3 Thank You Note Templates to Make Things Quick and Easy

We share three Thank You note templates to help you show your appreciation in your own unique way.

By Ruksana Hussain

Three Best Thank You Note Templates
Photo by Zola

Writing and sending thank you notes after your wedding is a wonderful experience for the new couple to partake in together. We're making it easy for with three different templates to take some of the work out of writing all those thank yous. Consider these thank you note formats for your wedding day, and play around with some of the ideas here to land on your unique style.

For a Fun and Casual Thank You Note

  1. Begin with a friendly greeting, it could be addressing the guest by their nickname or the entire family.
  2. Thank them for attending the wedding in simple terms.
  3. Thank them for the wedding gift they got you and explain why.
  4. Close with an equally friendly ending.

Hello Jetsons,

We were so happy to see you at our wedding, and hope that you had the best time.

Thank you so much for the lovely coffee machine. It will be a fantastic addition to our kitchen and our morning routines.

Hope to see you again soon, and thank you!

For a Formal Thank You Note

  1. Begin with a greeting that addresses the guests formally.
  2. Follow up with a cordial note of appreciation.
  3. Share your gratitude for their gift, and add a line or two on why it’s special.
  4. Sign-off on a formal note.

Dear Smith family,

We are delighted that you took the time to be part of our special day.

Please accept our gratitude for the lovely dinnerware that you gifted us on the occasion. We'll remember your thoughtful gesture every time every time we host family and friends now.

Thank you again, and much love.

For a Sentimental Thank You Note

  1. Begin with a heartfelt greeting.
  2. Share your appreciation wholeheartedly.
  3. Express your gratitude for their gift.
  4. Wrap up the note with terms of endearment.

To the best cousin in the whole world,

Words cannot describe how much it means to me that you were such an integral part of our wedding, despite your current work schedule.

I’ve always known that we would be the best of friends, and you’ve only proven the point further by gifting the lovely book of memories from our childhood together. It’s a gift that I will share with my new family on many occasions.

I hope to see you again soon, and please do come spend time with us here in Florida!

Thank you notes may feel like a chore to many and/or are looked upon as a part of wedding etiquette to put off for much later, but they can be a great walk down memory lane.

Pro Tip: Zola's Thank You Note Generator will take all the work out of writing those thank yous. You can type unique messages for each guest or try suggested notes and we'll print them in a beautiful font inside your cards.

With those fabulous memories in mind, put pen to paper, and you will find the right words to express how you feel.

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