When Is Wedding Season In Texas?

Wondering when wedding season peaks in Texas? Lasso your Texas wedding date with our guide to the state’s wedding season, culture, and tips.

By The Zola Team

When Is Wedding Season In Texas?
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The First Look ✨

  • In most states, the typical wedding season is May through October. But as a southern state, Texas has a slightly different wedding season.
  • Texas’s warm climate means year-round outdoor wedding ceremonies, but the best season depends on your location and Texas wedding venue.
  • As the largest mainland state, Texas covers the entire urban-rural spectrum. You can choose a hip city venue in Austin or Dallas, or you can drive fifty miles outside the city for a beautiful ranch setting.
  • Like every state, Texas has its own peculiar culture and rules surrounding weddings. Before booking a venue, make sure you know the state’s marriage license laws, tourist seasons, weather, and cultural traditions.

You’ve heard the old rule—the best time to throw a wedding is late spring to early fall. But for certain locations and couples, that time frame just doesn’t work. In fact, some wedding venues might work best during the “off-season.” And that’s just the case for Texas weddings.

With warm weather and diverse venues, Texas operates on a unique wedding calendar. To help you book the best wedding date, we’re going to explore the Texan wedding season, including:

  • Best months for Texas weddings
  • Texas wedding locations
  • Handling Texas weather
  • Popular Texas venues
  • Texas-Style decor
  • Texan wedding food
  • Tips for marrying in Texas

Best Months for Texas Weddings

So, when is wedding season in Texas? The answer: pretty much all year round.

In Texas, temperatures vary month to month. But across the state, you can expect cool winters, hot summers, and mild springs and autumns. It’s a flexible climate for throwing celebrations, with the most popular months at the picturesque tail-ends of the typical wedding season (March and October).

Let’s break down the benefits of each season for Texas weddings, depending on your venue and location.


From December to February, temperatures in Texas range from the low 30s to the low 60s Fahrenheit. While mild, this is the season for indoor celebrations. If you’re itching for an outdoor wedding, it’s best to opt for heat lamps. Consider a winter Texas wedding if you have a:

  • South Texas Location: The more south you travel, the warmer the winter. Cities like Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, and Laredo stay mild in winter, perfect for outdoor or partially outdoor celebrations.

  • Indoor-Only Celebration: Skip the sweat and sun. An indoor wedding keeps your guests in comfort, plus prevents any heat damage to decor or food. Search exclusively for indoor venues across Texas with Zola's handy vendor database.

  • Lower Budget: Traditionally, winter is the least popular time to throw a wedding. But that means major savings on all vendors and services. Most venues have “off-season” menus, offering a significantly lower price for rentals.

  • Outdoor Heating Plan: Even in Texas, winter weather can dip below a comfortable room temperature. If you want an outdoor cocktail hour or reception during the winter, keep your guests cozy with heat lamps or overhead heating.

Spring and Fall

Unlike most states, Texas’s prime outdoor wedding seasons are spring and fall, not summer. Between March to May and late September to November, temperatures hover around the mild 60s and 70s. To snag a Texas venue during this popular time, you’ll likely need these on your side:

  • Higher Budget: To wedding vendors, peak months mean higher charges. If you’re keen on a spring or fall date, then set aside enough funds to cover the peak wedding season prices (particularly for venues).

  • Outdoor Celebration: When the weather’s this good, an outdoor wedding is practically required. Spring and fall are the perfect times for garden, vineyard, ranch, farmhouse, or even backyard weddings in Texas.

  • Large Guest List: The more people, the more room you’ll need—and that usually requires an outdoor, covered outdoor, or popular indoor space. If your guest list is 300-plus, the spring or fall season will offer more venues to handle the party size.

  • Flexible Date: During spring or fall, you’re facing a little more wedding competition in Texas. One booking tip? Pick a weekday instead of a weekend. Weekday weddings have more flexibility, and some venues will even offer lower prices.


Summer in Texas means one thing—heat, heat, and more heat (and a decent amount of rain). Average temperatures sit around the 80s and often climb up to the 90s. On the right day, you have the perfect paradise for an outdoor celebration. But on the wrong day, the weather might be too hot to handle. For a Texan summer wedding, consider one or more of these factors:

  • North Texas Location: Cities in North Texas keep the heat pretty mild during the summer compared to other regions. If your wedding is located in Dallas, Fort Worth, or Arlington, then you can worry less about sweating off your clothes.

  • Medium Budget: Depending on the Texas venue, midsummer may or may not be considered peak wedding season. Make sure your budget has enough room to cover any potentially higher costs.

  • Covered Outdoor Area: Certain ranches and farmsteads are some of the prettiest venues in Texas. But to keep your guests from melting, you should invest in a covered outdoor space. That way, the sun won't bring down your celebration.

  • Rain Plans: Summer isn't just the state’s warmest season. It's also the rainiest, particularly in June. Don't let the rain wash away your wedding by keeping a backup indoor space if any drops start to fall.

  • Nighttime Celebration: The difference in temperature between night and day in Texas is like...well, night and day. Throwing your outdoor reception in the evening can easily shed 10 degrees of heat in the summer.

Locations for Texas Wedding Season

As the largest mainland state, Texas offers the best of urban and country life. You can set your celebration in the most cutting-edge metropolises, tranquil rural towns, or everything in between. From the Rio Grande to the Oklahoma border, let’s dive into a few of Zola’s favorite Texas locales for wedding season:

  • Austin: Bring your celebration to Texas’s most creative, popular, and, yes, weird city for a truly unique wedding. The mild spring and fall seasons welcome outdoor celebrations across the parks and riverfront, while the city’s hip warehouses and hotels can host an artsy reception. Just make sure to avoid the crowds from South by Southwest in March or Austin City Limits in October.

  • Dallas: In Dallas, you’re close enough to Fort Worth and other North Texas cities to have your pick of the venue litter. At your fingertips, you have peaceful ranches, historic homes, and beautiful urban locations like The Dallas World Aquarium. And with mild North Texas weather, the outdoor wedding season is long and plentiful.

  • El Paso: With its strong Mexican culture, El Paso practically feels like a destination wedding location. The adobe architecture and roaming plains give a tranquil, rustic feel to all celebrations. For a taste of West Texas culture, this border city is as authentic as it gets.

  • Texas City: Between its beautiful Gulf of Mexico coastline, warm weather, and charming downtown, Texas City makes for a stunning backdrop to any celebration. As a neighboring city to Houston, you get a similar urban environment with half the crowds and better ocean views.

Texas Weather Tips—How to Handle the Heat

Outside of winter, any Texas day could be an AC-fueled battle against the heat. And for your wedding, that could mean withering flowers at best and overheating risks at worst. To keep you and your guests comfortable during an outdoor celebration, stick with these heat-handling tips:

  • Mixed Settings: No matter the weather, it’s always hotter under the sun. To balance out any outdoor events, provide at least one shaded or indoor setting during your wedding. For summer weddings, you can even have dedicated indoor “cooling areas” in case anyone needs a break from the heat.

  • Outdoor Fans: A breeze can make all the difference on a hot day. Place a few (preferably noiseless) fans around outdoor reception or ceremony seating. Your guests will thank you for the cooling gusts of air.

  • Heat-Resistant Decor: Not every plant can withstand Texas summer temperatures. Strategically picking heat-resistant decor will keep your wedding picture-perfect. Look for florals like protea, sunflowers, eucalyptus, and local wildflowers that won’t wither in the sun.

  • Light Dress Code: Three-piece suits and formal ball gowns might look great for wedding pictures. But in the sweltering heat, you’ll be sweating up a storm. Give all groomsmen, bridesmaids, and guests the chance to wear lighter clothing that still matches your style.

Types of Texas Wedding Venues

Yes, the sprawling ranches in Texas make for downright beautiful wedding photos. But if a barnhouse isn’t your style, you can find venues of all shapes and sizes in this expansive state. Here are the most popular wedding venue categories across Texas:

  • Farms, Barns, and Ranches: Sitting at number one are Texas’s renowned and picturesque countryside properties. For a real Texas-style outdoor wedding, you can’t beat the state’s rustic barns, spacious ranch grounds, and sunshine. Authentic farmsteads like The Barn at Watson Ranch can be found outside the largest and smallest cities across the state.

  • Hotels, Inns, and Resorts: With so many tourist-worthy locations, Texas has tons of charming inns and swanky hotels. Take guests on a remote getaway at the boho-chic Camp Comfort, or host a sleek modern reception at Virgin Hotels Dallas.

  • Ballrooms and Banquet Halls: Texas is home to multiple major cities, leaving plenty of space for some impressive banquet halls. During the cool winters or midsummer heat, bring your reception inside Austin’s avant garde Jones Center.

  • Historic Estates and Mansions: With its long history of settlers, Texas has some elegant historic properties dating all the way back to the 1800s. Set your wedding in classic style at the Victorian-era Allan House or Houston’s fire station-turned-venue at Station 3.

  • Waterfront Areas: Not many think of Texas as a particularly beachy or wet environment. But this state has miles of gorgeous coastline on the Gulf of Mexico, alongside some spectacular lake and river views. Enjoy the Atlantic Ocean via The Admiral’s marine space in Houston, or book the aptly named Lakeview Room at Austin’s Avery Ranch Golf Club.

Popular Texas-Style Wedding Decor

When you pick a wedding location, it sets the tone for the entire celebration. And for a large state like Texas, that tone can range anywhere from earthy and rustic to whimsically modern. A ski cabin-themed wedding might be out of the books, but you still have plenty of decorative styles to choose from in Texas:

  • Rustic and Rural: When in a farmhouse, embrace the earthy and heartwarming vibes of the space. Texas is the perfect locale for a rustic wedding, complete with mason jars, wooden furniture, and lantern lights. For a touch of cowboy style, add some succulents and leather details to your decor.

  • Bohemian and Artsy: From Austin to San Antonio, Texas is home to some pretty avant garde and hipster communities. Let your creative spirit shine with a boho-chic wedding. Use an Austin-style food truck as your reception “buffet,” or add some of Texas’s gorgeous dried grasses and wildflowers to your botanicals.

  • Modern and Elegant: Clean lines, sharp color palettes, and geometric designs fill the industrial buildings in Texas cities. For the modern couple, a matching sleek aesthetic will wow your guests. Bring your monochromatic or minimalist dreams to life in these urban spaces (Zola has the perfect modern invitation designs to set the mood beforehand).

  • Vintage Southern: Nothing turns up the charm factor like the vintage southern decor. Lacy tablecloths, tinted glass, soft pastels, and plenty of florals bring a timeless touch to any celebration. Whether going for a groovy 70s or a romantic 50s look, a retro theme brings style and fun to your wedding.

Texan Food and Menus for Wedding Season

If there’s one thing that stirs Texas pride, it’s the finger-lickin’ good food. With American south, rural west, and Mexican influences, the state’s cuisine is a beautiful blend of flavors. Any guest can find something delicious on a Texas plate, so celebrate your wedding’s location with a Texas-themed menu:

  • Taco Bar: From Austin’s beloved breakfast tacos to tripas tacos along the border, a large portion of Texan cuisine goes to this dish. Give your guests a DIY experience with a make-your-own taco bar. You can serve “gringo” classics, like ground beef and cheddar cheese, or go authentic Mexican with carnitas and pico de gallo.

  • Barbecue Blowout: Every southern state has its signature barbecue. But in Texas, there’s a whole range of barbecue traditions across the state, from open-flame grills in West Texas to low-and-slow smokers in East Texas. Pick your style of choice, and serve it up with traditional sides of coleslaw, greens, and baked beans.

  • Southern Classics: Heartwarming and sinfully delicious, traditional southern food can please any crowd. Favorites include crispy fried chicken, cornbread, macaroni and cheese, and pecan tarts. Or for a more dressed-up menu, put a modern spin on these dishes and serve them as bite-sized hors d'oeuvres.

  • Tex-Mex Tastes: Over decades, Texas has developed this unique cuisine that combines American and Mexican flavors in harmony. Delicious dishes like chili con carne, fajitas with flour tacos, enchiladas, and nachos make for some excellent sit-down or buffet food.

  • Coastal Cuisine: If on the Gulf shore, take advantage of the seafood. Grilled shrimp, lobster, snapper and grouper are all popular options for lighter reception fare.

Tips for Marrying in Texas

Texas isn’t exactly an unpopular location for marrying couples. This state hosts over 100,000 marriages per year, ranking third out of all states for most weddings. To land a sure spot amongst the crowds, it’s best to plan early and thoroughly. Take these Texas wedding tips for a smooth wedding in any city.

Marriage Licenses and Laws

Since marriage licenses are granted by county, the individual rules might differ between Texas cities. But no matter your location, there are a few Texas marriage laws that apply to every couple.

Texas allows couples to obtain a formal marriage license or a common law marriage license. For either license, you and your partner must be:

  • 16 years or older (stricter rules apply to minors)
  • Unrelated as close blood relatives
  • Married within Texas borders (if applying for a formal license)

You’ll also need a few legal documents and materials to apply for a marriage license, including:

  • Photo ID (passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  • Social Security number or employee ID number
  • Birthplace information
  • License fee (anywhere from $71 to $88)

Once you and your partner successfully apply for—and receive—a marriage license, you have to wait 72 hours to marry (a precautionary rule). Then, you’re free to get hitched within the state. Just remember that in popular cities or wedding locations, it’s best to apply on the earlier side. Long lines shouldn’t keep your marriage at bay.

Tourism and Popular Events

Every major city has festivals and events that draw crowds. Avoid the tourists or loud celebrations on your wedding day by planning around those events. A few major Texas festivals that you should avoid during the prime wedding season:

  • March: South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
  • April: San Antonio Fiesta, WorldFest Film Festival in Houston
  • May: JMBLYA in Dallas
  • July: Gran Fiesta de Fort Worth
  • August: Austin Pride Parade
  • September: Austin Urban Music Festival, Texas State Fair in Dallas
  • October: Austin City Limits, Austin Film Festival
  • November: Astroworld Festival in Houston

Embracing the Culture

When in Texas, go big or go home. This state has a singular personality, mixing western, southern, Mexican, and cowboy influences under one massive name. If you choose Texas as your wedding locale, it’s only right to embrace the culture. From food, to decor, to cowboy boots, celebrate the Texas way at your wedding.

Say “I Do” in Texas With Zola

In a state this large, you have every wedding option under the Texas sun. Whether you want a winter ballroom reception in Dallas or a summertime ranch ceremony in El Paso, Texas has the versatility to bring your wedding visions to life. With a little wedding planning and our seasonal guide, you can create a Texas wedding that’s worth shouting “yee-haw!”

Need some rustic menus for your barbecue buffet? Zola can help you. Our online shops and tools make wedding plans a breeze, from customized stationery to simple registries. With every step of the wedding planning process covered, Zola is the one-stop-shop for all things wedding. Take a look at our services, and you’ll be riding smooth as a cowboy towards your big day.

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