What is a Mini Moon?

A mini moon is a shorter, sometimes cheaper alternative to a traditional honeymoon. Here is everything you need to know about mini moons and how to plan one.

By Kathleen Wong

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For one reason or another, having a honeymoon just isn’t in the cards for some newlyweds. A big vacation right after wedding planning is sometimes too expensive or taking the additional time off just isn’t possible. That doesn’t mxean that you have to drop back into regular life and work after an event as exciting as your wedding, though. Consider taking a mini moon, or a short, low-key post-wedding trip instead.

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How is a mini moon different from a honeymoon?

A mini moon is like the traditional honeymoon’s younger sibling. They’re a great option for couples who want to get away after their wedding but are much, much easier to pull off than a honeymoon. With a mini moon, you can still have a romantic post-wedding escape with your partner without the stress or commitment of a typical honeymoon.

There are a lot of benefits to going on a mini moon.

  • Simplicity. Since a mini moon is inherently more low-key than a traditional honeymoon, you won’t be packing in as many activities as possible. Instead, you’ll be more focused on relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.
  • Less pressure. In mainstream media, the perfect honeymoon is this extravagant, romantic trip that sets the tone for your life together. Record scratch: You don’t have to have a big, all-out trip halfway across the country to properly celebrate your wedding.
  • Stay grounded. Planning a wedding can feel all-consuming. When that day finally comes—although it is hopefully magical—you can feel totally out of tune with reality. Instead of embarking on a long escape from reality, mini moons are a great way to keep you grounded in real life. They can ease the transition to normal life.

How long should a mini moon last?

A typical mini moon lasts about 3-4 days—basically a long weekend. To compare, a standard honeymoon is usually about two weeks long. In terms of days off, this is way more manageable for many people. If your wedding takes place in a city other than your hometown or current city, consider staying a few extra days to take in the new location.

Where should we go?

Instead of jet-setting off to faraway islands, a mini moon usually takes place in a closer and much more accessible location such as an upstate area or a nearby town. This cuts down on airplane costs and travel time. If you really want or need to stay locale, book a nice Airbnb or hotel and run through activities you’ve been meaning to do in your city. Alternatively, book a nice accommodation and relax all weekend—just get out of your usual space.

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How to Plan a Mini Moon

The main goal of mini moon planning: Keep it simple.

Set a realistic budget.

If you’re planning a mini moon to save money, obviously, you’ll want to create a budget. Prioritize what things you want to do and what things you don’t need to fit into your trip. Then, apply your wants to your budget. Now, you have a simple, affordable few days that you can enjoy free of money stress.

Forget planes.

Honeymoons typically involve a flight. Your mini moon really shouldn’t (of course, it can, but that’s dependant on your budget and timeline). Instead, choose a destination that you can reach by bus, train, or car. It’s cheaper and sometimes much less stressful than flying.

Treat yourself.

Plan for an indulgence during your mini moon! Just because your trip is shorter and maybe cheaper than a regular honeymoon doesn’t mean it can’t be special. If your wedding is at a resort, consider extending your stay. Upgrade your rooms or stay in luxe accommodations for the weekend. You can also book a nice dinner or request champagne or other special add-ons to your stay.


Since your mini moon is most likely simpler and shorter than a honeymoon, don’t forget to really stay present in the moment. Unplug! Delete your social media apps! Let your family and friends know you’ll be unavailable for a few days. Tune out and relish in your newlywed life.

No matter how you choose to relax and celebrate married life, a mini moon is a low-stress getaway alternative to a big honeymoon. Extend your vacation time just a little and enjoy a long weekend at the spa, wine tasting, horseback riding, hiking, or even just sleeping.

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