Wedding Venues in Ohio You Should Know About

From woodsy retreats to chic modern warehouses, read on to discover Zola’s favorite wedding venues in Ohio.

By Emily Forrest

Wedding Venues in Ohio You Should Know About
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The First Look ✨

  • Between its industrial midwest metropolises and gorgeous rural landscapes, Ohio has a diverse mix of classic and contemporary wedding venues.
  • Become one with nature by saying “I do” amidst Ohio’s great outdoors. For a fairytale-level ceremony, travel to the magical Pinecroft Manor or the Club at Hillbrook.
  • Embrace updated designs across versatile venues such as the Lake Erie Building, Red Space, and Vue Columbus.

Historic urban architecture, lakefront views, and gorgeous nature preserves make Ohio an attractive wedding ceremony location. No matter your style, this surprisingly diverse state has both popular and underground venues that’ll spark your excitement for your wedding day. From Cincinnati to the Lake Erie shores, here are some of the best wedding venues in Ohio.

Ohio Venues You Should Know About

To kick things off, let’s start with the hot spots. These stylish Ohio venues are in high demand for a reason, whether it’s their luxurious services, excellent catering, or contemporary decor. Throw the wedding of the year by picking one of our favorite trendy settings across the state.

Vue Columbus

It’s hard to beat this skyline view of Columbus. Vue is one of the city’s most coveted wedding venues, situated right in the charming Brewery District. With its warm, modern design, customizable services, and incredibly versatile space, you can throw the exact wedding of your dreams at Vue Columbus.

  • Price range – Vue Columbus offers four different event packages for weddings, based on the weekend date and season. Off-peak season rentals (November to March) range from $1,400 to $3,200, while peak season rentals (April to October) range from $2,000 to $4,500.

  • Services – As an open and minimal event space, Vue offers basic services for couples (wifi, tables, etc.). You must rent sound and lighting equipment, and you can choose from a list of supported catering services for food.

  • Decor – Vue’s design conveys an industrial feel that’s never cold. Warm wooden floors, natural light, and decorative vines make this warehouse a welcoming space.

  • Spaces – The Main Event Room is perfect for larger receptions, boasting massive front windows and that unbeatable Columbus view. Smaller receptions and ceremonies fit right into the Cocktail Room, with its botanicals and simple accents. And you’ll definitely want to take a few photos in the picturesque Greenery Room’s natural light.

  • Capacity – Vue Columbus can seat 280 seated guests and hold 350 standing guests.

Madtree Brewing

Midwest breweries are practically built for celebrations, with their cozy wooden designs and spacious rooms. Cincinnati’s MadTree Brewing is one of the best for hosting your wedding. This eco-friendly brewery has customizable rooms and an excellent drinks menu to fit all of your party needs.

  • Price range – While prices depend on service packages, Madtree Brewing charges anywhere from $500 to $4,000 for weddings.

  • Services – You can receive most standard wedding services at Madtree, from staff cleanup to lighting. However, the venue only offers (required) bar services, so you must hire outside catering.

  • Decor – Oak barrels, metal beams, and Edison bulbs give Madtree its classic brewery look. It’s a roomy industrial setting with cozy textures and materials.

  • Spaces – For smaller events, couples usually prefer the Oakley Room’s intimacy and floor-to-ceiling garage windows. For larger receptions, the Barrel Room has all the dance floor space you’ll need, flushed with columns of beer barrels along the walls.

  • Capacity – Madtree Brewery can host up to 330 seated guests and 350 standing.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen isn’t your average Columbus restaurant. This modern “dining experience” hosts city events and private parties throughout the year, offering customizable menus from its gourmet chefs. For the foodie couple with a smaller guest list, this is your go-to spot. Guests can even participate in the cooking fun!

  • Price range – Prices are based on the catering package here. The more guests or elaborate food, the higher the cost.

  • Services – Throwing your wedding at the Kitchen is like hosting a very large dinner party. You get customizable catering alongside full wedding services, from audio to event staff to bar packages.

  • Decor – Chic industrial eatery meets romantic bistro at this venue. The Kitchen strikes a balance between romantic touches and clean modern design.

  • Spaces – The Kitchen offers its original event space for larger parties, with its open floor plan and rustic exposed brick. For a smaller celebration, the newer Studio has a lighter tone with a more sleek, modern appearance.

  • Capacity – At most, the Kitchen can seat up to 140 guests or hold up to 150 standing guests.


Pinecroft is the quintessential historic Ohio manor, making a truly unforgettable wedding backdrop. At this outer Cincinnati estate, you get 18 acres of lush forestry, gardens, and a Tudor-style manor to boot. With all-inclusive packages and a mix of indoor and outdoor settings, you’ll find everything you need at Pinecroft for a luxurious wedding.

  • Price range – Pinecroft offers three reception service packages, the lowest starting at $8,500. For a ceremony, there’s a $1,500 ceremony fee.

  • Services – Couples get private access to this estate upon its rental. Even the most basic packages include plentiful food and beverage services, equipment, staff set up, and even music entertainment.

  • Decor – Natural beauty meets laidback luxury at this sweeping Tudor mansion. Pinecroft feels opulent without being flashy, never letting its grandeur block out the sunshine. The meticulously curated gardens and bushes also make for some amazing photos.

  • Spaces – Most couples take advantage of the indoor Pinecroft Manor itself, with its expansive Garden Pavilion overlooking the grounds. However, the gardens themselves are a gorgeous setting for an outdoor or tented event.

  • Capacity – Pinecroft can handle a large crowd, with a capacity for 325 seated guests or 500 standing guests.

The Lytle Park Hotel

While over 110 years old, the Lytle Park Hotel feels brand new. This sleek contemporary venue is one of Cincinnati’s newest wedding locales, having just reopened in 2020. The hotel’s stellar service, versatile space, and breathtaking rooftop (with a retractable glass roof) make for an unforgettable celebration. Not to mention, it’s a one-stop shop for traveling guests.

  • Price range – At the Lytle Park, full weddings start at $10,000 for off-peak dates (November to March) and $15,000 for peak dates (April to October).

  • Services – One of the best reasons to book Lytle Park Hotel is easy accommodations for your out-of-town guests. Besides that, the hotel offers full wedding services, from catering to audio equipment to five-star staff performance.

  • Decor – The Lytle Park Hotel embraces light at every corner in its urban design. Glass windows, neutral colors, and sleek lines give a modern feel that’s inviting.

  • Spaces – You’ll definitely want to book the hotel’s Vista rooftop, with its retractable glass roof. Start the night covered, and then open up the roof to dance under the stars. Another option includes the refined Magnolia Ballroom, which also has an outdoor terrace area.

  • Capacity – The Lytle Park Hotel can host 120 seated and 270 standing guests total.

The Lake Erie Building

Once a Rust Belt car factory, the Lake Erie Building is now one of outer Cleveland’s most prized (and exclusive) wedding venues. Modern couples will love the industrial, yet distinguished feel of this inviting warehouse. Better yet, the space is incredibly versatile to fit you and your partner’s creative visions.

  • Price range – Currently, the Lake Erie Building sets a starting site fee at $6,750. To rent the space for a full wedding weekend (Wednesday to Monday), you’ll need to pay $7,128. Additional fees for services can apply.

  • Services – As a warehouse space, the Lake Erie building provides basic services, which is not a bad thing! Couples are permitted to choose outside vendors (caterers, entertainment, florals) that fit their particular needs. As part of the site fee, all renters receive furniture, bar structures, minimal lights, staff, and a dressing suite.

  • Decor – This industrial space embraces natural light for a warm, yet modern atmosphere. Couples can add their own botanicals, signs, or other decor to personalize the simple design (check out Zola’s florist vendors to get some design inspiration).

  • Spaces – As a modern warehouse, the Lake Erie Building has essentially one “room” on each floor. The 7,000 square-foot Main Ballroom on the second floor can seat up to 375 guests. However, certain setups can transform the space into a more intimate venue.

  • Capacity – For receptions, the building can handle up to 375 seated guests. However, staff prefer that ceremonies stay under 250 guests total.

Red Space

Seeking an urban venue that you can make your own? Check out Red Space in downtown Cleveland. This warehouse setting is part art gallery, part event hall, offering a minimalist space for couples to shape into their dream venue. Embrace your inner artist and use the Red Space as your wedding canvas.

  • Price range – For hosting both a ceremony and reception, rentals start at $3,000 for off-peak dates (November to April) and $5,000 for peak dates (May to October).

  • Services – Red Space keeps services minimal so that couples can choose the vendors and needs that they prefer. Furniture, clean-up, lighting and sound equipment, and event coordination are included with your rental.

  • Decor – This warehouse venue keeps it bare-bones and sleek, with textured walls and pillars filling the space. Plenty of windows offer ample light to warm up the rooms. Meanwhile, the gallery area offers a more colorful and whimsical environment.

  • Spaces – For a space that’s equally entrancing and refined, the esteemed Gallery can seat guests for a small ceremony or reception. Larger parties can fill up the industrial Grand Warehouse, with its 8,000 square feet and incredibly tall ceilings.

  • Capacity – Red Space has room for up to 400 seated guests and 700 standing guests.

The Club at Hillbrook

Take your guests on a luxurious retreat to this remote Ohio estate. The Club at Hillbrook feels like the setting for a fairytale, complete with lush gardens, gorgeous forest views, and cottage-like buildings. With its rural location, you get a wedding that’s both opulent and intimately romantic.

  • Price range – The Club at Hillbrook prices receptions by the person, depending on your requested services. However, ceremonies typically add on a $1,500 fee.

  • Services – Since it’s located far from a metropolis, The Club offers everything you might need for your wedding day. Reception packages include furniture, linens, lighting, staffing, and more.

  • Decor – The rustic, mossy exterior of The Club’s buildings give way to a grand interior, filled with warm light and glossy wood floors. Outside, the forest grounds are simple, yet well-kept, with charming touches such as stone pavilions and creek bridges.

  • Spaces – The Pavilion is the natural setting for most indoor receptions, with its refined elegance and dance-ready wood floors. Couples also have the option of an outdoor ceremony at the Tea House. The rustic stone patio and grassy surroundings make for a truly romantic forest setting.

  • Capacity – The Club at Hillhouse can take on 250 seated guests and 350 standing guests.

Agora Theatre and Ballroom

Theatre lovers, drama queens, and those with a taste for glamour—the Agora Theatre and Ballroom is calling your name. This neon-lit performance hall is a truly unique venue built for large celebrations, holding up to 2,000 guests. With plenty of separate spaces and built-in decor, the Agora will make you feel like the star of the show on your wedding day.

  • Price range – While prices vary, the Agora Theatre begins wedding rentals at $6,500.

  • Services – You’ll never run short on lights or audio equipment here. Other basic services, such as staffing and event coordination, are also included. While the Agora does have bar service, you’ll need to hire catering.

  • Decor – One word for the Agora Theatre and Ballroom is dramatic—this is a theatre, after all. Opulent pillars, velvet curtains, and plenty of spotlights create a truly remarkable aesthetic.

  • Spaces – Guests can mingle between floors or even step onstage in the Agora Theatre. This proscenium theatre has a main floor, balcony area, and old-fashioned opera boxes to hold hundreds upon hundreds of guests. Meanwhile, the sleeker Ballroom resembles a black box theatre, with overhead lighting and a built-in presentation platform.

  • Capacity – This space is built for a large and roaming wedding party, holding up to 2,000 standing guests (keep track of them all with Zola’s digital Guest List tool). For seated events, the Agora can host 350 guests

Book Your Ohio Wedding Venue (and More) at Zola

Across the entire state, Ohio has countless prime venues to offer its marrying couples. From the darkly romantic to the breezily bohemian, there’s a spot to capture everyone’s wedding dreams. And with Zola’s prescreened vendor database, it’s just a few clicks away.

Need help with the rest of your wedding checklist? Start with Zola’s Expert Wedding Advice for smart and easy tips to nail your big day. From engagement party invitation designs to formal dining etiquette, we’re here to make wedding planning as fun as the celebration.

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