Where to Get Married in Vegas

If you’re pondering where to have your Vegas wedding, look no further than these beloved areas.

By McCall Minnor

Where to Get Married in Vegas
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The First Look ✨

  • With a variety of entertainment, luxury resorts, and themed chapels, the strip is by far the most popular place to get married in Vegas.
  • If you’re willing to branch further out, you’ll find canyons and lakes that serve stunning backdrops to any wedding.
  • For a more classic affair, search surrounding neighborhoods like Summerlin and Lake Las Vegas for opulent hotels, country clubs, and rolling green lawns.

Las Vegas is one of the most intriguing, entertaining cities in the states (if not the world), attracting people from all over for destination weddings. Although the city has a reputation for quickie ceremonies and flashy festivities, modern Vegas is also the place for scenic celebrations and extravagant affairs. With a variety of locations both on- and off-strip, there are plenty of places to consider. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your own Vegas wedding, look no further than these beloved areas.

Getting Legally Married in Vegas

Before getting into ceremony spots, let’s talk about legality. One of the many reasons people are drawn to Vegas is because of how easy it is. There’s no waiting period, so you can decide to get married and legally do so within the same day—whether that’s your entire wedding or a spontaneous pre-ceremony activity between you and your partner.

To obtain a marriage license in Las Vegas, both you and your partner need to appear in person before a clerk at one of the Las Vegas Marriage License Bureau locations. Each partner will need valid photo identification (driver’s license, passport, military ID, or other government-issued ID). Your marriage license will be prepared with your legal names as they’re shown on your identification. Once you’ve paid for and received your license ($102), you can immediately get married by a certified officiant anywhere in Vegas.

Currently, the Clark County Clerk is asking those who wish to marry to pre-apply for their marriage license online. You’ll receive a reference number to present at the bureau along with your identification. Bonus: This typically expedites the process even further. After pre-applying, your reference number will be active for 60 days, so there’s no rush (although, you could if you wanted to).

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Something else to consider when figuring out where to get married in Vegas is the current COVID-19 safety measures. Currently, the maximum guest capacity for gatherings in Nevada is 50 percent of a venue’s full capacity, or 250 people, whichever is less. Face masks must be worn in public at all times unless actively eating or drinking, as per local mandates and CDC guidelines.

Venues are following safety protocols, such as distanced tables, limited group sizes per table, and non-invasive temperature checks upon arrival. Many establishments (such as marriage license bureaus and chapels) also aren’t currently accepting cash. Check with your wedding planner, venue, or with a business directly to ensure you have the right payment method available when need be. For updated safety measures, check the Clark County website.

Part One: The Strip

With a variety of exciting and romantic things to do and see, the Las Vegas Strip is far and away the most popular area in the city to get married. The strip—a stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Downtown—is home to the most recognizable resorts, casinos, and attractions in the city. Safe to say, you have plenty of options. From neon-soaked fun to luxury locations, there’s a place suited to every couple’s budget and tastes.

If you’re interested in getting married in this quintessential piece of Vegas, prepare to plan and book early—reservations go fast. This is all the more recommended if you and your loved ones have any specific accommodations, restaurants, or entertainment you’d like involved in your wedding trip.


Downtown Las Vegas boasts some of the most popular resorts in the entire world. Not only do they act as accommodations, but also casinos, entertainment venues, and destinations for relaxation. It comes as no surprise that many also host grand weddings. Courtyards, rooftops, ballrooms, and poolside areas are each uniquely stylized and prepared to blow guests away. The only downside? Having to pick just one.


Vegas chapels are famous for their quick, sometimes impromptu marriage ceremonies. However, that doesn’t mean they all abide by the typical quirky stereotypes. Don’t get us wrong, plenty do (and do it well), but there’s a wide variety of chapels in and around the strip to choose from. Some lean into the touristy aspects of the city, while others take on elaborate themes—Italian garden, glass garden, and historic Western just to name a few. While these are ideal for smaller parties, some chapels are able to accommodate larger guest lists. Unless you’re planning on eloping or bringing very few people, we recommend checking beforehand with any chapels you’re interested in.

Popular Attractions

Looking for something truly out-of-the-box? You can seek out professionals who will perform your marriage ceremony on, in, or above some of the strip’s most notable attractions. From exciting prospects, like towering Ferris wheels and roller coaster loading decks, to more romantic settings, such as gondola and helicopter rides, there’s no shortage of remarkable options. And if you’re looking to take the Vegas theme all the way, you can even get hitched in front of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Part Two: Nature Sites

While many are captivated by Las Vegas, Nevada’s world-renowned entertainment, there’s also no shortage of stunning scenery. Within a short drive from the downtown area, you can easily locate canyons, lakes, and a myriad of desert flora. However, if this piques your interest, do make yourself aware of the expected weather during your preferred wedding month.

The hottest months of the year are typically June through September, with highs averaging 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Things tend to cool down a touch over winter, though, with the highs from November through February averaging around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t have a Vegas wedding in the summer—the views are certainly worth it. Just keep the weather in mind while scouting areas and plan accordingly.

If your interests don’t lie with the bright lights of the city (or you’d rather save those for the after-party), take a look around the following:

Red Rock Canyon

Venture off the strip about 20 miles, and you’ll find yourself in the midst of rust-colored peaks that stretch as far as the eye can see. Dramatic desert landscapes and iconic sandstone formations provide a stunning backdrop for nature-loving couples. Red Rock Canyon is just far enough away from the city to immerse yourself in nature, while also being close enough to go back and forth or take advantage of both.

Lake Mead

Not much further than Red Rock Canyon is the westernmost boundary of the Grand Canyon: Lake Mead. A result of the Hoover Dam, the lake spans acres upon acres of mountains, valleys, and of course, lakes. Adventurous couples and their parties can strap on their hiking boots, take to the trails, and celebrate among the mountains with shimmering water in the distance.

Part Three: Off-Strip Neighborhoods

Though Vegas is mostly known for its historic downtown district, the surrounding neighborhoods are equally enticing. By driving just a few miles north, east, or west you’ll come upon luxury event venues, expansive green lawns, and unique neighborhoods with tons of character. These areas are ideal for those wanting a classic celebration away from all of the spectacle. Or, have the best of both worlds and host your ceremony in one, then drive into the city for your reception or after-party.

If this sounds appealing and you haven’t already, look into hiring a professional wedding planner local to the area (in this case, Vegas). Doing so ensures that you’ll have the full 4-1-1 on these lesser-known gems, which can be especially helpful if you don’t live nearby or can’t visit potential venues in person. A local wedding planner will also have inside information, a detailed perspective on what will fit your ideas, and sometimes, special discounts.


Summerlin is a great choice for couples looking for more traditional wedding spaces. Country clubs, rolling manicured golf courses, and private courtyards can be located in this neighborhood, which is only a little over 10 miles from Downtown. While Summerlin tends to lend more of a classic feeling to their wedding venues, they are not without their unique desert aesthetic. The area is a wonderful combination of both refinery and desert, checking box after box for plenty of weddings.

Lake Las Vegas

For both locals and tourists who are looking for an oasis away from the bright lights of the Strip, look into Lake Las Vegas. This resort community is nestled in the hills of Henderson’s east side, centered on its namesake lake. Opulent hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, and hiking trails dot the Italian-style village, all sharing gorgeous lake views. For ultimate luxury, you can even rent a yacht and cruise the lake. Both indoor and outdoor ceremonies are abundant, boasting equally beautiful spaces and scenery.

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