11 Best New Years Eve Wedding Ideas

A New Year's Eve wedding = Double the celebration! Read on for our top ideas to pull it all off.

By Shameika Rhymes

New Years Eve Wedding Ideas
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The First Look ✨

  • New Year’s Eve weddings are packed full of fun, but to get there, you have to start planning early. Lock down your date, venue, and vendors well in advance.
  • Pick a theme and follow it through on everything from the save the date, to the invitations, to the party favors.
  • Get festive by creating a signature Champagne cocktail, confetti sparkler bar, or even a photo booth that allows guests to let loose and have a great time.

If you love celebrations full of grandeur, sparkle, Champagne, and fireworks, then New Year’s Eve could be a great date to tie the knot. New Year’s Eve weddings fall on one of the most festive days of the year, so it’s a great date for an even more special celebration. However, there are misconceptions that the decor will already be included at your venue. If you’re looking for inspiration for planning an NYE wedding, Zola has you covered. Here are 11 New Year’s Eve Wedding ideas to get you started.

Begin Planning Early

With any wedding, you want to get a jump on the planning, but this is especially true for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Many hotels and venues host their events, in addition to other couples looking to do the same thing you are. Lockdown a date and start securing vendors early. Once that’s done, send out your save the dates in advance in case guests have to travel during the holiday. You’ll also want to make sure family members and friends can attend on that date.

Themed Invites

11 Best New Years Eve Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Dawn e Roscoe Photography

New Year’s Eve is a time for dressing up and celebrating, so make sure you get your guests in the mood with themed wedding invitations. Lean on an element of the holiday, whether a bottle of Champagne overlay or a clock on a classic black, white, and gold invitation or an invite. You can also opt for one that has lots of confetti inspired shine to represent a celebration.

Table Decor

Spray paint centerpiece arrangements with metallic paint for some extra shine. Then add colorful tinsel or ornaments for a holiday look. For table numbers, use glitter to bring some sparkle to the reception. If you use candles, create a DIY centerpiece by painting candles and dipping them in glitter for some extra stylish table decor.

Themed Favors

If you decide to give guests favors, incorporate a theme, whether clock-shaped cookies, party horns, NYE crowns, or Hershey’s midnight kisses. Guests might also like a mini bottle of Champagne with your wedding date and names on them. Noisemakers with escort cards are another option to add to the party fun. If you throw a masquerade-themed wedding, place a fun mask at each guest’s seat for them to wear.

Choose a Signature Champagne

At midnight, you’ll want to toast to both the new year and your new marriage. Pick a signature Champagne for guests to toast with. Choosing a Champagne cocktail that combines your favorite flavors, whether you are going for a mimosa type of drink or even something that has a splash of color.

Bonus Tip: On your anniversary each year, you can continue to toast in the new year and another year of marriage with your signature drink.

Confetti Sparkler Bar

Instead of (or in addition to) a dessert bar, you can also create a station for confetti, streamers, beads, and sparklers. Guests can pick and choose what they want to use to ring in the new year. Make sure it sparkles and has lots of colors to grab their attention.

Sweet and Dramatic

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to have a cake that’s full of drama and glamour. Consider a black wedding cake with gold and white balloons, like this one, and have each layer curving towards the cake topper. If a black cake is too dramatic, then try a gold or silver cake design to match your theme.

Dancing Shoes

Since everyone will be dancing the night away, you’ll want to make sure your guests are comfortable. Keep the blisters away by providing flip flops, fold-up flats, or even socks for your dancing machine guests. Choose styles that match your wedding colors, and display them with a cute sign that matches the rest of your wedding decor.

Snap a Photo

Photo Booths remain a popular must-have at weddings—no matter what day they take place. Make your NYE photo booth stand out with a sequin backdrop and include NYE-themed props for guests to take their snapshots with. It’s a lot of fun, and the more people drink, the sillier the photos will be.

Bonus Tip: Add your wedding hashtag to the bottom of the photos to remind your guests if they post it on social media and for keepsakes purposes.

3...2…1.. Countdown to the New Year

Don’t forget to make sure the countdown to midnight is one of the highlights of the night. You’ll want to make sure the dance floor is lit, a Champagne toast is brought out, and everyone is ready to ring in the new year. Surprise everyone with balloons or confetti at midnight—it makes for a great photo opportunity. Just be sure to double-check with the venue to see what kind of confetti they allow. Some venues require that you clean up all of the confetti, whether it’s biodegradable or not.

Sparkler Send-Off

11 Best New Years Eve Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Sydney Rae Photography

You are married, and the new year has arrived, so it’s time to head off into your new lives together. You and your brand new spouse can make a glamorous exit by having a firework or sparkler send-off, depending upon your location. If the venue doesn’t allow for fireworks, you can rent cold sparkler fountains that are non-flammable or gather your guests outside as they create a sparkler tunnel for you to walk through. Sparklers are festive and make for dazzling photographs.

There are so many ways to create a New Year’s Eve wedding to remember, and Zola is here to help make it an effortless experience as you plan your big day.

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