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Full wedding (ceremony and reception) pricing

Prices start at $3,000

About Sail and Summit Films

CJ Soriano


I was born and raised in SoCal, which explains my unusual appreciation for the ocean, tacos, and empty highways. When I'm not shooting weddings, you'll find me on my motorcycle or online trying to find flights to places I haven't been (I even have a travel blog that I'm very bad at updating).

I tend to listen to songs on repeat, and according to Spotify, my top 2 most listened-to songs have more plays than every other song on the list combined. And despite not having any children, I really like dad and pun jokes (they're an underappreciated form of humor). I tend to tear up during sappy vows, so there’s that. On that note, I've been told that my eyes light up whenever I'm shooting. But I think that's because I'm literally looking for the best light for the frame (hey-yo! there's a pun for you right there).



  • Drone Coverage
  • Engagement Reel
  • Extra Hours


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