Free Wedding SVG Files for the DIY Couple

Create your dream wedding day with these free wedding SVG bundles. Save time and money by printing your own custom wedding favors and decor.

"Just Married" printed on the back of a jean jacket with lace and florals.
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Wedding DIYs are an excellent way to save money, personalize your wedding, and really have a hands-on experience with your decor. You’ll definitely love the memories of crafting with your partner, pressing invitation seals with your wedding party, and hanging garlands with your mother. However, a DIY wedding can become too much to handle quickly.

If you’re looking for DIY ideas, wedding SVG files are the easiest way to get signs, gifts, and more wrapped up and ready for the party. You can also easily make favors, like cocktail jars, or even use preserved flowers for easy floral decor.

The trick to keeping your wedding DIY under control is to get an early start well before the ceremony and make sure you practice the craft before committing to it. Once you know what you’re planning to DIY, recruit a crew from your wedding party to help you get started! Then you can download and print our wedding SVG files for an easy check off of your DIY to-do list.

Wedding Ceremony SVG Files

Your ceremony is a special moment with your partner for you each to express your love and commitment with those most precious to you. It’s also your guests’ welcome to your wedding, so well-designed signage is a must.

Your welcome sign should be clear and prominently displayed, directing your guests towards the ceremony. Once there, you may want additional directions for an unplugged ceremony or seating instructions. Wedding SVGs can save you the cost of printing all new signs. Of course, you can also use your SVGs on banners, windows, or mirrors to better match your design.

Enjoy these ceremony designs:

  • Ring bearer sign
  • Welcome sign
  • Unplugged ceremony request
  • “Just married” sticker for your car, photo frame, and more
wedding-svg-for-the-diy-couple-mockup-1 (1)

download ceremony SVG files

Wedding Reception Designs

The reception is where the party really begins and where your wedding decor can truly shine. From a welcome table for best wishes and cards to your sweetheart table, consistent and simple signs will elevate the event without being too distracting.

Of course, not everything needs to go on a sign! Consider creating matching jackets to wear for your first dance or your grand exit. You can also print love quotes for your cake topper, attach them to vases for centerpieces, or print them as props for a DIY photo booth.

Our wedding reception SVG files include:

  • Request for well wishes and advice
  • Mix and match honorifics including “Mr.,” “Mrs.,” and “Mx.”
  • “Ever after” design for a cake topper or centerpiece
wedding-svg-for-the-diy-couple-mockup-2 (1)

download reception SVG files

SVG Files for Favors and Gifts

DIY favors and gifts for your wedding party are an easy way to cut costs and give your guests something special. SVG files make it simple to produce a lot of gifts quickly, but even a fun gift tag can make a present extra meaningful.

Popular gifts for your wedding party can include personalized tumblers, wine glasses, or getting ready robes. Your guests would also love a wine glass with a sweet saying, or you can gift candy bags, custom pots with succulents, or even decorative coasters.

These SVG wedding party titles and quotes are so simple, you can make a variety of gifts for guests to choose from. This bundle includes:

  • Wedding party titles for custom gifts
  • “Let love grow” and “Love is sweet” quotes for DIY favors and gift bags
wedding-svg-for-the-diy-couple-mockup-3 (1)

download gifts and favors SVG files

Tips and tricks for your wedding SVGs

If you’re new to DIYs or cut files, you may not know how easily you can create a variety of products and designs with SVG files. SVG files are vector images that you can process with cutting machines like the Cricut or Silhouette, and they can be used to cut several materials depending on your project needs. SVG Project Ideas Depending on your cutting machine, you can cut projects into everything from cardstock to leather. Vinyl stickers may be the easiest way to use your machine since they can be used to create signs, decorate mugs, or craft banners and garlands. Iron-on designs are also popular for customizing t-shirt, jackets, and bags.

If you’re working with a higher-end machine, you can make beautiful ornaments out of die-cast wood or leather easily. You can also punch out wood pieces to make custom puzzles, or emboss personalized leather keychains. The largest limit is your imagination!

5 Pro-tips to Get Started

If you’ve never used your cutting machine before, we have a few tips to help you create beautifully polished designs!

  1. Peel your mat away from your project to protect your design and prevent distortion.
  2. Keep a lint roller to feel away excess material from intricate designs and keep your workspace clean.
  3. Create your own images with free illustration tools like Inkscape.
  4. Use a heat guide to transfer iron-on projects to a variety of materials — even wood!
  5. Always run a test cut to make sure your project is polished and ready to cut.

Deciding to DIY your wedding can be a great way to save money and make memories with your loved ones. Just make sure you have a clear plan and enthusiastic volunteers before trying to hand-address all of your wedding invitations or design your own floral arrangements. There are always ways to work smarter with resources like free wedding SVG files and wedding websites.

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