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Putting Together a Sunflower Wedding: Where to Start

A sunflower themed wedding can be simple to plan and reap stunning results. Follow these steps to achieve a sunflower wedding that lives up to its bright and beautiful inspiration.

By The Zola Team

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The First Look ✨

  • The best months to plan a sunflower themed wedding are July-September, so if you're set on sunflowers, set your wedding date accordingly.
  • The perfect sunflower wedding starts with the right florist. Florists can help you with flower pairings and designs to ensure your vision comes to life.
  • Commitment is the name of the game when it comes to themed weddings. Find places to add sunflowers throughout your entire wedding experience, like your invites, accessories, of wedding favors.

Sunflowers radiate positivity, brightness, and beauty. Perhaps it’s because they symbolize loyalty, adoration, bounty, and even good luck. As such, it’s no surprise that so many couples select these vibrant blooms for their wedding day.

If this flower is on your own short list, there are a few things to consider to ensure it’s highlighted in all the right ways and doesn’t overshadow the most important elements of the wedding day. Follow these steps from start to finish to achieve a sunflower wedding that lives up to its bright and beautiful inspiration.

Work With a Florist

It’s always a good idea to work with a florist, but if your wedding theme revolves around a particular type of flower, it’s especially necessary. A florist will know everything there is to know about using sunflowers at your wedding, from what to pair them with to how they will hold up throughout the event. He or she will also be able to help you bring your vision to life with personalized mock-ups of potential designs and give you plenty of ideas on how else to incorporate the flower into your wedding decor. Plus, thanks to their trained eye and supplier relationships, they will be able to pluck the best flowers from the bunch.

Sync Up With the Season

It’s always important to use florals that are in season when you get married, because they will be more readily available and more affordable. Additionally, certain wedding flowers speak to certain seasons and set the tone.

Sunflowers typically bloom into early fall, but the best months to plan a sunflower-themed wedding are from July through September. Set your date accordingly, so you don’t experience a shortage of blooms when the big day rolls around.

Consider Complementary Colors

Sunflowers are a bright, bold shade of yellow that pairs beautifully with some colors and clashes with others. Play with different color palette options to see what strikes your personal fancy. You could keep the rest of your florals and decor neutral to truly see the sunny flower pop, or balance the yellow shade with a cool hue of baby blue. If you’re not one to shy away from color, consider a warm color combination of pinks, reds, and yellows. And if your wedding falls towards the end of Sunflower season, consider autumnal shades of burnt orange and burgundy.

Putting Together a Sunflower Wedding: Where to Start Photo Credit // Floral Images

Find a Field

Take this theme home by finding a sunflower field for your engagement session. The golden glow of the photos taken at this picturesque setting will be everything you wanted and more, especially at sunset. By taking advantage of a sunflower field for your engagement photos, you will be able to use the photos for your wedding website, save-the-date, and guest book, in addition to printing them for your own use at home.

Choose a Theme

As we mentioned earlier, the sunflower can help you choose your color palette, but you also need to decide on the overall feeling you want your wedding to emulate. Do you envision an outdoor or indoor setting? Do you prefer rustic decor or classic? By deciding on a theme, you give direction to the way your sunflower floral arrangements will be designed, the linens they will be set on, and the decorations that will accompany them. Wedding themes tie everything together in a pretty package and keeps everyone—you, your mom, your florist—on the same page.

Include Sunflowers on the Invites

Set a sunny tone from the start by featuring sunflowers prominently on your wedding invitation suite. As far as style is concerned, there are plenty of options to choose from—rustic and country, artistic and bohemian, or modern and clean. Whether they are yellow or white, big or small, illustrated or pressed, the blooms will surely brighten your guest’s day.

If you fall in love with a particular sunflower rendition, continue to use it on all of your paper goods moving forward such as place cards, signage, and thank you notes.

Feature a Sunflower Ceremony Arch

The ceremony arch is the bee’s knees of wedding decor. It’s front and center at the wedding ceremony and frames the couple, so naturally, everyone will be looking at it. This is the time for your chosen flower to have its moment. Adorn the floral wedding arch in fresh sunflowers, but be tasteful about it.

Because the sunflower is such a bold bloom, you’ll want to break it up with other fresh flowers, as well as greenery for a look that stands out without detracting from the real stars of the show: you and your soon-to-be spouse. If you want to use sunflowers and only sunflowers, consider an asymmetrical design with an arrangement in one corner of the arch, as opposed to all across it.

All About the Wedding Bouquet

A bridal bouquet featuring fresh sunflowers is as eye-catching as they come. Pair them with daisies, greenery, and other wildflowers for a whimsical feel, or with roses for a more elegant representation. For a desert fete, let succulents fill the space between sunflowers. Or, if you’re going for a more vintage vibe, use baby’s breath.

Whatever complementary blooms you choose, the bright yellow hue is sure to pop against a white dress and will add a vibrant, sunny glow to your look.

Settle on Centerpieces

Being the bold, beautiful flower it is, a sunflower always takes center stage. You can choose to play off its nature with big, bold centerpieces that are full and lush, or let it stand alone by sprinkling bud vases up and down each table. Either way, the flower will add plenty of color and texture to your reception.

When considering what the centerpieces should sit in, refer back to your theme. If you’ve decided on a glamorous theme, opt for gold or copper vases and highlight the flower with candlelight. If you chose a rustic atmosphere, consider wood or milk glass vases, and complement the natural beauty of the flower with wooden chargers for a complete tabletop setup that shines.


Don’t overlook including sunflowers as part of your wedding day attire. The sunflower is the perfect bloom for both a flower crown and a boutonniere. For the boutonnieres, opt for the smaller varietal, so as not to overwhelm the lapel. Include the rest of the wedding party by having bridesmaids carry one single sunflower or don sunflower crowns. The smaller buds also work best on a flower crown, but don’t be shy about going big and bold if it speaks to your style. String the blooms together and wear the crown just during the wedding ceremony or reception, or keep it on all night.

Putting Together a Sunflower Wedding: Where to Start Photo Credit // Forte

Top Off the Cake

Flowers make the perfect wedding cake topper, especially if your theme revolves around them. Top off the wedding cake with a single sunflower or go bold with a cluster. Vanilla or chocolate, it doesn’t matter, this bloom will look good on just about anything. Not serving cake? No problem. Serving sunflower cupcakes and cookies is another cute way to sweeten the night.


If you really want to send guests home on a sweet note, do so with a thoughtful favor that’s true to the theme: a packet of sunflower seeds to plant at home. As their gardens grow, they’ll remember your wedding day fondly and appreciate the glow the fresh flowers bring to their homes.

If you didn’t think your favorite flower could become your wedding theme, think again. When you thoughtfully approach a sunflower wedding theme, it can reap a beautiful harvest that will brighten everyone’s day. We hope these sunflower wedding ideas inspire you to incorporate summer’s favorite flower into your big day in both big and small ways.

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