20 Wedding Invitation Ideas to Inspire Your Style

Hone your wedding invitation style with some design ideas and inspiration. Find out what elements, effects, or moods will set the tone for your wedding day.

By The Zola Team

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Sending your wedding invitations feels like a big check off the to-do list. Sealing each envelope, stamping your return address, and dropping the hearty stack in the mail are moments filled with relief and excitement.

Relief because you have finally finished the lengthy process of making your guest list; deciding on a wedding venue, time, and date; and committing to a theme (all steps that you need to take before you browse wedding invitation ideas). Excitement because you’re one step closer to the big day, and you can’t wait for all of your guests to receive their special mail.

When guests open your wedding invitation, what do you want them to feel? Elation, gratitude, and expectation come to mind, but what about the essence of your wedding do you want to get across? Is it a black tie affair or a garden fete? A beachside soiree or a retro celebration? Your invitation wording and the card itself can dictate the formality of your wedding, as well as ignite the feelings that you hope your guests will feel. Yes, your invitation can do all that.

This is why we’ve gathered some of the best wedding invitation ideas. These ideas will help you hone in on the style invitation that will say all the right things about your wedding. Hey, they may even inspire the entire theme of your wedding day. Scroll on to be enchanted by all the unique invitations available to you, and remember, your wedding day is all about you, so don’t settle for traditional if trendy is your style, or contemporary if you’re a vintage-lover at heart.

Floral Border

Floral wedding invitations are popular, and for good reason. They can be fun and colorful such as this one, soft and romantic, or bright and bold. If blooms speak to you, you’ll have no problem finding an invitation that fits your celebration. Opt for one with a floral border to put a fresh spin on the style.


Hand-drawn illustrations add a whimsical feel to any wedding invite, plus, they make it even more personal. An illustrator can create a sketch of you and your fiancé, of your wedding venue, or of a map of the location if you’re having a destination wedding. These fun details won’t be missed by your guest list.


Romantic can mean many things but when it comes to wedding invitations, paper, it means flowy ribbon, loopy fonts, rose gold wedding invitations, and raw edged paper. If you include all three of these elements, your invitations will undoubtedly feel romantic, no matter what hues you choose.


Are natural and organic your vibe? Are you getting married in a beautiful outdoor setting? If so, an invitation covered in faux foliage, such as this fresh and contemporary version, could be perfect for you.

Art Deco

If this immediately gives you Gatsby vibes, you’re not wrong. Art Deco wedding invitations are nostalgic, glamorous, and cool—just like Mr. Gatsby himself. They’re a great option for a New Year’s Eve wedding, an elegant ball, or a 1920s themed fete.

Wedding Invitation Ideas Photo Credit // Zola


Adding watercolor to your wedding invitations will give them a fun, creative touch. This look can be achieved in many ways; simple brushstrokes, watercolor designs such as florals, watercolor fonts, or detailed paintings. Whichever execution you choose, a pastel color scheme is key for watercolor save the dates and wedding invites.


Other wedding invitation ideas may come and go, but foil is here to stay. Add gilded edges to your paper, or embrace foil lettering on the invitations and/or the envelopes. Whether you choose silver, rose gold, copper, or gold, metallic foil will give your invitations a dressy, glamorous touch.


If you can’t settle on a wedding theme or don’t feel drawn to any certain wedding invitation, garner inspiration from the season. A winter wedding invitation such as this one could highlight icy blue hues and evergreen; a fall wedding invitation could highlight deep shades of orange and earth tones; and a holiday wedding could highlight red, green, or gold, and winter berries. Embracing the season will have your guests looking forward to that time of year and remind them of the coming celebration.


Letterpress isn’t as much a style as it is a technique, however letterpress wedding invitations do tend to feel more formal than others. Instead of the font and imagery being printed on the invitation with a traditional printer, they are pressed into the paper with a letterpress. Due to this, the invitation is usually much thicker, which contributes to that formal feeling. You can embrace the formality or add your own flair with color, which is evident on the invite seen here.

Allover Print

Prints are back. While minimalist wedding invitation ideas had their moment, now more is more. An all over print will make your invite stand out from the crowd and enable you to drive your theme home. Having a garden wedding? Embrace a pastel floral print such as this one. Heading to Palm Springs? Consider a colorful mod pattern to reflect the destination. The print you choose can just serve as the backdrop with a text box over it so that all the important details are legible.

Wedding Invitation Ideas Photo Credit // Zola


It’s typical to use a photo on your save-the-date, perhaps from your engagement photoshoot, but it’s totally allowed on your wedding invitation, too. If you want to show off another angle of you and your SO, add your favorite photo to the invite. Our advice? Choose a professional image to match the high-caliber quality of your invitation, and keep it classy.


You’re not limited to paper when it comes to your wedding invitation. Yes, you read that right. Let us introduce you to a few non-paper wedding invitation ideas: fabric, leather, and wood. Even if you do stick to traditional paper types for your invitation, there are plenty of ways to add interesting textures, a few of which you can see here: fabric coverings, rough edges, 3D cut-outs, embossing, etc.

Solid Color

A new way of doing the clean, minimal, modern look for your wedding invitation is to print it on one solid color. This is clean, yet fun, minimal, but not boring, and modern, yet timeless. Plus, it lets the text do the talking.


We love a good moody invitation. If your wedding color scheme features dark or muted hues, carry them through to the invite, too. It will be in a league of its own when hanging next to the other wedding invitations on your guest’s fridge.


There’s something about a tropical invitation that feels so happy. This is probably because it exudes feelings of a tropical vacation. If you’re getting married in a tropical destination or even just theming your wedding after one, a tropical invitation is a must. Think palm fronds, hibiscus flowers, shades of green and hot pink, pineapples...the list goes on.


If you’re getting married on top of a mountain, your wedding invitations should reflect that (this goes for any spectacular destination). Take full advantage of the grandeur of mountains, the beauty of trees, and the natural color palette at your disposal, and then incorporate it into one dreamy destination wedding invitation suite such as this one.


Nothing says opulence quite like gold. Dress up your wedding invitations, from the font to the envelope liner, with gold accents. Rimming the edges of the paper with this regal color is a unique and perfect finishing touch that will kick your invitations up a notch.


Preppy invitations are suitable for a variety of styles and settings from the South to the East, and from the seaside to an estate. You can execute a preppy invitation with playful colors, monograms, and classic structure as you can see here.


If you want your guests to know the desert is calling, go with this wedding invitation theme. There are a variety of ways to bring the desert to life on your invite, such as with earth tones or sunny hues, and cacti or sunset motifs.


Hand-painted invitations are innovative, fun, and one-of-a-kind. However, you will need to enlist the help of a professional to execute your vision. Before you book, be sure to review his or her portfolio to get ideas and ensure that their style is in line with your own. Since you’re creating a totally custom invitation, you can let your creativity fly.

Your wedding invitations are the first thing that your guests will see related to your wedding. Opening your invite is the first time they will get a glimpse into your wedding day, so you want it to make an impact. With so many talented designers and stationers creating beautiful invitations, there are plenty of amazing wedding invitation ideas to choose from. Embrace unique design, delivery, or decorations to truly make your invite stand out and kick off the countdown to the big day in style.

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