Where Should I Register for My Wedding?

Maximize the potential of your registry at Zola. Check out our ultimate guide to your registry and how to make it work for you.

By Emily Forrest

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Depending on whom you ask, planning a wedding can be anything from the best experience of your life to a stressful and disorganized mess. It really all comes down to the kind of help you have, and, lucky for you, you’ve got Zola on your team.

At Zola, there is no stress, no fuss, and no hassle because your joy is our priority. Zola is all about making your engagement and marriage a celebration, and we’re committed to making sure you get the wedding day (and wedding gift) of your dreams.

For many couples, one of the most intimidating aspects of planning a wedding is the registry. Where do you register? How many gifts should you ask for? It can all seem so overwhelming without some serious expertise.

Fortunately, you made a stellar choice and decided to turn to Zola. Our top-notch advice, easy to navigate registry, and full-service assistance will ensure that you get the most out of your registry while having the most fun possible.

The Zola Experience

At Zola, we believe your wedding gift registry should be something you are excited about. From the moment you say “Yes!” and well past your “I dos,” Zola is working behind the scenes to make your gift registry your favorite part of being engaged.

Here is a quick list of all the benefits you get with a Zola registry:

  • A free wedding website that seamlessly integrates with your wedding registry.
  • A customized wedding checklist that we’ll build for you at no cost to keep track of all your wedding wants and nuptial needs.
  • Complimentary guest list tracker to assist with RSVPs, address collection, and all things guest-related.
  • A free thank you note manager, so you can ditch the painstaking process of thank you notes.
  • A registry advisor to lend extra assistance, whenever you should need it.
  • Our five-star registry app, which is an easy way for Zola to make your life easier by keeping your registry constantly at your fingertips.
  • A universal registry that puts all your gifts in one place, plus hassle-free curation on your end and one-stop shopping for your guests.
  • The lowest cash fund fee in the game, making Zola the best registry for receiving cash gifts online.
  • A 20 percent post-wedding discount so that you can go on a honeymoon shopping spree.
  • Free shipping that you control, so that you choose when and where you want your wedding gifts sent.

At Zola, your registry is easy to navigate and fun to use, all with the added benefit of world-class customer support. The registry is just the beginning, but it’s an important foundation of the wedding planning process. Zola is here to ensure that your registry is constantly up to date, and fully interactive, for a seamless user experience.

Gifting Made Easy

There are so many companies that offer wedding gifts that it’s hard to imagine an all-inclusive, one-stop registry. In case you haven’t noticed, Zola’s number one priority is making your life easy. From home goods to cookware and everything in between, Zola has the widest selection of any online registry, and it’s constantly growing.

At Zola, you can organize your gifts into easy-to-navigate categories that your guests can use to make guided and informed purchases. Zola has done away with big lists and overwhelming registries, allowing you and your partner to highlight special items as favorites. You never have to worry about your guests guessing about which gift you prefer, because our registry tells the whole story.

Where Should I Register for My Wedding Photo Credits // Zola Inc

Zola Gives a Ship

Zola offers a lot of perks and bonus gifts, but free shipping is at the top of the list. Couples who use Zola get access to our incredible shipping policy that allows you to choose when and where a gift is shipped. As an added bonus, free exchanges are part of our shipping plan.

Let’s say you had a change of heart about a Zola gift, but someone purchased it for you before you got to take it off your registry. No problem! Thanks to Zola’s amazing shipping and exchange program, you can exchange that gift for Zola store credit. No messy retailer returns and no gift receipts, just exactly what you and your SO want, because Zola makes it easy.

The Universal Registry: A One-Stop Shopping Experience

We’ll be perfectly honest, even with our constantly expanding selection, there might be a gift you really want that Zola doesn’t carry. Fortunately, our universal registry allows you to get every gift you want through Zola, even if we don’t carry the registry item.

Our universal registry ensures that if Zola doesn’t carry something you want, you can add it from a store that does, using our “Add To Zola” button. Add any gift from any store to your registry, so all your gifts are perfectly organized in one place.

Zola’s universal registry makes life easy on your guests who can find every gift from every site you’ve registered on through Zola. Our registry allows your wedding guest to purchase any gift directly from the provider, and if it’s available through Zola, we’ll let them know.

Our online registry has your best interests at heart, which is why Zola price matches all qualifying remaining items. At Zola, you can add any gift you want, and your guests don’t have to visit a bunch of different registries.

Price Match Maker

Part of Zola’s commitment to making life easier for you and your guests is our price matching option. Giving and receiving gifts should never be complicated, which is why Zola has created a win-win situation for you and your guests.

Using our universal registry, your guests can get the best deal possible on your gifts. This ensures that you get exactly what you want, while your friends and family get the best price. Zola offers price matching for an extensive list of popular online retailers, and offers unbeatable deals on thousands of qualifying items.

Our price-match program ensures that you get the most from your registry. When your guests purchase a gift from Zola, it comes with free shipping and exchanges that provide you with maximum flexibility. Zola’s price matching encourages your guests to buy directly from Zola, which ensures that your gift will come with the benefits and perks of being a Zola purchase.

Fun With Funds

Money is a popular gift choice for guests who want to contribute to your financial well-being. There are a lot of online registries that attempt to take advantage of this, but Zola offers the lowest cash fee in the game.

Zola also makes cash gifts a purpose, by allowing you to designate a cash fund for a specific need or want. For example, if you and your partner are planning a honeymoon, but need a little extra cash, you can add it to your registry.

At Zola, you can add as many cash funds as you want, ranging from “Help Us Buy A Home,” to “One Year Anniversary Couples Massage.” Get as creative as you’d like, and, remember, people love to put their money toward something they know will bring you joy.

Fees are never fun, which is why Zola suggests a gift card as an alternative to a cash gift. Gift cards are fee-free, meaning that the price your guest pays is the amount you get, and Zola offers gift cards for travel, food, fitness, and more.

Personal Touches

The wedding process is a celebration of who you and your fiance are as a couple. A marriage ceremony means joining your lives together and creating a new life of shared interests and common experiences. This new life is something your guests want in on.

Your friends and family want more insight into who you are as a couple, and Zola has the tools to help you do it. With Zola’s unique customization features, you can spruce up your registry and allow it to reflect the essence of you. Zola can help you add pictures that will help guide your guests in their gift-making decisions.

For example, if you and your fiance are both passionate about travel, you can include a picture of your last trip. Customizations, such as pictures, are the best way to point your guests toward the presents you are most passionate about.

If one of your guests is on the fence about springing for that amazing cookware or bath towel set you picked out, a fun picture of you and your spouse might just tip the scales in your favor.

Where Should I Register for My WeddingPhoto Credits // Zola Inc

Set Up for Success

With all this knowledge about Zola’s registry, you’re set up for a whirlwind of marital bliss. Remember, a successful engagement is all about having fun, and with a Zola registry consultant, you’re able to enjoy a stress-free process.

Your Zola registry can be set up in minutes, and we’re here to help answer any questions you may have along the way. Let Zola handle the details, while you handle the fun stuff, such as champagne-sipping, selecting a wedding invitation design, and cake tasting. This engagement is off to a great start. To ensure that your big day celebration goes exactly as planned, set up your Zola registry today.

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