10 White Wedding Flowers

Your comprehensive guide to white wedding flowers

By Shira Telushkin

10 White Wedding Flowers
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Flowers can be a critical part of any wedding vision, whether they are in the bridal bouquet or decorating the venue. The options for floral design are nearly endless, with flowers coming in every shape, size, color, and silhouette. When it comes to white flowers in particular, the monochromatic scheme and delicate color make them suited to a wide variety of creative, traditional, and simply beautiful wedding looks.

This guide takes you through the top ten varieties of white flowers to consider, and the various ways one might incorporate white flowers into their wedding vision.

Ten White Flowers to Know


The rose is one of the most iconic and recognizable flowers out there, and the white rose can be a beautiful addition to any wedding design. There are a variety of roses to consider, from the garden rose to the escimo rose, and each has its own particular style. Some varieties have long stems that make them ideally suited to dramatic wedding bouquets or tall centerpieces, though they would also be wonderful additions to floral arches or other design features. In addition to considering the type of rose one wants, there are also a range of white rose colors to keep in mind. Some white roses are a pure, clean white and others are tinged with green, or even closer to cream or Champagne-colored. Choosing different types of white can often add depth to an all-white floral look.


The hydrangea is a beautifully textured flower, making it an ideal white flower to add some eye-catching detail in an all-white arrangement. The hydrangea also comes in a variety of pale colors such as blue, pink, and cream, which can likewise enhance an otherwise all-white vision. Though hydrangeas can always stand on their own, they often work best when incorporated into designs that include other types of flowers, allowing their many petals to play a supporting role.

Baby’s Breath

There are few accent flowers more whimsical or lovely than a spray of baby’s breath. Though many people think of baby’s breath as accompanying colorful floral arrangements, they can add a beautiful note of texture to an all-white bouquet or design. Baby’s breath are particularly suited to designs that require a high volume of flowers, such as encircling a column, comprising a welcome arch, or framing a wedding canopy. They look stunning in large bunches, and thus work both when used sparingly or for larger designs. A bouquet of all baby’s breath would be great for a garden wedding, too.


The white peony is frequently found in wedding designs, because it’s a substantial yet delicate flower that blooms beautifully. The white peony can stand alone as a design floral, or works very well as part of a larger arrangement. In particular, bouquets of peonies that are several shades of white and framed with taller elements look elegant and classic in any wedding vision.


Tall, elegant, and minimalist, the white orchid is a flower that makes a statement. This flower works well as a stand alone addition to table decorations, or as part of a cascading design for bouquets and wall enhancements. The long-stemmed orchids would also make a beautiful simple bouquet for a bride or bridesmaids. This is a flower that does not blend into the background, and gives any room it is in a very distinct atmosphere. While orchids might be out of place at a barn-themed or otherwise intentionally casual wedding, they can add a dash of elegance to the right vision.

White Calla Lilies

The white calla lily is a soft, beautiful flower with an eye-catching shape that works well as the center of attention. You can enhance your white calla lilies with vibrant accent florals, such as green foliage or even colored roses, or leave them as is. However used, these flowers should be the star of any show they are in.


The densely-petaled ranunculus adds an interesting note of texture to any design, and is a beautiful option for anybody looking to add detail to their white wedding flowers. These flowers look great as a bunch, though incorporating height variety ensures that their petal structure complements one another, instead of competing for attention. The ranunculus also comes in a range of deeply pigmented colors, which makes them the ideal choice for a white floral design that desires a few pops of deep color.


Astilbes are fun, beautiful additions to any floral design, and white astilbes can be a particularly interesting addition to a wedding vision. They look great in bouquets, as part of larger arrangements, and in dramatic bunches. They contribute particularly well to any winter-themed wedding designs, or weddings with a rustic theme. These flowers can be a less traditional alternative to baby’s breath.


The dahlia never escapes notice, especially when in full bloom. As a result, white dahlias look incredible when incorporated into wedding florals of any kind. They can be the center element of any design, but they also work well as accent flowers.

Queen Anne’s Lace

One of the more traditional choices, queen anne’s lace works particularly well with natural, organic wedding aesthetics. Their delicate but intricate look means that just a few sprigs can emphasize even the most dramatic flowers. They are a popular choice for anyone seeking to add volume to a flower arrangement.

White flowers can be a dramatic addition to any wedding. In addition to floral elements, white flower decorations can be complemented with white feathers, tree branches, and other elements that emphasize their natural texture and beauty. They look especially dramatic when combined with off-white, cream, or blush pink flowers, and when several types of white flowers are presented together. There are few ways to go wrong with white wedding flowers.

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