Nautical Themed Wedding Favors

For beachy or seaside weddings, consider nautical-themed wedding favors for your guests to remember your special day.

By Rachel Varina

Nautical Themed Wedding Favors
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If you’re having a beachy, ocean, or seaside wedding and are in search of nautical wedding favors, you’re probably trying to figure out where to start. Luckily, there are plenty of fun, cost-effective favors that your guests will love. From flip flops to homemade hooch, we’re outlining our favorites that your friends will be excited to take home after the cake is cut.

Bottle Openers or Wine Stoppers

One of the best wedding favors to hand out to your couples are items that they’ll actually use post wedding day. A bottle opener or wine stoppers are both smart choices that not only can tie easily into any theme, but will be something that your friends will be excited to take home after the festivities. Opt for an anchor or shell-shaped stopper, and consider wrapping a ribbon in your wedding colors around the favor to pull it all together.

Flip Flops

If your wedding is taking place in the sand, flip flops are a nautical wedding favor idea that your guests will really appreciate day-of. Not only will this let those with heels walk safely on the beach, but anyone in dress shoes will love the option of being able to kick off their Oxfords and wiggle their toes in the sand at your beach wedding.

Nautical-Shaped Soap

Fancy hand soaps are always a fun favor because not only will everyone use them, but it’s something that your guests probably aren’t buying for themselves. Put the soap in a small cellophane or personalized bag and place it at each seat with a name card to double as both table decor and a place setting. Seashells, anchors, and starfish in your wedding colors are cute ways to create a cohesive theme.

Candles or Lanterns

When people think of “nautical,” visions of lighthouses and lanterns usually flash in their heads. Why not utilize the concept as both a favor and a decoration? Consider placing a small lantern at each seat to not only light the way for guests, but fill up table space, too. If you’d prefer something smaller, a personalized candle in an ocean or beachy scent will allow your guests to remember your special day every time that they light it post-wedding.

Nautical Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Weddings by Cheyenne

Nautical Rope

Nautical rope is one of the few favors that only works for beach, ocean, or nautical-themed weddings, which is what makes it so special. The rope is a crucial component to a ship, since it’s what docks and anchors it, which is the perfect, symbolic element to include in your big day (bonus points if you have a hand-fastening ceremony). A nautical rope ball with a name card at each place setting is a simple, yet memorable favor that your guests will cherish.

Customized Koozies

There’s a good reason why koozies are such a popular wedding favor: they’re functional, cost effective, highly personalizable, and guests love them. Place them by the bar or at your guests’ place settings, so that they know to use them. Not only can you order them in your wedding colors and add your names, wedding date, and/or location of the wedding, but there are so many fun sayings that you can include, too.

Sand from Your Travels

If you’re getting married on the beach, in a beach town, or you’re from a coastal city, including sand from the shores is a nostalgic and sweet way to pay homage to the day or your roots. All you need are some small, glass jars, the sand to fill in them, and a ribbon in your wedding colors to tie around the cork and pull it all together. To take it a step further, if you and your SO are known for your travels (and plan ahead), consider filling a few vials up at each stop and labeling them as a sentimental way to tie your wedding into your journeys.

Messages in Bottles

If you’re not a fan of putting sand in the bottles, there’s another nautical way to use glass jars as wedding favors. As a nod to old ocean romance, consider putting small messages in bottles for your guests. These can say anything from your favorite love quote to “thanks” for coming to celebrate the special occasion. Place them around the venue or at each place setting to utilize them as an added touch of nautical decor for your big day.

Nautical Themed Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Weddings by Cheyenne

Homemade Hooch

Few things are more nautical than homemade hooch, just like the pirates used to drink. Whether it’s a mixed rum drink or something tropical, whipping up batches of a cocktail and gifting it to your guests is a fun way to add in a party vibe, and it can also be DIY. Make sure to only pass the favors out to guests over the age of 21, and consider including recipe cards so that guests can make your homemade cocktail at home after the day is done.

Whether you opt for flip flops or koozies, hooch or bottle openers, there are plenty of options by way of nautical wedding favors. As long as it fits your budget and makes you happy, you can be sure that your guests will appreciate the token.

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