The Top 10 Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes

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bridal sneakers in gold glitter

What you want to be thinking on your wedding day: “Wow, gathering all of my favorite people in one place to celebrate the eternal love between me and my partner is pretty magical.” What you don’t want to be thinking on your wedding day: “Holy #$%!, my feet hurt so bad from these shoes. I cannot wait to sit down and I may never walk again.” Having comfortable wedding shoes is super important, not only for your physical well-being, but for your mental health as well. There are so many other, much more crucial details to be thinking about on your wedding day—knowing that your footwear will support your gleeful movements and keep you going strong from getting ready until the last dance provides serious peace of mind, so you can make the most of every minute.

We’ve rounded up the 10 best options for comfortable wedding shoes (for women specifically—because let’s be honest, men’s shoes are pretty much always comfortable) to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice bridal style in order to be pain-free. Yes, we know those sky-high stilettos give you legs for days…but when you are hobbling around on your honeymoon, will it really be worth it? Check out these comfy bridal shoe picks, and never look back on blisters again. Dance floor, here you come.

1. Wedding Flats

bridal flats in white lace made by Lucky Brand on a Navajo blanket

Photo Credit || Fotowerks Custom Photography

Though it may be obvious, flats are at the top of the list when considering comfortable wedding shoes. Wedding flats can come in all styles and materials, and can range in formality from bejeweled satin to embroidered lace to canvas slip-ons, like the example below. Flats are a great option for changing into later in the evening (after your glamorous heels have been well-documented through photos) once the dancing portion of your party really kicks in.

white lace bridal Toms shoes

Photo Credit || Karin Nicole Photography

2. Taryn Rose Heels

We know, we know: this looks like just another uncomfortable heel that will have your dogs barking by the end of your vows. But not so, friends: this is a Taryn Rose heel, which means that it’s designed specifically with comfort in mind. Founded in 1998 by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Taryn Rose, this brand of luxury comfort footwear has a huge following due to its innovative technology that keeps your feet cushioned and supported in all the right places. The Jacklyn style, as seen below, comes in several colors (we’re partial to the rose gold) and is just right for summertime weddings. 

3. Wedding Wedges

Wedding wedges provide the same height as wedding heels, but with greater arch support (read: comfort). Wedges with ankle straps, like the chic, two-tone leather pair seen below, add an extra degree of comfort and security (no turned ankles on your wedding day, please). Besides being one of the more stylish options when it comes to comfortable wedding shoes, wedges are a no-brainer for outdoor weddings where heels would get stuck in the grass.

bride putting on tan leather wedge sandals with open toes and ankle strap

Photo Credit || Stacy Able Photography

4. Wedding Sneakers

group of bridesmaids' feet wearing turquoise Converse low top sneakers

Photo Credit || Lauren Lindley Photography

Spiffy sneakers have taken a more legit role within wedding day attire in recent years, and this wedding sneaker trend shows no signs of stopping. And why should it: if you could get away with rocking the same comfy sneaks beneath your wedding dress that you wear to run errands around town, wouldn’t you? Your creativity and sense of spunk are the limit when it comes to choosing wedding sneakers: go matchy-matchy with bridesmaids and their gowns, make it your “something blue,” coordinate with your partner, get quasi-fancy with sequins, lace, or glitter, or just let your personality shine with a bright orange pair of lace-ups.

bride wearing orange Converse low top sneakers under her white wedding dress

Photo Credit || Susie & Becky

5. Low Heels

Bridal shoes with low heels are fabulous choices for brides who are sensitive about their height, not great at balancing on heels over two inches high, or who want to avoid that awful ball-of-the-foot pain that comes from too high a heel. Kitten heels are having a fashion moment right now—since they come so many styles, color, and materials, you don’t have to sacrifice any of your glamorous notions when you opt for low-heeled bridal shoes.

bridal shoes with low heel

Photo Credit || Blueflash Photography

6. Block Heels

Taryn Rose Maci block heel in blush

Block heels are a much more comfortable wedding shoe option than standard heels because the wider heel helps distribute your weight better. The Maci heel shown above, also from the Taryn Rose collection, looks too fancy to be comfortable (hello, crystal rose decoration), but underneath all that blush satin you’ll find a recessed footbed with PORON shock absorption and energy return foams, a molded and contoured arch support, and leather lining. Your feet just sighed.

7. Lace-Up Flats

This type of wedding shoe gets its own category apart from basic flats because, well, it’s not your basic flat. Channel your inner Greek goddess with a pair of wedding shoes that makes up in visual flair what it lacks in heel height. But don’t think you’re sacrificing all sexiness: lace-up flats have a similar leg-lengthening effect to high heels, but let you bop easier from table to table while you chat with guests during dinner.

bride wearing flat shoes in red velvet with lace-up detail

Photo Credit || Leah Marie Photography + Stationery

8. Wedding Booties

Whether you’re having a rustic wedding on a farm or an intimate vow exchange on a mountaintop, sometimes your wedding locale determines your day-of style (and footwear) as much as anything. For outdoor or off-the-beaten-path weddings, make sure you choose comfortable wedding shoes that are both stylish and practical… enter booties. A bit boho, a bit urban, wedding booties will give you a casually hip vibe and allow you to move seamlessly from portraits in the fields to your first dance waltz.

a pair of leather booties to be worn by a bride

Photo Credit || Brandy Angel Photography

9. Wedding Cowboy Boots

bride lifting up dress to reveal tall brown suede cowboy boots

Photo Credit || Sera Petras Photography

Cowboy boots are wedding booties taken up a notch. Commonly seen at rustic and country weddings, many folks don cowboy boots on their wedding day because they’re comfortable, they speak volumes of personality, and the juxtaposition between ethereal wedding gown and rugged, leather boot is strangely satisfying. Opt for a vintage vibe with embroidered suede, as seen above, or stick to a traditional wedding palette via white leather and Western styling.

white cowboy boots worn on a bride

Photo Credit || IJ Photo

10. Sandals

beige leather cutout sandals worn by a bride

Photo Credit || Melissa Desjardins Photography

The open-toe cousin to wedding flats, sandals are another obvious pick when it comes to comfortable wedding shoes, especially for more casual outdoor or backyard weddings. If you’re having a beach wedding, sandals are practically mandatory (sand + heels = disaster). The beauty of wedding sandals is that they come in so many different looks, from minimalist to feminine to downright bedazzled. Just be sure to remember to get a good pedicure.

bridal open-toe sandals with rhinestone diamond upper

Photo Credit || Arte de Vie

 Photo Credit || Apaige Photography


  1. jenn says

    I love love love wearing flats and I am definitely wearing flats on my wedding date. I didn’t know it was really hard to find wedding shoes that have flat heels. After a long search, I found it! It’s so comfortable and pretty. I also might get the glitter sneakers from this article. My wedding flats are from Kate Whitcomb Shoes…

    • Kate Lynn Nemett says

      Thanks for sharing, Jenn! So glad you find some wedding flats that suit you. Totally go for the glitter sneakers, too!

  2. Treina payton says

    Definitely wearing a wedge sandal…they are super cute and very comfortable

    • Kate Lynn Nemett says

      Thanks for sharing, Treina — sounds like a perfect plan! Wedge sandals are definitely great for all kinds of wedding locations, and we agree: they’re super cute AND comfortable.

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