Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Toasts

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So you’re close enough to the couple that you are toasting them at their wedding. Maybe you asked them, or they asked you, or you just sort of found yourself in front of the room holding a microphone- whatever the case, it’s happening. Even if public speaking isn’t your ‘thing,’ follow these simple do’s and don’ts to make sure your speech is a hit!


Do: be nice! This is a toast, not a roast.

Don’t: try to one up the toast before you. It never works.

Do: get some fresh material. If you know the rest of your crew is standing up too, make sure you have some original content.


Don’t: be the person who talks too much about themselves.

Do: remember to say I love you! That’s why you’re here, right?

Don’t: down a bottle of tequila to calm your nerves. Just don’t.


Do: go off script, just a little. Be yourself, no one wants to listen to a robot!

Don’t: panic if you go off script! See above and move on.

Do: smile! someone (or two or three) out there in the crowd is getting this on tape.


Don’t: ramble on and on about inside jokes. People on the outside just don’t care.

Do: practice! When it comes to wedding toasts, timing is everything.

Don’t: bring up that one time in college…remember your audience! The couple’s grandparents do NOT need to know about everything that went down freshman year. Save that for the card (then again, you might not want it in writing either).

Do: raise your glass. Now that you’re finished, it’s time to drink up!

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