Should You Make a Vow Renewal Website?

Don’t know if you should make a vow renewal website? Learn about the benefits with this complete guide.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Vow Renewal Wedding Website
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In the past decade, wedding websites have quickly become the new norm. You can track RSVPs, link your wedding registry, share accommodation recommendations, and more. They’re the easiest way to update your attendees while keeping all your event info in one space. What could be more appealing than that?

So when it comes to vow renewal ceremonies—personal events that require a good amount of planning and coordination—you may ask: Should I create a vow renewal website?

If you’re planning a vow renewal ceremony and are trying to decide if a website is worth the effort, we’ve put together a few pros and cons for every couple to consider for their big day.

A Website Is Probably a Good Idea If...

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Going Digital Is More Convenient

Like many people nowadays, having everything in a single spot online helps reduce a lot of stress and keeps things organized in a way that pen and paper never could. Important points like directions to the wedding venue, parking instructions, nearby accommodations, and guest list management are all much easier to handle when they’re online and automated. You’re going to be caught up planning the event itself (and writing your vows), so a website gives you one less thing to worry about.

Your Guest List Is Fairly Large

Gone are the days when tracking RSVPs on an excel sheet was the quickest, most efficient method. Websites are a no-brainer if you’re dealing with a daunting guest list, as you’ll be able to simply upload the list and automate the RSVP collection process. This also prevents you from fielding a ridiculous number of questions from your loved ones who may have missed the fine print. It’s a win-win for family, friends, and the couple.

Some Details Are Subject to Change

Let’s not forget the elephant in the room: With COVID-19 still posing a real issue to those planning events, a website can be a great way to keep guests informed of any potential changes or details that remain uncertain. Maybe you decided to move the event outdoors or shrink the number of attendees to fit with social distancing guidelines in your area. If you find yourself fielding COVID-related questions from attendees, you can simply direct them to your website instead of feeling the need to respond to every single one before your big day.

You Want to Share Photos and Memories

There have likely been many sweet moments and stories since your wedding that you’re dying to share with your friends and family. Just like you might include your love story on a wedding website, sharing some of your most nostalgic photos and memories on a vow renewal website can give your guests a better feel of what the day is going to encompass. It’s also a great opportunity to infuse a little bit of personality and humor before your vows ceremony takes place. Have fun with it!

You’re Having a Destination Vow Renewal

Having any type of destination event is always going to pose more complex considerations than one close to home. Since most of your guests will likely be coming from out of town—and you probably don’t want to include every detail on the invitation—creating a website is a good bet. This means you can put information on places to stay, how to get there, and local restaurants and nearby activities all in one place, just as you would for a destination wedding.

However, a Website Might Not Be Worth It If:

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Your Attendee List Is Extremely Small

If you’re only inviting a handful of your closest friends and family, a vow renewal website might feel a little excessive (or more work than it’s worth). Consider sending out a more detailed invitation and simply providing the occasional email update if necessary. It’s also worth considering the demographic of your attendees, as those under 30 may find a website more helpful than those over 60 who are likely used to more traditional communication methods.

Digital Just Isn’t for You

Let’s be real: Some of us are more tech-savvy than others, and not all people like having everything exist online. If you’re the more traditional type, then foldable invitations with maps, detailed instructions, and RSVPs might feel more genuine than a website. As long as you have the time and financial means, there are still many options for getting information across.

As you can see, creating a vow renewal website is great for staying organized with planning your special day. If you're thinking about putting together a grand celebration with all your friends and family, creating a wedding website may be the best option for you.

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