5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle

Your walk down the aisle is the most magical moment of your life. Learn how to maximize the magic with these wedding ceremony aisle decorations from Zola!

By The Zola Team

Wedding aisle with colorful lights
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For a few brief moments during the ceremony, the wedding aisle transforms—it becomes an avenue of reverence, love, and beauty. Every step taken is a step towards a wonderful future with your life partner. This small stretch has the power to summon tears, gasps, oohs, aahs, and definitely a sniffle or two.

Your wedding ceremony aisle decorations can help enhance the magic of that moment. Need some inspiration? Here are five ways to decorate your wedding aisle:

#1 Natural Aisle Decor

When it comes to making things beautiful, Mother Nature knows her stuff. It’s no wonder so many couples incorporate natural elements into their decor. Tap into nature’s gorgeousness to amplify the wedding aisle’s natural beauty.

  • Bring the Woods to Your Wedding: Wood pieces offer fantastic texture, color, and sometimes even scent to a wedding ceremony. Line the aisle with tall branches to create a forested effect, or use wooden logs to hold vases of your wedding flowers at the end of each aisle of chairs. Wooden archways are especially stunning for the end of the aisle, too.

  • Bring in Greenery: Green is the new floral. Including natural greenery in bouquets, such as evergreen branches, ivy, and palm fronds adds a rich garden-feel to your wedding aisle. Create garlands of ivy or honeysuckle to hang along the chairs, or use ribbon to tie bundles of rich green foliage to every seat. (Hint: greenery looks especially fresh and lovely when paired with white chairs or carpet.)

  • Herbs: Engage your guests’ sense of smell with herb decorations. Hang herb garlands of rosemary and thyme along the chairs, or bundle your favorite aromatic herbs and place them on end tables. You can also litter the floor of the aisle with clipped herbs, like lavender.

  • Feathers: Extremely versatile and incredibly decor-friendly, feathers bring a natural softness to your wedding aisle. Create bouquets of feathers to tie to the edges of chairs, or even cover the aisle floor with tiny faux feathers instead of petals.

Down the Aisle Tip: If you want to lean into natural elements to decorate your wedding aisle, take a look outside your ceremony venue. Get inspired by the landscape where you’ll be saying “I do.” For example, if you’re getting married in wine country, adorn the aisle with grapevines. If your ceremony will be in a stunning desert setting, let succulents line the path to the altar.

#2 Modern Touches

If you’re looking to bring your wedding aisle into a new era of sophistication, stick with metallics, sleek lines, limited colors, and a blend of natural and architectural elements.

Here are a few ideas for modern wedding aisle decor:

  • Art in the Aisle: Bring in a level of artistry by adding modern art sculptures to the end of every line of chairs. Display these pieces on simple end tables and feel free to play around with wedding aisle flowers. candles, or textiles. While there may not be room in the budget for custom wedding aisle art sculptures, you’d be surprised by the availability at your local home store or thrift shop. Look for simple pieces in various materials and shapes.

  • Geometric Flower Vases: Geometric and metallic flower vases are a minimalist favorite. Hang them from the ends of chairs or place them artfully on top of chic end tables. For fillers, choose modern flower arrangements with dramatic shapes such as peonies, dahlias, orchids, or even succulents.

  • Metallic Matrimony: Incorporate metallic elements into your wedding aisle decorations for a hint of modern shine. Try placing stainless steel flower vases along the aisles or even draping garlands of mirrors between the seats.

  • Petal Designs: For a modern spin, use flower petals to create simple geometric designs along the sides of the aisle. Choose flower petal colors that will contrast or complement the shades of the aisle carpet.

Down the Aisle Tip: Chairs aren’t just for sitting—they can also enhance the wedding aisle decor. For a modern wedding theme, go with metallics, mattes, or simple colors such as black or white, and stay away from wooden or plastic chairs. Don’t forget to add chair cushions for comfort and modern class.

5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle Photo Credit // J. La Plante Photo

#3 A Hint of Vintage

If you are an antique store fanatic, a lover of black-and-white films, and wish your wardrobe was full of dresses, suits, spats, or vests, vintage aisle decor will bring your personality right to the altar.

  • Bunting: String multi-colored bunting between the aisle chairs to add simple vintage elegance to the wedding aisle.

  • Antique Accents: If you’re an antiquer, you know that something as simple as a clock can be a work of art (and art history) all on its own. Set antique pieces on end tables along the aisle with lace and candles or use vintage end tables to complete the effect.

  • Pearl Strands: For a dash of glamour, drape costume pearls along the sides of the aisle. Try creating garlands of pearl strands and tulle for a ballroom vibe or weaving together multiple strands to evoke the 1950s pearl obsession.

  • Framed Family Photos: Nod to all the branches of your family tree by displaying old photos in old frames. Set the frames on vintage end tables at the aisle-side edge of the chairs. (You can even use the photos to indicate which family sits where.)

  • Old Fashioned Florals: For more of a farmhouse vintage feel, put bouquets of floral arrangements in old-fashioned soda tins, suitcases, or vases.

Down the Aisle Tip: As tempting as it is, the wedding aisle might not be the place to display your priceless antique crystal candelabra collection. As beautiful as it would be, a lot can happen during transport and decorating that may put your much-loved items at risk. Instead, explore bigger antique shops that offer items in a lower price range for your vintage-themed wedding aisle.

#4 Playing with Textiles

The wedding aisle is a lot like the red carpet, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited to red... or carpets for that matter. Bring in unique textiles to enhance every step down the aisle.

  • Sequined Floor Runner: If you’re a sucker for glitter, add a little dazzle to your walk down the aisle with a sequined floor runner. Strategically angle the venue’s lights so that every step sparkles.

  • Persian Rugs: Opulent, intricate, and beautiful, Persian rugs are an elegant way for anyone to make their way down the aisle. But chances are, you won’t find one long enough to line the entire aisle. Instead, layer smaller rugs for a Bohemian feel.

  • Bright Carpet: A brightly-colored accent carpet will help you or your partner make a dramatic entrance into the wedding ceremony. The color of the carpet also invites an opportunity to get creative with a wedding aisle classic—flower petals. If your partner thinks you walk on water, choose a blue carpet and dot starfish and seashells around the edges. If you want to bring the outdoors inside, choose a green carpet and sprinkle multicolored wildflowers everywhere.

Down the Aisle Tip: When choosing wedding ceremony venues, bring a measuring tape. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re trying to figure out the dimensions for your favorite wedding aisle textile.

#5 Lighting the Way

Whether you’re performing on a stage or walking down the aisle, lighting makes a huge difference in the atmosphere. By being strategic with lighting, the walk down the aisle will be positively luminous.

  • Floating Candles: Combine light with a water feature by floating candles along the aisle. Fill fishbowls halfway with water and float candles and flowers over the surface, then set the fishbowls on aisle end tables.

  • Lanterns: Whether you’re looking for a vintage aesthetic or a modern atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with beautiful lanterns along the aisle.

  • Spotlights: If your venue has fantastic lighting capabilities, light the aisle with spotlights. You’ll create an operatic ceremony environment that will heighten emotions and captivate your guests.

Down the Aisle Tip: Always check with your venue to make sure flammable items are permitted. And make sure any lanterns, candle holders, or glass candle cases are safely out of reach from cloth. When in doubt, use battery-powered tea candles. They require no flame and can be reused for future celebrations.

5 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Aisle Photo Credit // Jason Comerford Photography

Walk With Love

Whether you want to adorn your wedding aisle in botanicals or vintage accents, that stretch of space is an opportunity to bring even more beauty to your special day. But the most essential piece for a perfect wedding aisle? A smiling soon-to-be partner glowing with love. So no matter how you decorate the aisle, remember to walk tall, smile big, and keep looking at your destination—the person you’ll take every step with for the rest of your life.

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