Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas Based on Your Love Language

Whether you’re engaged, married, or just want to show someone how much you love them in their language, here are some ideas to try this Valentine's Day.

By Alexis Ferguson

Valentine’s Day Gift and Date Ideas Based on Your Love Language
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This Valentine's Day we asked couples to share their love languages with us, and in return we'd share some gifts and dates to celebrate with their loved ones. Here are some of our favorites!

Physical Touch Date Ideas

Embrace all the possibilities with these 6 ways to share your love through physical touch.

#1 Try Body Painting

In the world of love, everyone’s an artist. What better way to express to your loved ones that they’re priceless than to make them into your very own work of art? Try out this activity on an old sheet at your place that you don’t mind getting body paint on (or another non-toxic water-soluble paint option).

#2 Give Each Other Massages

Is there anything more you need to offer? If your partners love language is physical touch, giving them a massage is the ultimate V-day date activity. Tie in a massage candle, chocolates, and champagne, and you’ll have them melting into the palm ofo your hands.

#3 Paint Together (With Only One Paintbrush)

Test your teamwork and spend the night creating your next art piece together. The only catch is, you have to both hold the paintbrush together to get it all done.

#4 Take a (Virtual) Dance Class

Move your bodies to the rhythm of your choice when you spend this Valentine’s day learning a new dance together. Sign up for any classes being taught virtually or locally, or look up a quick tutorial and show off your moves.

#5 Dress Each Other Up (or Down)

Try this date idea on for size: dig up your wedding outfits (dress, suit, smock, whatever) and reenact your first dance. Maybe this time you can show off a few extra tricks up your sleeve.

#6 Give Each Other Temporary Tattoos

Always loved the idea of a couple's tattoo, but neither of you is ready to get inked? Try testing out temporary tattoos on each other, from the stick-on ones that last a day to those that last for weeks. Use Valentine’s Day as the day you take time to pick out your favorite designs or try your hands at drawing each other’s on.

jonathan-borba-bE1Nx5RQLx8-unsplash Photo Credit // Jonathan Borba

Acts of Service Date Ideas

Kill ‘em with kindness using these 7 ideas that show how much you really care.

#1 Plan a Staycation

You don’t have to venture very far to make some more unforgettable memories together. This Valentine’s day you can plan a trip to the state next door, or even just visit an area of your city you’ve never been to and rent a place for the night.

#2 Clean Their Car

Nothing says “I love you” quite like that new car smell - or at least a new air freshener plashed on the dash with love. If your date is known for keeping everything but the kitchen sink in their bask seat, consider “running a quick errand” and getting their car cleaned for them this V-day.

#3 Hire a Babysitter

You probably really love your kids, but out of the 365 days they demand your full attention, there’s at least one day you deserve to turn the focus back on you two. HIre a babysitter this Valentine's Day and your partner will be more than grateful.

#4 Reorganize Their Closet (and Pick out Their Outfit for a Date)

Perfect date idea for the person who always says they have nothing to wear when you ask them out. Make a night out or organize each other's closets, and maybe discover some old outfits that unlock some memories of your time together.

#5 Make Their Favorite Meal

Try your hand at cooking their favorite dish, whether the recipe is yours, or a recreation of how their mom (and their mom’s mom) used to make it for them growing up.

#6 Host a DIY Spa Session

Bring out the DIY face masks, body scrubs, and essential oils. It’s time to bring the relaxation back into Valentine’s Day. Throw off the weight of expectations of grand gestures, and use the day to help each other unwind together.

#7 Build Them a Charcuterie Board

The great thing about Charcuterie Boards is they can be made up of virtually anything, as long as it’s edible. Fill yours with your partner's favorite food to show that you really do pay attention to them (sometimes).

pexels-photo-6578915 Photo Credit // Pexels

Quality Time Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day celebrations are always better together, so consider these 6 ways you could be spending time this holiday.

#1 Host a Baking Competition

If you’re a much bigger fan of homemade sweets than flowers and chocolates, throw this date idea into the mix. Perfect for if you two are foodies and always swear you can bake circles around the other, yet never had the chance to prove it.

#2 Take a Poetry Class

A couple that writes poems together,
Grows together
Take a poetry class this Valentine's day and it won't be long before you can truly count all the ways you love each other.

#3 Go to Your Local (Puppy) Cafe

What’s wrong with a little puppy love? V-day is as good as any to spend time together with man’s best friend. If you’re not so lucky as to have a local puppy or animal themes cafe nearby, try out a shop you haven’t been to before and order each other surprise drinks from the menu.

#4 Watch Valentine’s Day Comedy Show

Whether you love or hate the day, one thing’s for certain, we can all laugh about it. Check out your local comedy club, or pull up a set from your favorite comedian, and spend the day in love and laughter.

#5 Go on Relationship Tour

When’s the last time you two have been to the place your first met? Where you had your first date? Your first kiss? If it’s been a while consider planning a trip back down memory lane with a tour to all your first spots.

#6 Watch Romcoms (And Rate Them)

To all the romantic comedies we’ve watched before, Valentine’s Day is your day to shine. Choose either the movies you love or hat to watch together this day, and see how your story measured up to the Hollywood versions.

pexels-photo-6579013 Photo Credit // Pexels

Giving and Receiving Gifts Date Ideas

If they’ve got to see it to believe it, try getting your loved one of these 7 gift ideas this February.

#1 Buy and Taste-Test V-day Chocolates Together

There’s a lot of fun that can be had with that store-bought box of chocolates. Instead of taking one bite to find out what each piece tastes like, give the second half to your second half and make it a competition! Whoever guest the most flavors correctly wins a special surprise of your choosing.

#2 Make a Bucket List and Suprise Them With Their #1 Item

Whether it’s a list of your all-time favorite things or a list of your top 20 travel destinations, gift your partner the object of their dreams and you’ll win this Valentine’s day for sure.

#3 Try Out a New Subscription Box

Sign up this V-day for the gift that keeps on giving: subscription boxes! Try out food from around the world, books of the month, or a few trinkets that’ll add a little extra spice to your life (if you know what I mean).

#4 Make Them A Wedding Album (From Your POV)

You may already have a gorgeous wedding photo album that you had made or you made together, but use this day to tell your wedding story from your point of view. Throw in photos you took on your phone, plus any thoughts you had while you were waiting for the big reveal. Then gift it to your partner for the ultimate tearjerker.

#5 Go on a Shopping Spree!

Budget TBD (by you). If you’re a person who loves the experience of buying gifts for your SO, how about planning a shopping spree where you buy each other’s Valentine’s Day gifts in real-time. Perfect for the person who hates surprises but loves the gifts behind them.

#6 Make DIY Gifts Together

Giving gifts is not always about the price tag, it’s the thought that really counts. Try your hand at making some gifts together with items around your house, like a scrapbook, picture frame, or photo wall.

#7 Give Them Something Dear to Your Heart

Maybe it’s a high school jersey or piece of jewelry they know holds a special place in your heart. If gifts are your SO’s love language, then sharing something that holds a lot of meaning for you will trump anything you could buy them brand new.

devin-phaly-G8GyrGiUeVM-unsplash Photo Credit // Unsplash

Words of Affirmation Date Ideas

A picture’s worth a thousand words…but this bunch would much prefer the words. Here are 6 ideas for this love language.

#1 Write Sweet Notes Tied to Balloon Strings

Looking to create a scene straight out of a storybook? Plan this romantic gesture by writing down all your favorite memories together and tying them all to helium balloons in your home. That way you SO can reach up and pick those memories out one by one, and surely be left feeling like they’re floating on Cloud 9.

#2 Sing Love Songs to Each Other at Karaoke

Use this V-day to sing your heart out to the one you love. You can sing songs that remind you of your times together or just sappy love songs that are kinda cringy, but you love them anyway. The bottom line is you want to share those lyrics with the person who makes you feel like you understand what every love song is talking about.

#3 Write a Heartwarming Message with Pizza Toppings

The ultimate universal love language: pizza. You can’t go wrong with a good slice, even on Valentine’s day. Bake a homemade pizza topped with a special V-day message written out in sauce, cheese, pepperonis, whatever!

#4 Revisit Your First Date Spot and Reread your Vows

We know! A date idea that is as heartwarming as it sounds. A great idea for if you also happen to be celebrating your one-year (or any year) anniversary.

#5 Create Love Notes With Their Favorite Book

Buy a second copy of their favorite book first! Then take a pen, marker, or highlighter and find all the words, sentences, and phrases that describe how you feel about them.

#6 Create Compliment Jars For Each Other

Everyone could use a reminder of why they’re wonderful every now and then. How about you two spend this Valentine’s Day writing words of affirmation on scraps of paper and filling jars with them to gift each other. That way when you’re not close enough to say them, your loved one can pick some words from the jar that'll bring a smile to their face.

photo-1513279922550-250c2129b13a-unsplashPhoto Credit // Unsplash

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