8 Reasons You Should Join a Wedding Planning Community

Finding a wedding planning community can be a fun and helpful way to avoid the stress of planning a huge event on your own.

By Jennifer Prince

Join a Wedding Planning Community
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  • Check out Zola’s Facebook community! Connect with folks who are also going through the wedding planning process.
  • Zola’s wedding planning community also has in-house experts to help with your wedding planning needs.

Weddings are the start of joining together. Of course, that includes you and your significant other as you make a lifelong commitment to each other in front of loved ones. You’ll also be making memories with your wedding party, friends, and family as you celebrate before the big day at your wedding shower, bachelorette, and other significant events.

When it comes to planning your wedding, your family, friends, and partner may not be able to provide help, no matter how much they want to do so. However, Zola has created a wedding planning community of folks just like you who are currently organizing their weddings. Here are ten reasons for you to join Zola’s wedding planning community.

Why You Should Join Zola’s Wedding Planning Community

1. Get advice from other soon-to-be-weds.

No one understands the wedding planning process like others who are going through it now, so find camaraderie in others. Our community shares tips, gives advice, and acts as a sounding board along the way. You can find new friends, vent to those who understand, or get great ideas by joining Zola’s Facebook community.

2. Get assistance from in-house wedding experts.

Not only can you connect with other couples during the planning process, but you can get in touch with Zola Advisors — our in-house experts — to answer your questions with the click of a button. From curating your wedding timeline to etiquette questions, our experts will guide you in a timely fashion.

3. Come up with a creative wedding hashtag.

Most of your guests will attend with smartphones in hand, which means they’ll probably be posting on social media. Asking them to use a hashtag will help you see your wedding from your guests’ point of view. However, that presents a problem: finding a creative hashtag. There are many clever folks on Zola, so ask for hashtag help! Your guests will never know how you came up with such a great one.

4. Seek opinions from other engaged couples.

If you can’t decide on a final color palette or need vegan options at your reception, ask the community! Instead of scouring the internet to research from the ground up, post questions within the community. Then, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel because the chances are that someone else has already found a solution.

5. Read and give advice.

Whether you discovered a fantastic timesaver or saw a bridesmaids’ dress sale, you can share it. New information is posted every day, so check back often.

6. Share excitement for your pre-wedding events.

There’s room in the Zola community for more than just day-of wedding advice. Zola and the community’s got your back every step of the wedding planning journey, including when you’re planning your wedding showers.

7. Learn how to use Zola.

From curating your wedding website to finding invitations and beyond — think registries and expert advice — Zola offers a lot to the couple getting married. Using our wedding planning community allows you to ask questions about Zola and get answers quickly.

8. Join the wedding community anytime, anywhere.

Whether a question pops into your head at 2 a.m. or while you’re in the checkout line, the Zola community is ready to meet your needs. You can even check it periodically to see if anything new has been posted. Zola’s ready to help whenever you’re ready for planning.

Zola: Your Place to Find Community

Ready to get ideas and chat with other couples who are in the middle of planning — just like you! Not only can you get all of the advice you need, but you can also share videos and photos. Zola’s Facebook community is your wedding planning safe space, so join other couples today if you haven’t already.

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