How to Set Up a Wedding Kids Table

Want to learn how to set up a kids table wedding-style? Keep reading for some inspiration before your big day.

By Ruksana Hussain

Kids Wedding Table
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Inviting kids to your wedding celebration is a personal choice for the couple, but it’s a great idea for families that would like to attend with all members. It also helps keep parents at ease while attending your wedding, since they can keep a watchful eye on their kids. If you do decide to include kids, setting up a kids table is a great idea—it lets children dine together, while the adults enjoy the main meal.

Of course, a few considerations should be made before going all-in on the kid's table. Think about how many kids will attend and what their age range is. Older kids can still be seated with adults for a full meal, but younger kids may enjoy their own dedicated space, complete with age-appropriate food and activities.

Here, some creative ways to ensure the little kids attending your special day can enjoy their time there just as well as any of your adult wedding guests.

Let’s Talk Decor

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To zero in on colors and the general vibe for space, you can go one of two ways: align the kids' table decorations with your overall wedding theme or choose something more whimsical based on the latest animated film or cartoon character. You want the kids to want to stay here for a long time, so make the space as attractive to them as possible.

Allergies and Triggers

Before you get too far into planning the kid's table for the wedding, check-in with the parents to note any food or environmental allergies you need to be aware of. Also consider any visual or audio triggers that may cause kids discomfort, as well as any special arrangements that need to be made for differently abled kids.

More Is Less

Younger guests inevitably have smaller attention spans. Set up activity areas alongside the kids' tables at the wedding to keep them busy. Fun options include a bubble bar, DIY model kits, a craft corner with stickers and signs, and building blocks. Multiple options will keep kids occupied with different activities at different times.

Add Some Board Games

Bring in some age-appropriate board games that the younger ones can play to self-entertain. Leave a variety, so there’s plenty for everyone to partake and nobody feels left out. Quick and easy puzzles, crosswords, memory games, word search, and other card or board games are all perfect for a few hours of endless entertainment.

Splash With Color

Leave welcome coloring pages or books and colored pencils or crayons for kids to indulge in as they are seated with others their age at the wedding kids table. Set up a little makeshift display area in the back where they can hang their work with string or pin to aboard. You can also use their artwork in your wedding album as part of the memories of your special day.

Make Everything Scribble-Friendly

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You are going to make every kid that’s attending feel over the moon with no restrictions on where they choose to doodle—just make all surfaces on the wedding kids' table scribble-able. From the table spread/runner to the floor carpet to the wall adjacent, design the space in such a way that every spot can be scribbled upon. Your little guests will love you for it.

Pack a Snack

Aside from the kid’s menu is served at your wedding, leave a jar of candy, dry fruit, or even a gift back at the wedding kids table with a bunch of small snack and juice packs labeled with the kids’ names. They will be thrilled to see goodies just for them.

Edible Creations

Think little cookies or cupcakes that they can decorate with edible sugar tubes. Leave a self-serve bar with edible sparkles, flakes, and other confections. Add an on-demand juice or milk bar, so they can pour little glasses of their favorite beverage.

Plan a Performance

How about a special guest just for your little guests? Hire a magician, face painter, balloon twister, temporary tattoo artist, hair braider, or dance teacher to perform at the wedding kids' table. You can have activities related to the performance or also tie it to the theme of your wedding to make their day memorable.

Dinner and a Movie

If your wedding venue can accommodate it, a small screen with an animated movie can be a great way to keep everyone occupied at the wedding kids' table. Make it fun with a poll of the different options available, so kids get to choose what to watch as they get seated.

Your overall goal is to ensure the little ones enjoy attending, so anything you can incorporate that will keep them occupied for the duration of your wedding party is a welcome addition. Check-in with parents for ideas and look back at other weddings you’ve attended where younger ones were part of the celebrations. Have fun with this aspect of your wedding, and let your inner kid plan it for you.

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