Wedding videographers in Kentwood, MI

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Videographers in Kentwood, MI

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About wedding videographers in Kentwood, MI

How much do couples typically pay for wedding videography in Kentwood, MI?

In Kentwood, MI, wedding videography ranges from $500 to $6,800 and averages at $2,500. The cost reflects the videographer's ability to capture and edit the footage of your special day.

Do most videographers capture drone footage?

86% of videographers in Kentwood, MI have Drone capabilities!

Which are the most popular videographers in Kentwood, MI?

Some of the most popular videographers in this area include Ledd Lens LLC, Photo and Film, Still Time Media LLC and Magical Multimedia.

What's the most common type of deliverables for videographers in Kentwood, MI?

Most videographers offer a Highlight reel or Short feature deliverable.

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