12 Winter Wedding Hairstyles to Try

Whether your style is more romantic boho or Hollywood glam, there are plenty of cold-weather-inspired looks to consider for a winter affair.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Winter Wedding Hairstyles to Try
Photo by Amy Allen Photography

The First Look ✨

  • Work with your natural texture by incorporating romantic accents and adornments—such as pearl pins, dried florals, and dramatic headpieces—to suit your specific style.
  • Braids are your best friend, whether it be a half-up-do, fishtail pony, or knotted style.
  • Consider a retro style for more formal gatherings, such as dramatic barrel curls or a 1920s bob with finger waves.
  • Classic looks such as undone updos, low buns, and dramatic twists are not only seasonless, but work well with a variety of hair types.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, you’re in luck. Whether you’re looking for something relaxed and ethereal, or more sleek and refined, the romantic ambiance of the winter season offers the perfect inspiration for a range of wedding-day styles. From pearls to pine cones, there are also a lot of options for hair accessories that complement a winter wonderland theme.

Below are 12 of our favorite picks for winter-inspired hairstyles that are more than worthy of your big day:

1. Natural Texture With Romantic Accents

Working with your natural texture and incorporating ethereal elements such as dried or gold-adorned flowers is a great way to capture the romantic feeling of the winter season. These easygoing, unkempt styles generally work best with kinky curls or thicker hair with a natural wave. However, a few decorative pins are an easy way to add visual interest with straighter hair, while keeping it in place.

2. Braided Pony

If you like your hair up and out of the way, braids are a simple way to dress up a ponytail without feeling too stuffy. For those with long, thick hair, a high pony with a single, textured braid is an easy way to create a stunning, ethereal look. If you have less hair to work with, face-framing braids, twists, and fishtail styles are a few ways to add some volume without sacrificing style.

3. Side-Swept, Barrel Curls

For a glamorous, old Hollywood feel, few styles beat the classic appeal of large barrel waves. Consider using a retro pin to keep your hair out of your face and sweep your curls off to the side for some extra oomph. This style not only fits the mood of more formal gatherings, but also works well with a range of hair types.

4. Half-Up Braids

Nothing says “winter is coming” like channeling Khaleesi and rocking a braided, half-up style with messy waves. For something slightly more formal, consider creating more defined curls. Tighter braids are an easy way to make them look more elegant and traditional, while undone, messy styles are great for a more casual, whimsical look.

5. Undone Updo

While it’s a slightly more popular style amongst brides year-round, the messy updo lends itself extremely well to the romantic ambiance of winter weddings. This style is a great opportunity to work with your natural texture, whether it be tight curls, loose waves, or pin-straight. Consider adding a flower crown or some jeweled pins to help the style fit your special day.

6. Low, Tight Bun

Another alternative to a more traditional wedding updo, a low, slicked-back bun works well with almost any dress or theme. Keep it tight and sleek for a black-tie affair or consider pulling out a few face-framing pieces to soften the look. You can also pin it back with a couple of pearl pins for an added touch of elegance.

7. High, Curly Updo

Think of it as a fancy alternative to the much-loved top knot. For those with a lot of natural curl and texture, roll with the undone look by pinning pieces high on your head. Those with slightly straighter hair can use twists and barrel curls for a contemporary take on the classic, ballerina-style bun. The higher and more voluminous, the better.

8. Retro Bob With Birdcage Veil

Who says weddings call for long hair? Throw it back to the roaring 20s with a blunt bob and fun, birdcage veil. Keep it sleek and straight with heavy bangs, or make an ode to the Jazz Age with some classic finger waves. This style works particularly well in the winter with fur coats, velvets, and other rich textures that complement the vintage look.

9. Dramatic Headpiece

If you want to make a statement without worrying too much about your actual hairstyle, consider opting for a glamorous headpiece, such as a jeweled headband or gold, celestial-inspired crown. Consider a vintage headdress for a timeless look, or opt for something fun with feathers for a more boho-glam style.

10. Elegant Twist

If braids aren’t really your vibe, an elegant, twisted updo is a great alternative that has the same romantic feel. From French rolls and low buns to chunky, urban styles, twists can be accomplished with nearly every hair texture and thickness, giving them the flexibility to suit your specific style.

11. Large, Knotted Braid

If you’re working with lots of hair, consider pulling it back into a single, knotted braid in lieu of a low, messy updo or half-up style. Not only is a large braid more modern, but it provides an effortless, romantic vibe that makes a traditional bridal look feel a little more casual. There’s also a lot of room to work with natural texture, as the more undone the braid is, the better.

12. Jeweled Pins and Adornments

Pearls, golden adornments, and deep-colored jewels all work especially well in the winter season, particularly for more formal affairs. Velvet also makes a great accent, particularly for sleek ponytails and more traditional updos. Constellations, faux flowers, and gold leaves are all a few popular picks.

From classy pearls to fur coats and red lips, there are few things as romantic and glamorous as a winter wedding. Whether you choose to play with your natural texture or rock an Art Deco headpiece, there are lots of options for hairstyles that can suit both the season and your personal style.

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