Our Favorite Fall Wedding Favors

There’s a lot to love about autumn. Here are some fall favors your guests will enjoy while embracing the change of the seasons.

By Maggy Lehmicke

Fall Wedding Favors
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

  • If you’re worried about your guests keeping warm, consider a cozy gift like slipper socks or a blanket.
  • Handmade candles are a great option for the DIY crowd while engraved wine corks are fun if you're not looking to get too crafty.
  • Plants are trendier than ever, so sending your guests home with an evergreen sapling is one way to make a statement.

There’s a lot to look forward to in autumn, from the changing leaves to steaming cups of hot cocoa...and, of course, late-season weddings! If you’re planning to give out party favors on your big day, this means you’re also likely to be overwhelmed with the selection of seasonal options (hello, cider donuts!). Whether you’re having a laid-back, backyard ceremony or an upscale, vineyard soiree, below are some of our top favorite picks for fall wedding favor ideas.

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Rkhimages

Maple Syrup

The ultimate feel-good favor, a bottle of maple syrup is a gift for your guests that you know will be used. Consider buying bottles in bulk or take a chance at making your own and fill up a cute mason jar or glasses tied with ribbon. You can’t go wrong with some classic, Vermont maple syrup, though you’re likely to find some local farms near you who might be able to offer you some good deals (and you get to feel good about shopping local).

Engraved Wine Corks

If you’re getting married on a vineyard (or - let’s be honest - just love wine), an engraved cork is a favor your guests will surely appreciate that is also a great way to commemorate your special day. Whether you’re hoping to include a custom logo, your initials, or even just the wedding date, there are plenty of customized options available. If engraving is out of the question, consider hand painting the corks yourselves. Wine glasses and bottle openers also make great alternatives!


For the down-to-earth types, sending your guests home with a living plant is always a fun option. Pine or spruce saplings in small, potted containers are great options for cooler climates, while olive trees are great for warmer, Mediterranean weather. You can find them on Etsy or places like The Greenworld Project, though visiting a local nursery and asking what’s available is a good option as well. Just make sure you’re able to keep them in a cool, controlled environment until your guests are ready to take them home.

Slipper Socks

Okay, hear us out. We know finding slippers in your stocking may not be your favorite holiday past time, but after several hours of wearing fancy shoes, your guests will much appreciate the plush respite for their sore feet. Just like flip flops in the summer, consider having a basket of cozy socks available for guests to grab as they exit (or parked by a fire pit if you’re encouraging them to sit back and relax before the night is over). If you’re entertaining a smaller crowd or have a healthy budget, actual slippers are another option that you know your guests will use and enjoy.

Handmade Candles

Our Favorite Fall Wedding Favors Photo Credit // KassiReese Photography

Whether you have them professionally made and simply customize the label or choose to go the DIY route, handmade candles are the perfect, cozy favor for colder seasons. Not only can you personalize the scent to fit the vibe of your big day, but you also can rest assured knowing it’s something your guests will use. Consider scents like pumpkin spice or chai if you’re having an October wedding. For earthier notes, blackberry, sandalwood, and fresh sage are also great for wedding ideas for fall.

Coffee or Tea

For coffee fiends, a bag of beans with a custom label is a super fun favor to offer your guests. If you want to go all out, a local roaster might even be willing to make a special blend for your big day. However, if you’re more of a tea maven than a coffee connoisseur, jars or test tubes full of tea leaves make a great wedding favor, especially when paired with a dainty infuser or personalized label. Hot cocoa is another fun option, particularly for the caffeine-free crowd.

Throw Blankets

If you’ve got the budget (or a smaller guest list), throw blankets not only make a great ceremony accessory but can double as perfect fall themed wedding favors that guests will cherish for years to come. Consider providing them in a cute basket by the entrance or draping them over the chairs to boost your decor. Fleece throws in a neutral color are a great choice, though you can always adopt a color or print that goes with your theme, such as tartan plaid for a Scottish-inspired affair. If you want to go all out, you can even have the blankets monogrammed with your wedding date or initials.


Wedding favors are true tokens of appreciation, so what’s most important is choosing something that feels authentic to you and your partner. Whiskey connoisseurs? Pass out small bottles of bourbon. Love to cook? Then consider a cute, DIY package with one of your favorite recipes. Your options are endless and the beauty of the fall season is just a bonus!

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