Best Wedding Photo Book Websites

Here’s how to decide which premium option to go with and how to get the best quality outcome with your photo book service.

By Jane Chertoff

Best Wedding Photo Book Websites
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

  • There are endless wedding photo book websites out there. Use Zola’s wedding albums to create a beautiful picture book you’ll be proud to display and show off to your family and friends.
  • Your wedding photo album is a keepsake you’ll want to hang onto forever, so it’s worth investing in a beautiful wedding album you love.
  • Use Zola’s wedding photo album wizard and create a beautiful custom photo book in 10 minutes flat.

After spending a fortune on your professional photographer, you want a printed photo book that’s as high-quality and beautiful as the wedding photos themselves. Don’t let your favorite photos sit unprinted. It’s worth it to invest in a personalized photo book you’ll be able to physically hold and look at with friends and family.

A custom wedding photo book captures the highlight reel of your wedding day and is a beautiful keepsake you’ll have around forever. But creating a personalized photo book is a challenge in the digital age. There are many, many wedding photo book websites out there, so how do you narrow in on one? Here’s how to decide which premium option to go with and how to get the best quality outcome with your photo book service.

Zola Wedding Albums

An effortless keepsake to remember your wedding day forever? Sign us up. Zola wedding albums feature a layflat design and are completely customizable. Choose the cover, premium paper, and prints that speak to you. They’re also available in a variety of price ranges to best fit your budget. Go for classic linen, or opt for refined Italian leather—all are beautiful options that will look great in your home.

Most wedding albums are also laborious to put together and take weeks, if not months, to organize and finalize to your liking. With Zola’s Album Wizzard, you can accomplish the entire task in 10 minutes flat. Here’s how:

1. Choose the Layout and Format That Speaks to You

Choose the album cover color, cover material, and size of the book that most appeals to you. Then, pick a photo layout that matches your unique style. Keep it fun and playful with photo collages or more formal with full-page displays. Or, go for a mix of the two.

2. Upload Your Photos

You probably have hundreds of photos from your wedding venue to work with. Upload them to the photo wizard, so you can easily sort and choose your favorite moments.

3. Review

Now that you’ve picked out your favorites, be sure to review the layout and confirm you’re happy with how everything looks.

4. Order and Print

Once you’re happy with the final layout, you’re ready to order and print.

Your Own Photographer

You can also purchase a wedding album assembled by your wedding photographer. They will likely send you all the digital watermarked photos from your day. This may include getting ready shots, pre-ceremony, wedding party and family photos, ceremony, and reception photos.

Once you’ve seen all the photos, you may get to decide which ones end up in the album, or the photographer and their team will choose for you. They will go for the highlights—so if there are any candid or other favorites you really like, be sure to speak up and let them know.

Your photographer may offer different options for photo books. You may need to have one or several meetings to discuss what you’re looking for in your album. Be communicative about what you’re looking for upfront, so there are no surprises later on.

Tips for the Best Wedding Photo Books

In order to get the best quality wedding album, the following tips may help:

  • Go for a good variety of photos, including getting ready shots, the pre-ceremony, family photos, and ceremony and reception.
  • Choose a mix of candid and posed photos to give some variety to the album.
  • Be careful not to repeat photos.
  • Include all immediate family members, the wedding party, and any other important people at least one photo in the album.
  • Choose a wedding album cover that matches your home decor and style, so it fits in.
  • Pick a color that matches your wedding color scheme or is neutral, so fits in with your home decor.
  • Choose a layout you love, like modern, classic, or fun.
  • Customize the cover.
  • Use captions throughout to give your album a personalized touch.

Use Zola’s Album Wizard to create the album of your dreams in no time and with no tears shed, except, of course, for the ones you may cry looking back at your gorgeous day.

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