5 Boho Inspired Centerpieces for Your Wedding

On the hunt for wedding centerpieces for your boho-themed wedding reception. Find the inspiration you need right here.

By Shameika Rhymes

Boho Inspired Centerpieces for Your Wedding
Photo by Just Kiss Collective

The First Look ✨

Bohemian weddings can go simple and understated to bold and eye-catching, depending upon your style. A pop of color or rows of greenery can be the thing to draw your guests’ eyes to the centerpieces on your wedding reception tables.

Zola is here to help you plan your boho wedding and apply the bohemian style to your reception. Whether it’s mixing various colorful bottles and lots of dried flowers and feathers, we’ll help you determine what boho wedding decor works best for your space and specific boho theme.

Here are five of our favorite ideas when it comes to boho wedding centerpieces.

1. Colorful Vases and Containers

Having a boho wedding centerpiece means that you can use any size vase or pot that can be vintage or modern. Apothecary bottles are also just as trendy because they bring a bit of color and have a natural, relaxed look. Try minimal bottles, vases, and pots, or go big and use geometrical shapes. Vintage urns and refined gold vases will also bring a boho look to the wedding space. Go retro and use old coffee cans or tins and fill them with flowers. Glass jars, including mason jars, also give a rustic, yet boho feels to the table.

There are several items that you can add to the container look, including:

  • Feathers: These are often a staple at boho weddings, so you can add them to the centerpiece vase or place them around the vase. Get creative and use peacock feathers for a boho-chic look.
  • Foliage: For a fall wedding, use leaves and spikes to fill out the vases or tall urns.
  • Berries: For a summer wedding, add bright berries along with fresh or dried blooms to make it pop.

2. Flowery Nature

Five Boho Inspired Centerpieces for Your Wedding Photo Credit // Jamie Weiss Photography

Greenery and florals are a staple for a boho-chic wedding, so when determining what your tablescape will look like, think outside the box. Use single stems in various vases to give a whimsical look. An assortment of blooms in various shades to compliment your wedding colors is another idea. In the spring or summer, wildflowers are the perfect look for a free-spirited wedding. King proteas are good for boho weddings, too.

If you don’t want to use a floral arrangement of any sort, some other centerpiece options that use nature:

  • Moss: Use Mother Nature’s moss as a table runner, and place blooms in vases to compliment it. Moss works best for woodland boho weddings.
  • Monstera leaves: These leaves have a distinctive leaf pattern that can make your centerpiece stand out with the right vase or container to hold it in.
  • Succulents and cacti: Bring the desert to the party by adding a colorful pot as the centerpiece.
  • Pampas grass: The tall, wheat-colored tufted grasses have a soft, wispy quality that adds instant texture to your reception tables. What’s more boho than pampas grass? Fun fact: Pampas grass also makes for a beautiful addition to your boho wedding arch.
  • Garlands: Overflow the tables with garlands of eucalyptus and amaranthus on top of a boho-chic table runner that has bold colors or prints.
  • Antlers and animal skulls: This is where boho meets rustic with antlers or a skull of a cow or deer as the centerpiece adorned with flowers, candles, and greenery.

Wedding Decor Tip: Pampas grass doesn’t always have to be the wheat color it’s known for. Dye it your favorite color to use it in playful arrangements surrounded by flowers!

3. Light the Way

Vintage candle lanterns with bright blooms in vases is a creative idea for a bohemian wedding. It also gives a romantic glow to the table. Use tall cement candlesticks hosting colorful or neutral candles against a bed of foliage to give a boho-inspired feel.

For your DIY wedding centerpiece, you can also try:

  • Taper candles with a tall candlestick decorated with greenery.
  • Pillar candles are grouped on the table.
  • Tea light candles floating on water inside colorful glass pillars or hurricane vases.
  • Votive candles on top of the table surrounded by greenery.
Five Boho Inspired Centerpieces for Your Wedding Photo Credit // Alena Jean Tia Claire Studio

4. Serving It Up

Using a silver or gold tray that would be used for serving or for displaying jewelry is one way to go boho-chic for your reception centerpiece. Pair this table decor with multiple vases and bright and neutral blooms with greenery. Use some jewelry like strands of pearls as an additional eye-catching piece.

5. Macrame Installations

Nothing says boho like macrame. Create macrame installations holding terracotta pots with assorted flowering plants hanging over the tables as the centerpiece or to complement the centerpieces. You can also use macrame to create glass jar covers, and then fill them with wildflowers for table centerpieces. The possibilities are endless!

For more help on how to find bohemian wedding centerpiece ideas, Zola is here to help with plenty of boho wedding ideas. Browse hundreds of boho-chic weddings that you can adopt and adapt to your celebration.

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