7 ‘Will You Be My Groomsman?’ Card Ideas

Seven different card ideas that you can send to future groomsmen (plus how to word them)

By McCall Minnor

7 ‘Will You Be My Groomsman?’ Card Ideas
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Your groomsmen are a very special group. Not only will they stand by your side as you get married, but they will be with you every step of the way until then. These are your best friends and closest family members—and asking them to fulfill this role is sort of a big deal.

Because asking someone to be your groomsman is nothing to scoff at, some thought should be put into how you go about doing that. Below we take a look at seven ideas for the, ‘Will you be my groomsman?’ card.

Do I Need to Send a Card Asking Someone to Be My Groomsman?

Signed and sealed or hand-delivered, sending your potential groomsmen a card is pretty much essential. For one, it's considerate not to assume that everyone you ask will be able to participate in all wedding festivities. Distance, cost, conflicting schedules, and more can prevent someone you love from committing to your wedding at that level—which is okay. A card officially asking someone to join, however, gives them the opportunity to accept or gracefully decline.

On the other hand, it's courteous (though, not necessary) to send each of your future groomsmen a card and a small gift. This can be cufflinks, jewelry, and/or other personalized gift ideas. It's a gesture of appreciation for your guys, as well as a glimpse at all of the fun to come.

Before we dive into the different groomsmen card ideas, note that the following are all Zola wedding invitations. However, each can be widely and easily customized—wording, font, composition, and more—to fit your ‘Will you be my groomsman?’ cards needs. Once you’ve clicked on an groomsman invitation’s link, select your color, foil color, paper type, and silhouette. Then click ‘Customize This Design.’ From there, you can edit them in whichever way you see fit.

Part One: Classy Cards

Part-One-Classy-Cards Photo Credit // Zola

Whether your bachelor party is a fancy affair or you're simply excited at the opportunity to go all out, you can't go wrong with a classy card. Sleek and elegant, these cards put the emphasis on your message, while also looking really nice.

If a bit of sophistication is what you're after, seek out clean lines and simple color palettes. Cards that aren't too busy with brighter colors, shapes, and photos will read as classic and formal. These are especially ideal if you'd prefer for your groomsmen cards to resemble your wedding day stationery.

Black and White

Take some inspiration from the suits that your groomsmen may be wearing. Nothing says classy like a black and white color scheme. The Blake invitation, for example, utilizes these colors well with a solid border and minimalistic type.

Rich Colors

Black and white aren’t the only colors that you should consider. Rich colors such as emerald green, navy blue, and copper are nice on the eyes and easily elevate your ‘Will you be my groomsman?’ cards. A great example is the Perri invitation, which comes in a variety of colors and utilizes shimmering foil as a nice touch.

Minimalistic Patterns

For something equally eye-catching, look for cards that feature minimalistic shapes or patterns in the background. Thin lines can create visual interest without being distracting or too busy, as seen on the Davies invitation.

Wording Ideas

As far as wording goes, for the most part, stick with formal and genuine language. That’s not to say that some wit isn’t encouraged here, only that you should probably avoid blatant comedy. Think of how you can ask the question or present your request in a sincere and authentic way. See below for a few ideas.

Will You Be My Groomsman?

Simple and straightforward, we couldn’t leave this option off the table. There’s no need to get very creative with your wording if you prefer a straightforward approach. Asking upfront allows you to get to the point while avoiding any and all possible confusion. Besides, what’s classier than the classic question?

Your Service Is Requested as a Groomsman

Reminiscent of the wedding invitation wording, this is ideal if you’d like to take the formality up a notch. It’s a great alternative to asking a question, while still getting your message across clearly.

It’s Time to Suit Up

Perhaps you want to be a bit more spirited. This line strikes the perfect balance between fun and formal, taking up a slightly playful tone.

I Heard You Clean Up Nice. Will You Be My Groomsman?

Likewise, this wording manages to be amusing, while maintaining an air of sophistication.

Part Two: Humorous Cards

Part-Two-Humorous-Cards Photo Credit // Zola

Your standard wedding party stationery—save the dates, invitations, and the like—tend to be traditional and informative. Groomsmen proposal cards, however, give you the opportunity to have some fun. Because you'll be sending cards to a group of close friends and family, rather than your entire guest list, they can be less formal and lean into the more relaxed or humorous personalities of yourself and the group. Feel free to deviate from your upcoming wedding's color scheme and aesthetic; rather, take inspiration from your future groomsmen or your own sense of style and humor. Give everyone a groomsman proposal card that's every bit as fun as your upcoming wedding festivities will be.

Bold Colors and Typefaces

The bright background and san serif type (aka typeface without flourishes) make the Hume invitation perfect for bold and witty sayings. The spotlight is entirely on the message with this fun, sleek groomsmen card.

Interesting Lines and Shapes

A more casual approach not only allows you to play with wording, but with your groomsman card’s design. Open up to shapes, patterns, and images that you perhaps wouldn’t have considered for your wedding paper suite. The Franklin invitation, for example, features a geometric pattern that’s both clean and cool.

Wording Ideas

A less formal approach opens you up to a variety of wording. If you've decided not to go with formal language, you can instead opt for jokes, puns, popular quotes, and even song lyrics. If bold reactions are what you want from your potential groomsmen, there's nothing better than cleverness and comedy.

You’d Probably Scrub Up Well

Consider this the more comical version of, "I heard you clean up nice." The nonchalance adds some humor. Just consider including, "Will you be my groomsman?" below or inside the card to really get the message across.

This Could’ve Been a Text-Message, but Will You Be My Groomsman?

Perhaps you and your future groomsmen don't often partake in more elegant events. Poke some fun at the formality that you're taking part in by directly pointing that out.

You’re Being Promoted from Wingman to Groomsman

Clever, funny, and appropriate for the occasion—especially if your groomsmen played a part in how you met your significant other. Nothing more to say here.

Part Three: Themed Cards

Part-Three-Themed-Cards (1) Photo Credit // Zola

Perhaps you and your potential groomsmen share a common hobby or passion. Maybe you're a really big fan of your bachelor party plans and want to dive right in. In any case, it's never a bad idea to lean into a theme.

Cards that do so tend to be unique and visually appealing, with exciting imagery and a hint (or more) at what's to come. Your groomsmen cards can draw inspiration from your wedding aesthetic, bachelor party, a common interest (such as a film, game, or activity), or take on its own concept. All bets are off—this is about what you and the group enjoy.

Playing Card

Does your bachelor party include a game night or casino visit? Play up the idea of giving out a card with the Hearts invitation. Made to imitate a card straight out of a playing deck, it comes in spades, diamonds, clubs, and (for those who want to be more on-the-nose) hearts.

Wording suggestion: Are you game to be my groomsman?

Destination Card

If your groomsmen are in for a day out in nature or night out on the town, consider a card that gets them excited for that outing. Whether that involves the mountains (as seen in the Deepcreek invitation) or city (such as the Seattle Skyline and San Francisco Skyline invitations), we have options.

Wording suggestion: Getting married is a trip. Join me as a groomsman.

Ordering Wedding Stationery at Zola

While wedding stationery—like ‘Will you be my groomsman?’ cards—is fun to create, it can also be a hassle to keep track of. There are save the dates, invitations, enclosure cards, and even programs and menus to get in order.

If having it all in one place sounds like the best option for you, look no further than Zola’s Invites + Paper. Not only can you find, edit, draft, and purchase everything in one place, but there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Filter by style, color, and other options like custom photos and easily find your perfect wedding stationery.

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