How to Pull Off An Engagement While Quarantining Together

Wondering how to pull off an engagement while quarantining with your SO? Read our latest article for our top tips!

By Jane Chertoff

How to Pull Off An Engagement While Quarantining Together
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The First Look ✨

  • You can still surprise your partner with an epic proposal—you’ll just need to be a bit more secretive about it now that you’re together all the time.
  • Send the ring to a trusted friend or family member, and go for frequent walks or drives to get some planning done.
  • As you propose somewhere meaningful to you both (or create a special setup in your apartment) invite all your friends and family to join in on FaceTime or Zoom.

Planning to propose soon? Congratulations! A global pandemic can’t stop love, after all.

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That being said, your ideal engagement plan may be a bit harder to pull off now due to COVID-19. If you’re thinking of planning an engagement in quarantine, our experts can help. Instead of having your office, friend’s houses, and even your favorite coffee shop to plan and make phone calls from—you both may be quarantining together in the same confined space for 24-hours a day. Sharing such close quarters while in quarantine can make pulling off a surprise quite a challenge, to say the least.

Even though you may have to get a bit clever when wedding planning, you can still plan a memorable quarantine engagement (and even keep it a surprise proposal). Here’s how to pull it off, even with your soon-to-be future spouse sitting in the next room.

1. Send the Ring Elsewhere

Nothing spoils the surprise of an engagement faster than having your ring arrive in the mail along with your daily Amazon or grocery deliveries. If you have friends or family nearby that you trust, have the ring sent to their place instead, and then go pick it up right before you propose. While this may not have been a part of your original plan, involving close friends and family can help tremendously during the planning process. Or, if the store that you picked the ring out from is open—ask them to store the ring for you there until you’re ready to pick it up.

If you haven’t picked out a diamond engagement ring yet, you don’t want to shop online, or you want to wait until it’s safe to shop in person, consider getting a “placeholder” ring to propose with. This is also a good option if you can’t visit family right now and they have a family ring waiting for you. A light-up ring or even a ring pop could be a humorous option that is appropriate for the times. Plus, it will make for a great quarantine proposal story.

2. Go for Frequent Walks or Drives to Plan

If your partner can hear your phone calls from the other room, you’ll need to get out of your house or apartment to create a plan. If you usually go for walks together, now’s the time to start an exercise habit where you go out “running or cycling.” Or, say you need to get some air or just need to be alone for a bit to ward off suspicion. You can also make calls from your car when you go out to run errands.

When you’re outside making your phone calls (to a photographer and whoever else you want to involve in the engagement,) make sure that you keep a safe social distance from anyone around you and wear a mask to stay safe.

3. Enlist Help

If you’re planning to pull off a big engagement surprise, you may need to enlist family and/or friends to help. Ask them to make phone calls for you, come up with ideas (via text or email to keep things hush), pick up supplies, or even help set up a romantic rooftop surprise when the time comes. You can also ask a friend or family member to take pictures of the proposal itself. Just make sure that they keep a safe distance and send the photos to you afterward.

4. Plan a Safe and Socially-Distanced Surprise

How to Pull Off An Engagement While Quarantining Together Photo Credit // Shutterstock

Even though your favorite romantic restaurant or vacation destination might be closed at the moment, you still have options for planning something great. Order takeout from your go-to restaurant, instead. If your partner loves nature, you can always take him or her on a sunset hike and propose at the summit. Or, you could even pull off a surprise in your apartment—just plan to set it up at a time when you know that your partner will be out of the house. Other socially-distanced safe options include a run or bike ride in a nearby park that has meaning to both of you. You could even propose after picking up coffee and treats from your favorite bakery—just choose something that represents your relationship.

Your friends and family might not be able to come in to be with you for the engagement, but they can still be part of the day via Zoom. Invite them to watch the proposal over FaceTime or plan a big Zoom celebration with everyone after you pop the question.

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