Wedding Photobook Layout Ideas

These wedding photobook layout ideas will help you find a style you love that will tell the story of your wedding day in a special way.

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Wedding Photobook Layout
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You’re married—congratulations! Your wedding day was without a doubt significant and stunning and should live on in more than your memory. The big day deserves to be commemorated tangibly. Whether it took you a few months or a few years to create your wedding album, who cares. The important part is that you’re now taking the time to put your gorgeous wedding photos to use.

With so many options out there, it can be tough to narrow down which wedding photobook layout, style, design, and brand to choose from. Do you want something compact and cute with your very favorite images or something large and leatherbound that will fit every last photo? Will the wedding book live on your coffee table or the bookshelf in your bedroom? Do you have time to arrange each page or do you want someone else to take the wheel? How much money are you willing to spend on it? These are all important questions to answer before picking out your wedding photo book. Once you’ve answered them, you can scroll on to determine both how to create it and what it will look like.

How to Create Your Wedding Photobook

Before you go about creating your wedding photo album, you should explore all the options and decide which one is right for you. Each method requires a different amount of time and energy, so choose accordingly.

Work With Your Photographer

It’s common for photographers to offer a photo book as part of their wedding photography package, or at an additional cost. Note whether or not you already paid for this option, if you would like to add it on, or if you are going to embark on creating it on your own. Working with your professional photographer will likely require the least amount of time on your part, but the most amount of money. Ask to see examples of albums he or she has created in the past and how much of a say you have in the photo selection and layout of the album. If you love the aesthetic quality of the albums you see, have the funds, and want to leave the handiwork up to your professional photographer’s experienced hands, this could be the best option for you.

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Utilize a Digital Service

If you want more control over your wedding photobook layout, there are plenty of digital graphic design services that allow you to curate each page of your wedding album and customize everything from the cover color to the font, to the material. While a bit time consuming, the ability to bring your vision for your wedding album to life is easily achievable and affordable when using a specialty retailer online. Simply upload your photos, pick your album template, and begin telling the story of your wedding day in your way.

Go Old School

If you have a shelf full of uniform photo albums with plastic-covered pages and slots for photo prints, you may want the same for your wedding photo album. Just because there are plenty of cool digital photo album platforms to choose from, doesn’t mean you have to use them. You can order prints of your favorite photos from your special day and slide them into an old-school album. This may not give you the modern feel and sleek look of a digital book, but it will give you the flexibility to include a lot more photos and play with the layout, easily making changes as you go.

Wedding Photobook Layout Ideas

When it comes to selecting a wedding album template, there are so many styles to choose from. Scan the unique wedding albums of friends and family and scour the web to find what suits your fancy, or simply scroll through this list where we researched for you:

Panoramic Pages

If you have horizontal images from your special day that make you swoon every time you see them, you may want a layout that allows you to feature them in a way that causes every viewer’s jaw to drop. How will you achieve this, you ask? Combine a hardcover album that allows the book to lie flat with a layout that lets one page bleed into the next and you’ve got your answer. You don’t need to do this on every page, but instead, use this layout as a way to highlight a few of your favorite wedding memories throughout the photobook.

One Photo at a Time

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For the simplest wedding photobook layout that gives every photo the credit it deserves, places only one photo on each page. Just because you only have one photo per page, doesn’t mean every page will look the same. You can alter the size and orientation of each image to vary the layout throughout. Naturally, you’ll need to edit your image choices down to a conceivable number of pages, ideally 50 to 100. If you can do that, this layout is a great choice. It’s modern and minimalist and will be the least time-consuming to make.

Clean and Uniform

You can achieve a simple and uniform photo book with more photos per page as well. This is done best when you pair two vertical images side by side, two horizontal images on top of one another, or create a grid of four images per page. Pick the layout that works best with your wedding photos and apply it to every page for an easy and consistent book that fits double the photos of the “one photo at a time” option.


If you want to include your vows, significant scripture, or favorite love quotes within your album, a wedding photobook layout that allows for text will be best. You can intersperse it throughout with entire pages dedicated to text and/or simple captions below certain images. When using a romantic script or minimalist serif fonts, text can add even more personality to your photobook.


If creative layouts and lots of photos speak your language, you’ll want to utilize collages when you create wedding photo book pages. Feature detail shots such as tablescapes, jewelry, and decor on pages with multiple photos, and place your favorite portraits all by themselves to bring variation to the book while still being able to find a spot for every last photo. Keep in mind the size of the book you select—don’t try to cram too many images onto one page if the photobook is small.

How to Choose the Layout

Now that you know what wedding photobook layouts are out there, how do you pick the right one? Here are a few tips to help you choose the layout that’s right for you:

Look at Your Wedding Photos

Before getting your heart set on a certain layout, take a look back on your favorite photos from your wedding. By setting aside a folder of “favorites,” you will have a selection to easily upload or pick from when making your photo book, but you’ll also be able to determine what layout is right for you. Are your favorite photos mostly horizontal or vertical? Do you love the ceremony shots more than the reception shots? Do you want the photos to stand alone on each page or be grouped? Looking through your wedding photos is the best way to determine which layout is right for you and what style will feel the most personal.

Keep in mind, the more photos you choose, the more space in your layout you will need, which means you will likely spend more money and/or rule out the more minimalist layouts.

Tell the Story

Your wedding album should tell the story of your wedding day, and the way to do this most effectively is with a great layout. It should begin with getting ready and follow you and your partner throughout the day as if it were panning out in real life. If you have more photos you want to include from the ceremony than you do from the reception, you should make space for this earlier on in the layout by utilizing pages that feature multiple photos where you have more images, so you don’t use too many pages on one part of the day.

Just because a photo doesn’t fit in with the story of your photobook, doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. You can always order individual photos as prints or save them to your phone or desktop for your viewing pleasure—you don’t have to find a space for them in the photobook.

Select What Speaks to You

As you try to choose the right layout, consider which one will help you tell your story the best and help you feature your favorite moments. At the end of the day, though, this is your wedding album and it should look how you want it to. Choose the album style and layout that speak to you and will make you happy when you page through it for many, many years to come.

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