How to Plan the Perfect Staycation Honeymoon

Planning a staycation can be exciting and economical for couples. Here’s everything you need to know to plan the perfect staycation honeymoon.

By Jennifer Prince

Staycation Honeymoon
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Couples spend months, hours, and days curating the perfect wedding, and there’s nothing better than being whisked away with your love the day after. However, sometimes circumstances, such as schedules and finances, don’t allow for traveling right away. That’s where a staycation honeymoon comes into play. Staycations are economical and can be filled with memories. So get ready to channel your creativity as you learn how to plan the perfect staycation honeymoon.

What Is a Staycation Honeymoon?

Many honeymooners travel and get to know a faraway destination inside and out. With itineraries in hand, they test out local restaurants, visit historic sites, peruse art galleries, and explore the great outdoors. A staycation is essentially doing all of those things in your own area.

A staycation honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a romantic getaway as a tourist in your hometown. You can finally cross off places you’ve always meant to go, but haven’t had the opportunity to yet. Does it sound lackluster? It’s not—a staycation can generate just as much excitement and plenty of memory-making opportunities.

What Are the Different Types of Staycation Honeymoons?

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Staycations can take on several forms, and which you choose is up to you. Linger at home, use your house as a home base, or get to know a town nearby. Here are a few different combinations you may want to consider:

  • Stay home and stay in. Treat your dwelling as a resort. You may not have an ocean view or poolside bar service, but you can pretend. Stock up on food and drinks, order out, and watch movies. You can even hire a service to perform deep tissue couples massages at home for a truly relaxing retreat.
  • Sleep at your home and explore your town. Use your house or apartment as your home base. Next, plan your itinerary within a 20 to 30 minute radius of your home. You may be amazed at all of the things there are to do close by.
  • Book a hotel or Airbnb in your area. Romantic hotel staycation ideas can be even better than sleeping at home. Find a place with a cozy bed that’s within walking distance to shops, sights, and restaurants. Of course, you could always stay in the room and enjoy the amenities that the hotel offers.
  • Discover a new town within an hour radius. When your area lacks options or you’ve already explored every bit, it’s time to take a short road trip and discover somewhere new together for the first time as a married couple. Doing so still counts as a staycation, because you’re remaining nearby. Plus, you can thoroughly take in a nearby town this way.

Why Plan a Staycation Honeymoon?

  • A staycation can be less stressful to plan. Wedding planning decisions can be a stressor, especially if both of you are making them together. You may not have the mental space to devote to a full vacation right away. Instead, stay at home and relax.
  • You can’t take the time right away. Whether it’s due to work schedules or other factors, sometimes it’s not possible to take a full vacation. If this is the case, honeymoon-at-home ideas are the perfect compromise. Stockpile those vacation days and save time off for a future date.
  • Budgeting for a wedding and honeymoon isn’t possible. Weddings can be expensive, and honeymoons can cause additional financial strain. Exploring nearby won’t tap your budget as much. Save now, so you can experience a big trip for your first, fifth, or tenth anniversary.
  • You can’t decide where to go. You want to stay at a rustic ski lodge, but your partner envisions a traditional resort honeymoon by the sea. Compromise by having a romantic staycation until you can think about where you want to spend time away from home.
  • Exploring your area is a priority. Some couples genuinely want to get to know where they live. A staycation is a fabulous option for couples moving to a new place after their wedding. It’s a great way to accomplish two things simultaneously—familiarize yourself with your new location while spending time together.

How to Plan the Perfect Staycation Honeymoon

Determine Your Interests.

Just as with a long-distance honeymoon, it’s best to chat about what you want to do. Narrowing down your interests will help you decide where you want to explore. From sports and artisan shops to history and spa treatments, figuring out where your interests lie can help you curate your perfect honeymoon.

Decide How Far You Want to Go.

Figuring out how far you want to travel may be determined by your list of interests. Not everything may be available in your hometown. Is going for a hike a must to get out of the busy city? If so, you’ll have to factor in driving time to where you want to hike.

Figure Out Where You Want to Stay.

Determining where you want to stay goes back to what type of staycation you’re craving. Will you stay at home, book a hotel downtown, or head to an Airbnb in the next town? The choice is yours, but you need to make a reservation to set your schedule.

Establish a Length of Time.

No matter your plans, don’t feel that you have to plan an entire week for a staycation. You won’t have long travel times to and from your destinations. Therefore, you may only need a few days, depending on your itinerary.

Be Creative About Your Activities.

Incorporate some of your favorite things into your staycation. Wine lovers can do a tasting at home, as many wineries offer samples to savor at home. (Hint: try Winc!) If you enjoy a particular destination, such as France, build off of the theme. Cook Parisian cuisine and watch a documentary about traveling the French countryside.

Come Up With a Budget.

A staycation should be more economical than that snowy ski chalet you wanted to book. However, if you’re saving up for a future trip, don’t blow through your budget too quickly. Figure out what you have to spend, then allocate amounts towards food, lodging, activities, and even a souvenir if you so choose.

Focus on Each Other.

The purpose of the honeymoon is to soak up time together before life goes back to normal. Take advantage of the time, but don’t forget to include relaxation. Sleep in, make time to talk, and—for heaven’s sake—turn off those cell phones. There is plenty of time to focus on work and social media after your staycation.

Treat It Like a Real Honeymoon (Because It Is!)

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Though a honeymoon doesn’t typically involve sleeping in your own bed, town, or sometimes even your state, going far away doesn’t define what a honeymoon is. It’s your honeymoon, so make the best of it. Dress up for dinners out, buy those little somethings that will wow your partner each night, pop open an expensive bottle of bubbly. Even if you spend the entire honeymoon in your own home, you can still have honeymoon-style experiences.

No matter what your post-wedding trip looks like, remember that it’s a time to connect, reflect, and plan for the future. A staycation honeymoon can be perfect for those looking to savor time together without traveling far from home. Choosing to stay close rather than opt for a traditional honeymoon is a good investment in your town and each other as you start your life together.

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