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Whether you're looking for place to hold your ceremony, reception, or entire wedding day, the Venues offers a variety of spaces to bring your dream to life on your perfect day. Venues can be booked in combination packages.

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  • Refused Due To Being a Gay Couple

    Verified review
    Dee G.May 20, 2024

    Hello, So, I understand that the title is very heavy handed. Believe me, I want the best for everyone including this venue. However, over the past few months, my fiance and I have been rejected so many times by family and now venues and venders that she has had to stay home for a few days and has started to stop eating along with reaching a point where she has cried for multipledays now from feeling so unloved by society mixed with frustration (we are seeking therapy and will be better in the end I am sure), and much of this would be prevented if we had not wasted months of wedding planning Due to not knowing who would be willing to provide us services and waiting only to be rejected. So, I am beginning to write reviews because it hurts so much less to hear in a review than to hear later on. Granted, I found out that this venue is through a church. You would not know that unless you were told by them and/or had done quite a bit more research than the average couple (Especially if you are the intended audience who might be tired after multiple rejections). Even so, my church does gay weddings. I have been to three gay weddings this year either at a church, or officiated by someone religiously affiliated. I, once again, hope the best for these people. I respect their beliefs. But if I can save one couple from heartbreak, I would like to. I was about to reserve the venue and had not mentioned any information about my fiance or myself, not thinking because not many people think to preface being a trans man marrying a future wife. Especially when I didn't know it was legal to turn someone away for being gay. I should have known better after all the rejection we've faced, but I'll be honest, I felt comfortable enough with them at first to not think to. But right before booking I had a creeping feeling that something wasn't quite right and, remembering all the rejection, said, "I'm sorry if this is offensive, but did I clarify that we are not a straight/cis couple? Is that alright? Can we still book?". She then stuttered and said that they were okay with guests but not people in the wedding party. I don't know if those were exact words, so take that for what you will. She then gave a quick "Sorry" and that was then the end of our call. Once again, I respect their beliefs, but if you are an LGBTQIA couple, or would be bothered by something like this, I would like to also respect your beliefs and tell you what happened to me to hopefully save you some time and space in your heart. Peace and love

  • Great to work with!

    Verified review
    Whitney B.Dec 20, 2022

    Everyone at Third Coast was so helpful on my wedding day and the weeks leading up to it! They helped with the layout of the chairs/tables for the ceremony and reception. We had a morning wedding, and they let us get in early to decorate. They were very helpful and professional, making our wedding day so perfect!

  • Catering Manager

    Verified review
    The Trestle StopDec 20, 2022

    Great venue for large groups of 300 plus. Plenty of space.