How to Plan a Wedding in the Amalfi Coast

If you have your heart set on getting married in coastal Italy, here’s how to plan a wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

By Jennifer Prince

How to Plan a Wedding in the Amalfi Coast
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The First Look ✨

  • The Amalfi Coast is in Southern Italy on the eastern side and is accessible by plane, car, bus, or ferry.
  • Clearly communicate with your guests by mailing save the dates, updating your wedding website, and sending periodic updates.
  • Couples can get married on a boat, at a villa, in a hotel, or at lush gardens along the Amalfi Coast of Italy.
  • Be sure to book your venue first and then secure other vendors as early as possible for your Italian wedding.

When scouring Pinterest for destination wedding photos, one location stands apart from the rest: Italy’s Amalfi Coast. With its gorgeous waterside views and quaint hillside buildings, it’s no wonder that the area is one of the most popular places to get married. And now, more than ever, both micro and destination weddings are trending, so get ready to plan. If you have your heart set on getting married in coastal Italy, here’s how to plan a wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Where Is the Amalfi Coast in Italy?

We were all taught that Italy looks like a boot, which is a great reference. The Amalfi Coast is on the front side of the boot where the leg meets the foot. In geographic terms, it’s on the eastern side of Italy, about two-thirds of the way down. The town of Amalfi is about an hour and a half south of Naples, and three and a half hours south of Rome.

How to Share Info About Your Amalfi Coast Wedding

Unless you’re eloping, the first thing you need to think about is communicating to your guests that you’re having a destination wedding. Naturally, they’ll have a lot of questions about logistics. Therefore, alleviating their minds and keeping them in the know will set your event up for success. It will also hopefully mean that more folks will be able to attend your wedding. Use our tips on how to share information with your guests.

Give out save the dates to potential wedding guests.

When it comes to your wedding day, friends and family need to plan; this is true of any event. However, it’s imperative if guests need to book flights, find a hotel, and schedule vacation days. To maximize the number of folks that can celebrate with you, send out a save the date. Mail a paper reminder, send an email, or give guests a little gift to encourage them to save the date.

Have a FAQ section on your wedding website.

If you haven’t considered a wedding website, it’s a must when having a destination event on the Amalfi Coast. Your guests are bound to ask many questions, such as how to get there, where to stay, and things to do. So, directing your guests to an all-in-one location that addresses all of their concerns is smart. It will also be less stressful for you and your partner as you don’t have to answer endless individual questions.

Appoint people to help address wedding day concerns.

You and your significant other will be busy leading up to the big day. As a result, let trusted friends and family take the lead. Have a wedding attendant field questions and give details to the wedding party. Maybe your partner’s cousin can be the point person for their family, and your sister-in-law can manage yours. If you brief a few people on what’s going on, you can sit back and let them take care of any concerns. Additionally, these folks can keep guests on track and make sure that people purchase tickets and secure hotel block reservations.

Send out periodic emails with updates about your big day.

As the day gets closer, your to-do list seems to get longer, so use your wedding website to your advantage. You can preschedule and send messages to your guests that offer essential information leading up to the big day. These emails will serve as gentle reminders to help everyone stay on schedule as you approach your nuptials. Plus, if you have to update any details quickly, you can send messages on the spot.

Best Ways to Get to the Amalfi Coast for a Wedding

Take a plane to the Amalfi Coast for a destination wedding.

If you’re planning an Amalfi Coast wedding from the United States, taking a plane is the best option. The closest airport is NAP (Naples International Airport), which is about an hour and a half away from the Amalfi Coast. Of course, you’ll have to arrange transportation once in Naples.

No matter where your home base is, you should be able to find flights that end up at the closest airport. For example, if guests travel to Rome before or after your wedding, flights are only 50 minutes long. However, planes currently fly two days a week, so guests must plan their touring accordingly.

Rent a car from Naples to the Amalfi Coast.

Italians drive in a lane on the right side of the road, making renting a car easy for those in the US. You can rent a car at the airport, which makes getting around easy. However, roads around the Amalfi Coast tend to be along the curvy coastline, so be careful. Roads also tend to be crowded all year long. Another option is to hire a private car to take you to and from the airport to the Amalfi Coast.

Consider another mode of transportation within Italy.

Different transportation options, such as buses and ferries, are available when guests come from other parts of the country. Taking a ferry can be iffy as their schedule only runs in the warmer months of April through October. Weather and other factors can also impact whether or not you’ll find a ferry service. Buses are inexpensive, although, depending on where you are in Italy, you may have to change buses. Therefore, taking a bus or ferry may not be the best option for guests.

Types of Wedding Venues in the Amalfi Coast

Of course, you need to consider the weather when getting married in Italy. Although the Amalfi Coast is beautiful all year long, the best time to get married is April through October. Often this timeframe can bleed into late March and early November, but aim for late spring or early fall for the most beautiful weather. Many folks head to the area for the gorgeous views, and here are a few types of wedding venues in the Amalfi Coast to consider.

Amalfi Coast Hotel Weddings

In Italy, hotels are known for their rooftop spaces and windows with a view, and the vistas are certainly spectacular from many Amalfi Coast hotels. One plus is that you can have your rehearsal dinner, wedding, and reception all at the location where your guests stay. Also, many historic hotels offer privacy for your post-wedding trip. Another bonus is that many hotels also have on-site wedding planners that can recommend other local vendors.

Villa Weddings on the Amalfi Coast

Think of a villa as a historic estate with beautiful views and large rooms for getting ready. Using a villa is the perfect way to feel like you own a gorgeous Italian home for the day. As with hotels, these properties are steeped in history and often have stellar views of the water. Due to the Amalfi Coast’s popularity for destination weddings, many villa-style venues also have several types of vendors on staff, or they can make qualified recommendations.

Amalfi Coast Garden Weddings

Hillside gardens are the perfect way to have a natural, rustic vibe on your wedding day. Although some of the gardens in the Amalfi Coast only allow ceremonies, you can plan an indoor reception somewhere else. Being in nature while looking at the beautiful waterway will make a lasting impact on your and your guests.

Yes, you can have a traditional church wedding along the coast. Italy is known for its gorgeous architecture, especially where religious structures are concerned. So, if you want to marry in a church, you can certainly do so on the Amalfi Coast. Then, head off to a villa, garden, or hotel for your reception. Doing so is a beautiful way to treat your guests to a variety of historic Italian sites.

Amalfi Coast Boat Weddings

When in Rome—ok, well on the Amalfi Coast—you should take advantage of the water. Not only do many venues have gorgeous views of the water, but you can have your event on a boat. Many yachts are available for charter, and smaller luxury boats are also the perfect venue for a wedding on the water. Of course, setting your wedding afloat often means cutting the guest count, so keep that in mind.

Tips for Working With Amalfi Coast Wedding Vendors

Of course, part of planning a destination wedding is hiring experts who work in the area. Orchestrating an event from afar is easy if you secure the right vendors to execute your vision of your wedding. Here are a few tips for planning a destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast.

Don’t mind the language barrier.

If you have an Amalfi Coast wedding, most—if not all—of your vendors will speak Italian; however, the good news is that there’s a high likelihood that they will also speak English. Due to the high volume of destination events, wedding professionals are familiar with chatting with folks from other countries. Also, as with anyone, be kind and patient as you will both have to bear with accents, but that’s also part of the fun!

Book your vendors early.

Due to the rising popularity of Italian waterside weddings, you need to start booking your vendors as soon as possible. First, start by securing a venue so that you can nail down the wedding date. After that, find a caterer, photographer, florist, and other wedding professionals that fit your style and budget.

Hold consultations over Zoom.

Unless you plan on visiting the Amalfi Coast before your big day, you may have to do everything over video conference. That means that you will need to scour the websites, social media, and reviews of any vendors you are considering. Then, interview them via Zoom so that you can get a feel for their personality and hear their ideas for your big day.

Ask your venue for vendor recommendations.

Many Amalfi Coast wedding venues have one, if not several, vendors on-site. It’s common for them to have a planner. If you’re getting married at a hotel, they will also most likely have a caterer. Tap into the wedding professionals that your venue provides, and then ask for recommendations for other vendors. Additionally, the vendors they recommend have probably done multiple events at the venue, which can offer peace of mind.

Once you find your vendor team, trust them.

When you’re planning a destination wedding, you may not be able to be involved in every step, and that’s ok! Trust your vetted pros to implement the vision you have for your big day. Of course, plan consultations and check in every once in a while. However, take the opportunity to relax and let someone else do the planning. With a quality planner at the helm, you’ll have a well-thought-out Amalfi Coast wedding.

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