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Dulcigno Wedding Films LLC

Photographer & Filmmaker

Dulcigno Wedding Films invites you to step into a world where love takes center stage and every moment is a cinematic masterpiece. Our passion is capturing the essence of your love story, transforming it into a visual symphony that will be cherished for a lifetime. At Dulcigno Wedding Films, we understand that your wedding day is a unique journey, and we are dedicated to crafting films that beautifully narrate your love story. Whether it’s a classic romance, a modern love affair, a destination dream, or a rustic elegance, we specialize in turning your wedding into a visual poem, reflecting the individuality and beauty of your special day.

With Dulcigno Wedding Films, you’re not just hiring a videographer; you’re choosing a team that is dedicated to turning your wedding into a timeless masterpiece. Let us be the narrators of your love story, weaving together the threads of emotion, tradition, and celebration into a film that will transport you back to the magic of your wedding day every time you press play. Experience the difference with Dulcigno Wedding Films — where your love story becomes an enchanting cinematic journey, and every frame is a testament to the beauty of your union.

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  • Engagement Reel
  • Extra Hours
  • Livestream Services
  • Next-day Editing


  • Highlight reel
  • Raw footage
  • Social media versions
  • Trailer
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5.0 (13 reviews)

  • Gezim's Artistry Captured Our Love Perfectly!

    Verified review
    Emma & Nathan2 months ago

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Dulcigno Wedding Films for our special day, and I cannot express how thrilled we are with the results. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, every step of the process was a delightful experience, thanks in large part to the incredible talent of Gezim. Gezim, our dedicated videographer, displayed a level of professionalism and creativity that truly set him apart. From the moment he arrived, his warm demeanor and passion for his craft put everyone at ease. He took the time to understand our vision, ensuring that every moment we cherished would be captured with precision and artistry. What sets Dulcigno Wedding Films apart is their commitment to storytelling. Gezim went above and beyond to weave together the narrative of our day, capturing not just the events but the emotions, the laughter, and the love that filled the air. His ability to anticipate key moments and blend into the background seamlessly allowed for a genuine representation of our wedding day. The final film was nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. The editing was impeccable, with a perfect balance of poignant moments and lighthearted joy. The choice of music complemented the visuals, enhancing the overall emotional impact of the film. Each shot was thoughtfully composed, showcasing Gezim's keen eye for detail and storytelling. Furthermore, the communication and collaboration with Dulcigno Wedding Films were exceptional. Gezim was attentive to our preferences and open to feedback, ensuring that the final product reflected our vision. The team's efficiency and dedication to delivering within the agreed timeline were also commendable. In conclusion, our experience with Dulcigno Wedding Films and Gezim exceeded our expectations. If you're searching for a wedding videographer who not only captures moments but transforms them into a breathtaking visual narrative, look no further. Gezim's talent, coupled with the professionalism of Dulcigno Wedding Films, ensures that your special day will be immortalized in a film that you will treasure for a lifetime. Highly recommended!

  • Exceptional Wedding Film Experience

    Verified review
    Ashley Thompson Davis3 months ago

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Gezim from Dulcigno Wedding Films LLC for my wedding, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the exceptional service provided by him and his team. From the initial planning stages leading up to the wedding day, Gezim demonstrated the utmost professionalism. Despite the inherent stress and challenges of wedding planning, Gezim remained a pillar of reliability. He and his crew arrived on time, ensuring that every aspect of the filming process was well-coordinated and seamless. What truly stood out during the wedding was Gezim's ability to adapt and handle unexpected situations. Amid various unplanned occurrences, Gezim maintained a calm and composed demeanor, working effortlessly with our photographer and contributing to the overall serenity of the day. His professionalism and commitment to capturing our special day's essence were commendable. During the editing process, Gezim continued to impress. He was attentive to our needs and preferences, ensuring that the final product reflected the uniqueness of our wedding. Additionally, Gezim went above and beyond by accommodating some last-minute requests for additional filming, showcasing his dedication to delivering a truly exceptional experience. I can't emphasize enough how much Dulcigno Wedding Films LLC exceeded my expectations. Gezim and his team not only provided us with a beautiful wedding film but also gifted us with countless memories that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. I wholeheartedly recommend Dulcigno Wedding Films LLC to anyone seeking a top-tier wedding videography service for their outstanding professionalism, flexibility, and commitment to excellence.

  • Wedding

    Verified review
    Donna4 months ago

    We hired Dulcigno Wedding Films for our special day which was our wedding. They did an amazing job, the video came out phenomenal, they made our wedding look like a fairytale. It was also very easy to work with them, Gezim was very professional. The pricing was affordable too. Highly recommended!

  • Unique - Picturesque - Easy to work with

    Verified review
    Remy & Victor4 months ago

    Initially, my Fiancé and I didn't want a video. We thought it was old-school and stuffy. No one will watch it. ANYWAYS, we asked our friends/colleagues about their regrets during their wedding day, and they all said they wished they had a video. It was that, or the people with a video, are glad they did it. We booked Dulcigno Wedding Films within 15 days of our wedding. I'd recommend you do so further in advance. Their packages, pricing, and process are straightforward. Given the time crunch and quick turnaround, working with Gezim was flawless. The Teaser Film was awesome! The music over the video wasn't odd at all... pretty good. We are extremely pleased with the video produced by Dulcigno Wedding Films and are grateful we decided to work with them. It's truly phenomenal to rewatch our special day. Thanks, Gezim.

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