Unique Hairstyles for a Boho Wedding

Boho wedding hairstyle trends range from loose waves to a variety of braids. Here are some stylist-approved ideas to help you decide which style works for you.

By Shameika Rhymes

Unique Hairstyles for a Boho Wedding
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The First Look ✨

  • Boho wedding hairstyle trends range from loose waves and messy buns, to updos and a variety of braids.
  • Finding the right hairstyle that fits your wedding theme may require some experimenting, but use accessories such as baby’s breath, flower crowns, and hair combs to make a statement.
  • Bohemian wedding hairstyles for men include dreadlocks, top knots, and coils.

Aside from the theme, location, dress, cake, and even the music, another important wedding to-do is determining hairstyles for your big day. And, for the bohemian wedding, couples often steer toward more creative wedding hairstyles, ranging from loose updos and waves to fishtail braids and even natural tresses. The style is one that screams unique, defines you and your honey as a couple, and can extend to your wedding party.

Starr Bradley, owner, and stylist at Cache’ Hair EFX in Johnson City, Tennessee says that styles have evolved over recent years for boho weddings. “Before people would wear their hair so stiff, so it wouldn’t go anywhere, but now people are moving away from that and getting into the flowy hair look because the imperfection of it is pretty and it doesn’t have to look so put together.”

Zola is here to help you determine which hairstyle is best for your big celebration. Boho hairstyles can be easily dressed up or down, depending upon your dress and your other boho wedding decor, with the simple addition of a hair accessory or a messy bun.

Here are some hairstylist approved ideas to help you decide which unique, boho style works for your wedding hair.

#1 Get Loose and Get Wavy

“Beach hair is pretty much what we've seen in the past at boho weddings, but voluminous curls are worn long give this trend a lift,” says Cosmetologist and Beauty Consultant Ghanima Abdullah at The Right Hair Styles. Bradley adds that while some clients she sees don’t want to put heat on their hair to achieve this romantic look, they will choose to wear their natural curl pattern to still get that boho look.

Abdullah suggests that if you’re a bride with naturally curly hair, there are other ways to achieve this bohemian hairstyle look. “First, apply a lightweight curl defining product while your hair is dripping wet. Use the plopping method to bring out the volume and bounce, and hold your head upside down and bunch your hair accordion-style into a T-shirt. Wrap the shirt around your head, and wait an hour before removing it and allow your beautiful curls to air dry the rest of the way,” explains Abdullah.

#2 Experiment With Braids

Some of the most unique styles for women in boho weddings include using braids to their advantage to achieve a variety of styles—from elegant braided updos and waterfall braids to even simple loose braids. Angelo David, an owner of Angelo David salon, says that he’s seeing a lot of boho styles that include several braided looks.

“Very trendy boho styles that are in right now for women are braided on braid down dos; layering different types of braids with different levels of tightness can create a very boho-chic look,” he says.

Cristina Boatman, stylist, and colorist at My Darling Ivy, says that it’s a simple process to get the tousled look by adding in braids.

“To achieve loose waves with a braid, you can simply curl your hair leaving the ends out, and shake it out afterward. Then, loosely braid the front sides of your hair. After you secure your braid with a hair tie, you can lightly pull the braid apart from the sides to give it a more disheveled look.”

#3 Pick Out Your Afro

For black brides and bridesmaids, another option is to take the natural hair a step further and blow out the hair into a large, shaped afro. Abdullah says that it adds a hint of boho elegance.

“Afros are best done on textured hair by using a blow dryer to thoroughly dry the hair, then picking it out into the desired shape and using hairspray to hold it in place. Lightly trim stray hairs to get the perfect shape.”

#4 Updo or Undo

Things have loosened up a bit with the classic wedding updo style for the ladies. It’s not as tight and structured, but instead, it has more of a soft look that might even come off as unkempt, yet whimsical.

Boatman says there’s a spin on the undone updo that you can try: “Braid the rest of the head in two [to] three sections, lightly pull braids apart and pin braids to the back of the head. Afterward, pull some pieces out around the face to create that softness.”

“Another very popular style is a loose bun with a braid of your choice weaved in or wrapped around the bun; this look gives you a very chic, but fun look,” says David.

“Add in wispy bangs for an even different look,” says Bradley.

#5 You’ve Got to Accessorize

Unique Hairstyles for a Boho Wedding -SR Photo Credit // Carina Photographics

From adding greenery to fabric, there’s plenty of ways to dress your hair to match your boho theme on your wedding day.

“I like to weave a couple of ribbons of lace through my braids or pin small flowers throughout the hair depending on the look we are going for. For an easier approach, you can simply add a bridal leaf hair clip or a dried flower comb to your style,” explains Boatman.

Abdullah says that beads can be added or threaded into all hair textures as an attention grabber. “Thread gold-colored beads, jewels, or pearls into your hair at random,” she says.

Who needs a tiara when you can adorn your head with a flower crown? “A flower crown is expected at a boho wedding, so instead stun everyone with a jeweled headband to make you look statuesque,” says Abdullah.

Bradley adds that using earth-toned flowers or even white baby’s breath flowers strategically throughout the hair, no matter the style, can make a statement.

“Flower crowns and fresh flowers are very in style right now for weddings, especially white baby breath flowers, because they create such a beautiful contrast in the hair,” adds David. Hair clips are another addition that can make your hair stand out.

“Yours can be white, cream, or decorated with a pearl. Use a combination of all three at set intervals along the hairline or place at least three in a row coming down from a side part,” suggests Abdullah.

#6 The Male Style

Unique Hairstyles for a Boho Wedding -SR Photo Credit // Nicole Kirshner Photography

We didn't forget the men, there are some popular trendy styles for the fellas in the wedding party.

“There are multiple different types of hairstyles this year for men on their wedding day, but the one I see most is a clean haircut with longer tousled hair on top. You can style it messier for the boho look, or keep it in place with more product,” says David.

Abdullah says that men with dreadlocks have some versatility. “Locked hair can be done with hair extensions on all hair types and at a chosen length. With loc extensions, you can get lots without growing out your hair for years.”

With lots, they can be worn in a fishtail type braid or even pulled up as a topknot or a low bun. Men with long hair can get a classic boho look with a ponytail.

“This classic, boho style for men gets unique when worn like a topknot. You probably don't want any spies escaping and hanging down, so grab a pair of clippers and fade the back and the sides so that it blends with the beard if you have one,” adds Abdullah.

Black men can also wear a style known as finger coils. “Coils carry off the boho look with style. You can add finger coils to the top of your hair, with the sides faded, or all over. These can be done on any length of textured hair that's between one inch and three,” says Abdullah.

She suggests starting with wet hair and then using a little gel with small sections to wind the hair around your fingers until it takes on the shape of a coil. After it’s done all over, let it dry and add a hat for good measure.

For more boho wedding ideas and hairstyle inspiration, Zola is here for you. For more tips on wedding planning, click here.

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