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How to Plan a Memorable RV Honeymoon

A road trip honeymoon can be romantic and memorable. Our complete guide to planning a memorable RV honeymoon will help you plan.

By Jennifer Prince

RV Honeymoon
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Ah, the honeymoon. After saying, “I do,” couples look forward to spending time together relaxing after a busy time of planning. Although many newlyweds head to resorts, cruises, and snowy chalets, the rise in road trip honeymoons is nothing to ignore. And don’t let your thoughts turn to mishaps portrayed on the big screen in National Lampoon and Thelma and Louise. Rest assured that it’s possible to plan a memorable—and romantic—honeymoon on the road. Here’s how.

What is a road trip?

Essentially, a road trip involves using a vehicle to travel from place to place. It’s as simple as that! So, why are road trips increasing in popularity with honeymooners? Taking an RV trip ensures that you have a clean, romantic space wherever you go. Plus, they are unique and can be easy on the budget.

How to Choose Where to Go on a Road Trip Honeymoon

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Some couples decide to start and end their journey near their home. If you’ve always wanted to explore the next state over, that’s entirely possible. You can even use your vehicle to do so. However, if you live on the east coast and have always had Colorado on your bucket list, then do it! It’s common to fly to a destination, rent a vehicle, and then take a road trip.

Also, road trips can be diverse, depending on where you stay. Some road trippers like to choose a route and stay in a different place each night. Others enjoy using a single location as their home base for a few days. That way, they can fully explore an area before moving on to the next locale.

Either option is acceptable. However, decide what type of road trip you have in mind and what to do at a destination. These elements will factor into the amount of time you need to spend in an area.

It’s also highly recommended that you book your overnight stops ahead of time. Wandering from place to place at your leisure seems romantic. Consequently, if you can’t find a site for your vehicle for the night, it can be anything but ideal.

Also, be sure that it’s legal to stay where you wish. Instagram abounds with images captured from campervans by the beach, but do your research. It may not be permitted to park your vehicle in some locations for the night. A late-night knock to receive a ticket or move your RV isn’t what honeymoons are about, either.

What types of RVs are good for road trips?

How you get around is determined by your budget and the type of trip you have in mind. Nonetheless, the term RV is a broader term that encompasses a whole host of transportation underneath. Instead of getting bogged down with specific classifications, here are a few styles of RVs for your honeymoon road trip.

  • Motorhome Breaking down the term motorhome into its two parts—motor and home—defines RV type. Motorhomes have an engine and allow the passengers to be in the living quarters while on the road.
  • Travel Trailer A travel trailer is pulled by an SUV, pickup truck, or another vehicle rated for the trailer’s specific weight. A modification is the fifth wheel, which is the trailer style that hooks into a pickup truck bed. Fifth wheels often have sleeping quarters over top of the truck’s cabin.
  • Campervan Sleepervans are roughly the same size as a traditional van, although some are taller and longer. Campervan rentals are like mini hotel rooms on wheels. They have all of the necessities included in an easy to drive vehicle.

A word of note is that although you don’t need a particular driver’s license to operate an RV, having some experience goes a long way in having a successful honeymoon. Larger vehicles and trailers, which can jackknife, can be challenging to maneuver, park, and back into campsites. Don’t add extra stress to your trip by renting an RV that you or your partner can’t handle with ease.

Things to Consider When Planning a Road Trip

Determine how long you will be on the road.

Perhaps the most significant factor in planning your trip will be the amount of time you have to spend. Flying to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon may not be worthwhile for only a few days. If you can only allot a short time, consider staying close to home. Whether you have time for a cross country road trip honeymoon or only have the weekend, a journey is possible.

Consider where you want to go.

A road trip honeymoon is a perfect time to immerse yourself in a region of the country you haven’t explored. For example, a west coast road trip itinerary can include surf in San Diego, sight-seeing in Los Angeles, wine-tasting in Santa Barbara, trekking hiking trails in a national park, and experiencing the beautiful Cannon Beach along Oregon Coast. Some of the most romantic road trip ideas include beaches, mountains, and beautiful scenery. However, including culture, history, and a few major cities can add variety to your trip. Think about what you and your partner like to do, and build a journey from there.

Choose your type of vehicle.

As far as ease of driving, the smaller, the better—especially since it will just be the two of you. Save the big RV for when you have a family in tow. Therefore, take the opportunity to do a campervan rental or pull a small, vintage-style travel trailer.

Plan rest days.

Think about it. You’ve spent months perfecting minute details for your wedding, and you will finally be on vacation with your significant other. Although you want to see sights and experience a new area, don’t get bogged down by filling every moment. Get some much-needed rest, and incorporate some downtime to read, relax, and do other honeymoon-centric activities. ahem

Pack light and plan to re-wear items.

Are you one of those people that has to wash their jeans with every wear? If so, get ready to let go a little bit on your road trip! One good thing about moving from place to place is that you will only encounter your spouse multiple times. Wearing clothes twice or washing them in the RV and hanging them to dry can help you pack light. Plus, chances are you won’t be doing much that requires dressing up. Although you may want to take one outfit for a nice dinner out.

Divvy up your duties.

Before you leave, decide on who will do what. Figuring out little things ahead of time, such as who pumps gas and who keeps track of toll money, will help your trip go more smoothly. Although one spouse will likely do most of the driving, talk about when—and if—the other will take over. You may also want to factor in a bit of nap time when you switch drivers, too.

Have a road trip kit.

Your RV will come with a few emergency supplies, such as a spare tire, which you hopefully won’t need. However, pack other things, such as snacks and drinks, so that you can stay nourished. Packing other essentials, such as a first aid kit, flashlight, and ibuprofen can help avoid unnecessary stops.

Fun Things for Couples to Do on a Road Trip

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  • Save money by cooking. Many RVs have stoves, or you can always grill over the open fire at a campsite. Whether it’s breakfast or post-dinner s’more’s, create memories by making a few meals together.
  • Come up with a playlist. Curate your own unique road trip playlist, or have your wedding party contribute songs for one. Not only will you have tunes to jive to, but you’ll think of your honeymoon when you hear the songs.
  • Play a game of road trip bingo. Games may seem silly. However, if you drive a long distance between stops, it can help the time go faster. Make a list of road signs, unique sights, or photos you want to take. Have fun crossing them off of your list while you travel.
  • Plan a surprise. While you’re planning your free time, come up with a surprise for your spouse. Each of you can come up with an unexpected element for the other. Mix their favorite cocktail by the campfire or arrange for a private tour of a historic site. You know your partner best, so be creative by planning a “wow” moment.
  • Take turns picking restaurants. You may have your stops, campsites, and itinerary planned ahead of time. Nonetheless, leave some of the restaurants and coffee shops up to chance. Divide choosing by days or meals, and test out various cuisines while you’re on the road.

Road trip vacations for couples can be one of the most romantic around. Set your schedule, see whatever you want, and take the time you need to enjoy your honeymoon. Your trip may not inspire a crazy RV trip movie. However, it will help you create a memorable trip with your love.

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