16 Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives

If flowers aren't your thing don’t worry, you can have your bridesmaids opt for something else equally meaningful and gorgeous.

By Anni Irish

Unique Bridesmaid Bouquet Alternatives
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The First Look ✨

  • Today there are a lot of options that exist when it comes to bridesmaid bouquets. If you're not someone who is really into flowers, picking an alternative may be the way to go.
  • Don't worry though, there are a lot of creative things you use that will add an element of design and uniqueness to each of your bridesmaids' looks.
  • Some great substitutes to flowers are a bridal clutch or bag, fans, parasols, and even a bouquet made of vintage jewelry!

Flowers and bouquets play a huge role in the décor for a wedding, as they add something special to your big day and can also help make your wedding party and the overall look of your big day stand out even more. However, flowers can be one of the biggest ticket items in any couple's wedding budget, and while flowers are a gorgeous touch, they aren't for everyone.

If you’re looking for some creative bouquet alternative options for your bridesmaids, there are a lot of options out there. Although some couples want to go the more traditional route when it comes to planning and the aesthetic of your wedding, there are ways that you can stand out and bring some creative flair to what your wedding party will carry when they walk down the aisle. If flowers aren't your thing don’t worry, you can have your bridesmaids opt for something else equally meaningful and gorgeous.

If Not Flowers, Then What?

Whatever your reason for opting out of florals, whether due to budget constraints, the environment, or something else, there are a lot of options that can showcase your style and also allow you to think outside of the box. There are lots of alternatives that the wedding party can carry that can be both meaningful and useful. Your bouquet alternatives can help bring another design element to the wedding, while also maintaining elements of the look you are after. For example, at a boho-chic wedding they may carry lush leafy greens, a vintage fan, or fashionable fur muffs—the more creative the better.

Here are 16 options that can help spark some inspiration, plus help give your bridesmaids something extra special to take down the aisle.

1. Balloons

Balloons can add a level of whimsy to any wedding. With various shapes, sizes, and colors, they can add a fun element to your wedding party and give your bridesmaids a fun, non-floral option. You can customize them by incorporating you and your partner's initials on them, having them designed in the shape of something else, and picking out colors that match your wedding theme.

If you choose to go this route, be sure to check the forecast to ensure that they don't blow away. Also, plan ahead to have extra balloons and helium on site just in case. Balloons can add a unique element to any wedding.

2. Vintage Jewelry Bouquets

Another really unique and crafty option is creating bouquets from vintage jewelry. This can be sourced from your own collection, as well as your wedding party. This can also be really fun to shop for, and you can draw inspiration for these handmade bouquets from everywhere.

Whether you’re scouring flea markets, online marketplaces, vintage and thrift shops, and more, the sky's the limit where you can find vintage jewelry to make a bouquet with. It can be a combination of pieces that you buy and pieces that you already have, and the process of creating them can be a fun activity that the wedding party can do together. And, the best thing is that they will last through the years.

3. Lanterns

This alternative option doesn't just have to be a decoration. By having your wedding party carry lanterns down the aisle, you add a romantic element to any wedding. Depending on the time of day, they can also serve a useful purpose, especially if it's an evening wedding, as they can provide a source of light and also add charm to some gorgeous photo ops. Lanterns can also be filled with a variety of items, such as special items that have meaning for you, leafy greens, candles, and more. They can be used again either as décor for the wedding or simply a keepsake for your bridesmaids.

4. Fur or Faux-Fur Muffs

Fur muffs are one item that can serve multiple purposes. If you’re having a fall or winter wedding, these muffs can add a glamorous element to your bridesmaids' look, but also help keep them warm during an outdoor photo session or even if the wedding is outside. There are so many color and texture options to choose from, and you can also go the faux-fur route too. Additionally, looking for vintage muffs can add another elegant, understated detail to this fun, non-floral bouquet option.

5. Bridal Clutch

A clutch or purse is necessary for any event, so having your bridesmaids use ones that can serve as a statement piece and also be a handy item can kill two birds with one stone. A clutch is generally a smaller purse that you can fit your essentials in, and on your big day, having a bag that you can keep track of is key.

There are lots of gorgeous clutch options to choose from, such as vintage romantic beaded ones, or perhaps a longer design that features an intricate pattern or solid colors. Depending on your wedding theme and color palette, you could also opt to have your bridesmaids show some individuality with what clutch they choose to use.

6. Feather Bouquets

This is a bouquet alternative that definitely commands attention. Feathers are certainly unexpected, so get ready for a bold look if you choose to have these. They will add a lot of flair and texture to your bouquets, and they come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. You can create a rustic look using certain kinds of plumage with designs like ostrich, or go for something more soft by using smaller, fluffier ones, which can result in a more romantic feel. Using other options such as peacock can give a more dramatic look with a touch of color for your bridesmaids.

7. Fans

With so many color choices, shapes, and materials, fans are another great bouquet alternative. Fans also serve a very functional purpose, and depending on the time of year that your wedding is, they can help to keep your wedding party comfortable and cool. They also add a fun and flirty element with all of the different designs currently available. There are a lot of ways to incorporate your wedding look into this option, too.

8. Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands are another unexpected and creative alternative to flowers that your bridesmaids can carry. They are fun and can easily be made or bought. They are incredibly versatile and there are a lot of different kinds of looks that you can achieve with the type of ribbon, color, and texture you are after. Plus, there are a lot of options that you can choose to achieve the perfect wand, such as wrapping a ribbon around the staff to give the wand another beautiful detail.

9. Paper or Silk Flowers

While live flowers aren't for everyone, and can be an expensive item for a wedding, paper or silk flowers can offer a really gorgeous look (and you don't have to break the bank to get it). There are many places where you can purchase both options, such as a craft store or Etsy. This means that you have a ton of options to choose from when it comes to the designs, colors, and textures.

You can really show your creativity here, and if you choose to source them yourself, putting the arrangements together can also be another way to bring in another side of you for your big day. Paper flowers are really having a moment right now, and there is so much that you can do with them. With so much versatility, and because this option can last for years, what's not to love?


When it comes to wedding bouquet alternatives, parasols are one that will definitely be a conversation piece, as they can add a luxurious touch to any bridesmaid's look. With a plethora of designs, colors, and materials, they can be used as a wonderful prop for photographs, as well as help keep the sun off. This option can be really useful on a hot summer day, while adding a little flair.

11. Statement Corsages

When it comes to using flowers, corsages are another creative way to go. There are many gorgeous designs to choose from, and this is another great hands-free option. They can be worn around the wrist or even pinned to a dress, making them easy to wear, and you don't have to worry about the corsage getting in the way.

12. Flower Crowns

Who doesn't love a crown? Flower crowns have been quite the rage at a variety of social events for the last few years. Depending on the kind of wedding you have in mind, they can add a whimsical and classic look, or even be boho chic or more understated. They can translate to any time of year, are fun and easy to wear, and can make your bridesmaids feel extremely special. While fresh florals are often used with these crown designs, having them made with just greens, or slick or paper flowers is also an option.

13. Floral Necklaces

You've heard of flower crowns, well floral necklaces are sure to be the next big thing. There are a lot of ways to approach these gorgeous necklaces, and they are extremely versatile, as they can easily fit any wedding theme or color scheme. You can use really bold and bright florals or smaller, more understated ones. They are easy to wear and will help bridesmaids be hands free, as they won't have to carry a bouquet.

Using fresh flowers is a gorgeous touch, but, depending on the kind of flower and size, it can get a bit pricey. However, if you’re conscious of your budget, using non-floral options can also help cut costs, while still giving you a beautiful, modern look.

14. Books

For the couples who are huge readers and just general book lovers, this is a great option. You and your partner can pick books that are meaningful to you, and then have the wedding party carry them. There are also gorgeous leather-bound books and others with decorative covers that offer something different. The books you choose could also serve a function, as they could be ones that are incorporated into your ceremony readings or they can serve as decoration.

15. Leafy Greens

If you’re into going the more traditional route, and don't want to stray too far from the floral bouquet path, a foliage arrangement is for you. This can add a lush elegant touch to any wedding, while also having something unexpected too.

This is a very affordable option and there are lots of ways to get creative with the kinds of greens your bridesmaids can carry down the aisle. Options such as ferns, eucalyptus, palms, and other leafy greens can serve as a pop of color and focal point of the bouquets. It’s a new take on floral bouquets, and it will look fresh and amazing no matter which season your wedding is in.

16. Wreaths

This can be a really unexpected and beautiful decoration that your wedding party can carry down the aisle. Wreaths can be made from a variety of materials, both organic and synthetic, and there are a lot of creative directions to go with them. If you want to incorporate a floral element into it you can, if not there are lots of other options.

You can choose to purchase premade ones, have custom-designed wreaths specifically made for the wedding, or you can go the DIY route and make them yourself. If you choose to make them, this can also be a really fun activity that you and your bridesmaids can do together. Plus, after they are used in the ceremony, they can also add another decorative element to your reception, as well as be preserved for decorative use long after your big day.

There are so many ways to approach wedding bouquets. Ultimately, you want to decide on something that showcases you and your partner's taste and is adding to you and your wedding party's look in some way. Be creative, choose something that makes you happy, and remember that every wedding is unique and special.

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