A Guide to Invitation Enclosure Cards

Explore our guide to learn everything you need to know about enclosure cards.

By Emily Forrest

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Sometimes you need to share more details with your guests than you can fit on the wedding invitation. Wedding websites have largely reduced the need to include lots of extra information on your invitation—like hotel recommendations and directions to the wedding venue—but before their invention, couples turned to enclosure cards to relay additional details to their guests. What are they? Should you include them with your invitation? Explore our guide to learn everything you need to know about enclosure cards.

What Are Invitation Enclosure Cards?

Enclosure cards are paper inserts included with your invitation suite to share information not included on the formal invite. Couples may choose to forego enclosure cards entirely or include one or multiple types to communicate details to their guests on a variety of topics, such as attire, transportation, reception details, and more.

Invitation Enclosure Card Types

Enclosure cards can serve many different purposes. The type you might include in your invitation suite ultimately depends on many factors, such as the formality of your celebration, the total number of wedding events, and the tech capabilities of your guests. Here is a comprehensive look at enclosure card types and the purposes they serve:

Map Card

Purpose of Map Enclosure Card

The map card provides a visual guide for navigation to your event(s). They are not required, and are typically considered unnecessary if you are providing a direction card. Due to GPS capabilities on most phones, an illustrated map card is now used to heighten the visual aesthetic of the invitation suite rather than to provide detailed driving directions. Additionally, some couples opt to combine the map and direction card together so that guests have both step-by-step driving directions and a visual.

What to Include on The Map Enclosure Card

Detailed map, an exact address for each venue (if you are hosting at multiple locations), and visual markers for venue location(s), landmarks, road names, and cardinal points.

Directions Card

Purpose of Directions Enclosure Card

To provide your guests with detailed, step-by-step directions to the location(s) of your event(s). Like the map card, they have largely become outdated due to digital navigation tools.

What to Include on The Directions Enclosure Card

Directions to your event location(s) from each cardinal point (north, south, east, west) and a name and address for the venue(s).

How to Word The Directions Enclosure Card:

FROM THE SOUTH: Take Route 10 North toward Carroll County. Exit at Liberty Road. Turn right at the intersection and continue straight for 5 miles. Turn left on Ridge Pine Drive and continue for approximately 1 mile. The Pines Newnan Club will be on your left.

FROM THE NORTH: Take Route 10 South toward Carroll County. Exit at Liberty Road. Turn left at the intersection and continue straight for 5 miles. Turn left on Ridge Pine Drive and continue for approximately 1 mile. The Pines Newnan Club will be on your left.

Attire Card

Purpose of Attire Enclosure Card

Share dress code details with your guests for the wedding and any other events you might be hosting, such as the rehearsal dinner or a farewell brunch.

What to Include on The Attire Enclosure Card

Specific guest attire instructions for any and all wedding events. Also include any additional information that may impact guests’ attire. For example, if you’re hosting a beach wedding, you might want to remind guests to wear sunscreen, bring a pair of sunglasses, and forego formal footwear.

How to Word the Attire Enclosure Card:

Beach Formal


Black-Tie Optional

Confused about the different between black-tie and white-tie? What does “beach formal” mean? Check out our guide on what to wear to a wedding for a detailed look at attire dos and don’ts and suggestions for what to wear to weddings of different formalities.


Purpose of RSVP Enclosure Card

The RSVP card (often called a response card) is used to gather responses from your guests about whether they will attend the the wedding (and any other events to which they’ve been invited). These cards can also collect guests’ meal entree selections or gather additional information, such as what songs would encourage guests to get on the dance floor. Now that many couples collect RSVPs online, the response card often serves as a place to provide your wedding website URL and details about how to RSVP online.

What to Include on The RSVP Enclosure Card

Directions on how to RSVP (whether by filling out the card and returning it via mail or by responding online), the RSVP deadline, and any other information you would like to collect from your guests, such as entree preference, food allergies/dietary restrictions, or a fun question or your choice.

How to Word The RSVP Enclosure Card:

Kindly Reply By RSVP Deadline


___ accept(s) ___ regret(s)

Wondering what that M is for? See our Guide To Wedding Invitation RSVPs for the answer and more.

Wedding Website Card

Purpose of Wedding Website Enclosure Card

This enclosure card allows you to share your wedding website URL with your guests. However, many couples opt to share the link their website directly on the formal invitation, the RSVP card, or the details card. In most cases, directing your guests to your wedding website will replace the need for many of the enclosure cards listed here in this article.

What to Include on The Wedding Website Enclosure Card

Your wedding website URL. Some couples choose to include a quick summary of what topics are covered on the site as well.

How to Word The Wedding Website Enclosure Card:

Please Visit Our Website
For accommodations, directions,
and other wedding details.

Wedding Website URL
Password: If Applicable

For other ideas, be sure to browse our breakdown on how to include your wedding website on your invitation.

Accommodations Card

Purpose of Accommodations Enclosure Card

The accommodations card allows you to share local hotel recommendations with your guests and provide details about hotel blocks or group rates you may have secured.

What to Include on The Accommodations Enclosure Card

2-3 local hotel recommendations, hotel block reservation information, and your wedding website URL, if applicable.

How to Word The Accommodations Enclosure Card:

A block of rooms has been reserved
under The Jones/Peterson Wedding.
Please mention this name for a discounted
rate at the following hotels:

The Graduate Hotel
1309 W Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Omni Charlottesville Hotel
212 Ridge McIntire Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Transportation Card

Purpose of Transportation Enclosure Card

If you have reserved transportation for your guests, such as a shuttle to/from hotels or between the ceremony and the reception, this card gives you the opportunity to share the details.

What to Include on The Transportation Enclosure Card

When, where, and how to take advantage of any provided transportation.

How to Word the Transportation Enclosure Card:

We will provide shuttle transportation to and from the wedding venue from the bus stop on 2nd Street. Please park in the lot on the corner of Main and Market and wait near the #AudlesWedding sign. Shuttles will run continuously from 3:15 - 3:55 p.m.

Following the reception, the shuttle will run from 8:30 - 11 p.m.

Reception Card

Purpose of Reception Enclosure Card

If the reception is at a different location, or if there’s a long break between the ceremony and reception, the reception enclosure card allows you to share information about the second venue without crowding your formal invitation with these additional details.

What to Include on The Reception Enclosure Card

The name, address, time of the reception, and any other information your guests may need to know. If the reception requires that guests make a change in attire, include these dress code specifications as well.

How to Word The Reception Enclosure Card:


Please join us
immediately after the ceremony
for dining and dancing!

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards
1616, 5022 Plank Rd.
North Garden, VA 22959

Itinerary Card

Purpose of Itinerary Enclosure Card

This card is used to outline all the wedding events open to all guests, such as a welcome cocktail hour, group activity, or an after-party celebration.

What to Include on The Itinerary Enclosure Card

The itinerary should include a list of events that are open for everyone to attend. Include the name of the event, a short description (if necessary), the date, time, location, address, recommended attire, how to RSVP for each event, and any other need-to-know information. Note that you should not include events that are exclusive to invited individuals only, such as the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.

How to Word The Itinerary Enclosure Card:


Welcome Cocktails

Friday at 6 p.m.
Mas Tapas
904 Monticello Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Cocktail Attire

Group Hike
Saturday at 1 p.m.
Humpback Rock

Athletic Attire

Please meet in the lobby
of the Omni Charlottesville Hotel
at 12:45 p.m. if you wish to join.

Farewell Brunch
Sunday at 11 a.m.
Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar
422 E Main St.
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Business Casual Attire

At Home Card

Purpose of At Home Enclosure Card

While uncommon today, the at home card is traditionally used to formally announce the couple’s place of residence after the wedding (if changing), the effective date for the address change, and the couple’s new names (if either partner is changing their name post-nuptials). It may also be used to notify guests when the couple will return from their honeymoon—a helpful piece of information for guests when mailing wedding gifts. If you’re a Zola user, our Handy Registry lets to decide when your registry gifts ship to your home.

What to Include on The At Home Enclosure Card

Your new address, when the new address will go into effect, any name changes, and honeymoon return date (optional).

How to Word The At Home Enclosure Card:

Mr. Charles Peterson and Mrs. Audra Jones
At home
After the third of April
206 East Market Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Rehearsal Dinner Card

Purpose of Rehearsal Dinner Enclosure Card

This card is used to invite guests of your choice to the rehearsal dinner, provide details about where and when the rehearsal will take place, and tell them how and when to RSVP.

What to Include on The Rehearsal Dinner Enclosure Card

Rehearsal dinner date, time, location, and RSVP details.

How to Word The Rehearsal Dinner Enclosure Card:

Please Join Us For A
Rehearsal Dinner
Audra & Charles

Friday, March 3rd at 6 p.m.
213 2nd St. SW
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Please RSVP by February 2nd
at Wedding Website URL

Inclement Weather Card

Purpose of Inclement Weather Enclosure Card

If you are hosting your wedding in a location that commonly experiences inclement weather, of if you have special instructions to share with your guests in the event of a bad weather situation, this card is used to relay those details.

What to Include on The Inclement Weather Enclosure Card

Instructions for guests on what to do in the event of bad weather, whether simply requesting they dress appropriately or informing them of the potential change in venue.

How to Word The Inclement Weather Enclosure Card:

In The Event Of Rain

The wedding will be held at
Old Metropolitan Hall
at 4:30 p.m.

Umbrellas provided.

Pew Card

Purpose of Pew Enclosure Card

Also commonly referred to as “within-the-ribbon” cards, pew cards indicate to guests that they have a reserved seat at the ceremony and that they should present the pew card to the usher upon their arrival. These are typically only used at very formal weddings with large guest lists.

What to Include on The Pew Enclosure Card

The name of the guest(s), the pew row or number (optional), and a notation that they are to be seated “within the ribbon” or in the designated seating area.

How To Word The Pew Enclosure Card:

Mrs. Laura Smith
Pew No. 5
Within The Ribbon

Details Card

Purpose of Details Enclosure Card

To reduce the need to include multiple enclosure cards within your invitation suite, many couples now choose to include a single card called the “details” card. It can provide information on any topic that the couple wishes for the guests to know.

What to Include on The Details Enclosure Card

Any additional details you would like to share with your guests. You may also use this card to direct your guests to your wedding website for more information.

How to Word The Details Enclosure Card:


 Bluxome Street Winery

53 Bluxome St.

San Francisco, CA 94107


Fairmont San Francisco
950 Mason St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

For more details, see Wedding Website URL
Password: If Applicable

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