall foliage can also be a gorgeous (and seasonally appropriate) material for creating your aisle runner, especially if your color palette has more autumn-inspired colors.

Light the Way

An aisle runner doesn’t necessarily have to be something you walk down. Instead, you can create a runner by lighting your way down the aisle.

Lining the aisle with soft lighting—particularly if you’re getting married later in the day—can create a romantic ambiance that’s perfect for a wedding. Try using string lights, Mason jars with tea lights, or lanterns to frame the aisle. Or, if you prefer candlelight, place a few wine barrels or small tables along the aisle and light candles right before the ceremony.

Create the Perfect Walk Down the Aisle

Walking down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments of a wedding—and now that you have these classic aisle runner ideas, you can create the walk down the aisle that’s perfect for you, your partner, and your big day.