How to Throw the Perfect Dog Wedding

Need some dog wedding ideas and inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to throw the perfect bash.

By McCall Minnor

Best Dog Wedding Ideas
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Congratulations on your fur babies getting married. Now there’s a doggie wedding day to organize and so many ideas to streamline. Whether you’re planning something budget or luxe (or a little bit of both), you do want it to be a grand celebration. It will involve some work, but it will also be a lot of fun and there are many creative ways to achieve the result you are looking for. Let’s take a stroll and explore some ideas for your pooch.

Prowl or Prance

Depending on how far out you choose to plan, you might have the luxury of taking your time deciding on a wedding venue, guests, food, and other details or you might have to jump at the best deals around.

Location is everything. It has to be a pet-friendly wedding—likely outdoors or with an indoor and outdoor combination. Consider beaches, parks, gardens, or someone’s backyard to host such an event. A good doggy spa or playschool near you may also allow a party rental for a few hours.

Given the nature of the guest list, ensure you have plenty of poop bags around and maybe even arrange designated scoopers for the duration of the event. Another idea is to have a specific area to attend nature’s call before joining the rest of the wedding party again.

Mark the occasion with an exchange of collars, name tags, or other dog-appropriate accessories. Your local pet store should have some options, or you can find custom makers via online sites that can get you themed versions by your specified event date.

On the Wedding Day

Your guest list should be well-curated with pets that all get along. Ensure their humans are around and that all dogs are well-behaved and trained. All it takes is one four-legged friend having a bad day for everyone else to get upset.

Consider hiring a pet sitter if you’d like people at the event to enjoy the day as well. Professional caregivers for your canine guests means their parents can relax in an adjoining area and indulge in the celebrations a little bit more than they had planned for.

Wedding attire is something to give thought to, too—especially if you’re planning a fun photoshoot to accompany the special day. You can look at blingy bows, fancy tutus, monogrammed collars, and more for your puppy. If there’s a theme to conform to, don’t forget to let your guests know.

Equally important is the meal—for both the four-legged guests and their human companions. There has to be a wedding cake, so consider purchasing one from a local bakery that also makes doggie treats.

Finally, make a note to check in on any guests that have specific dietary restrictions or concerns before the wedding. (This goes for both the two-legged and four-legged folks.) You can avoid a medical emergency in the middle of the wedding feast by taking a few simple precautions.

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A Few Fun Extras

This is a day to give and receive… gifts, that is. Share what the couple likes to do on their wedding page, so guests know what gifts to bring. It’s acceptable to set up a registry with some fun finds. And have some favors to give your guests as they leave the party, too. If you want to go the extra mile, you can hand deliver thank-you treats after the wedding day or organize a playdate for the new couple.

Don’t forget the playlist. While the canine buddies are having a grand time, their human companions need to have a good time as well. A themed playlist with anything dog-related in the title is a playful idea.

Your photos are going to be amazing, so remember to hire a good photographer for the day—preferably someone who specializes in such events and is extremely comfortable and patient around dogs. This is also one of those services you might want to book in advance.

If you feel your pets are sufficiently blessed with a good life and a good home, then use this occasion as a fundraiser or donation drive for a local charity that works with dogs or for your regional veterinary spot.

Whatever your plans and preparations for the day, remember to have a great time. As much as this will be a fun day for your fur baby and friends, you also need to enjoy with your friends. Take photos aplenty to remember the special day and make it a memorable one for all that attend.

est Dog Wedding Ideas | Zola Photo Credit // Shutterstock

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