How to Create a Romantic Starry Night Wedding Theme

Get tips and inspiration from our planning guide to create your ultimate, romantic starry night wedding.

By Emily Forrest

Romantic Starry Night Wedding
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Few things are more romantic than saying “I do” beneath a sky full of stars. If you’ve always dreamed of a starry night wedding, we’ve come up with a few beautiful ideas to make your vision come to life. From the wedding invitations to the reception decor, and everything in between, there are multiple ways to embrace a whimsical feeling for a nighttime wedding full of sparkly wonder.

Let your imagination run wild as you plan the perfect backdrop to say your vows and celebrate with loved ones on your special night. Modern wedding details that evoke an added sense of romance are candlelight, sparkly elements, and rich, deep hues. Weaving these into your ceremony and reception will complement the natural backdrop of a star-filled night, and create a truly magical setting. Discover starry night wedding inspiration from our planning guide and find unique ways to make the theme your own.

Start With Star-Inspired Wedding Invitations

Save the dates and wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding. They are the first glimpse into the style of wedding that you’re having. Consider all the wedding themes you can choose from before creating your invitations. Is it a boho chic type of aesthetic? Or, is it a formal evening with cocktail attire required? Either way, when planning a starry night wedding theme, opt for darker colors for the invitations. Black, navy blue, and purple are all theme-appropriate choices with a hint of silver or gold featured for sparkle.

Two beautiful examples are the Splendor design and the Lachlan wedding invitation. The Splendor option has a full moon and stars to illustrate the idea of saying your vows under a starlit sky. The Lachlan design lends a modern twist to a simplistic motif. Choosing black or dark teal, with gold or silver text, hints at the celestial atmosphere you’re wanting to create.

How to Create a Romantic Starry Night Wedding Theme Photo Credit // SJA Studios

Accent With Navy and Silver

From the wedding invitations to the reception decor, navy and silver accents added throughout the experience embody your ideal aesthetic. It mimics the look of an inky sky dotted with stars. You can play up this color scheme by incorporating other metallics, like gold or rose gold, and choosing an equally dark palette, such as forest green, deep plum, or black. Work this color scheme into the flowers, wedding attire, and the reception centerpieces. These cooler tones pair well with dots of white or ivory to lighten up different areas and emulate the reflection of the moon.

Determining how closely you follow the navy and silver combination will depend on if you want a romantic glow to the evening or a purely celestial feel. Use these rich tones and metallics, and then add in other elements, such as star-studded accessories and warm lighting, to complete the look.

Choose Dark-Colored Flowers

The drama of dark-colored flowers adds to the romance of an evening wedding beneath the stars. Deep blue calla lilies, roses, or hydrangeas dotted with gemstones or tied with a sparkly ribbon mirror the starry night sky. Any darker color will look striking against a white bridal gown. They especially work well as an on-trend statement to complement non-traditional wedding attire, if you’re skipping wearing bridal white to walk down the aisle.

Choosing flowers in darker hues is also a beautiful choice for the reception. Mix and match flower types in silver vases for a striking look with a subtle twinkle.

Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Attire

Adding sequins to your veil, or wearing a vintage, star-shaped hairpiece are ways to incorporate the romantic feel. Coordinating with a navy blue ribbon or sparkly, navy blue shoes satisfies your “something blue” while complementing the overall tone of the wedding style.

Extend these fashion choices to your wedding party. Floaty, ethereal dresses of navy blue, lined with sequins are a pretty choice for your bridesmaids. Star-printed handkerchiefs or bow ties are a fun touch for the groomsmen. When it comes to your wedding attire, you can add in hints of the starry night wedding theme while keeping it classy versus campy.

Weave in Star-Studded Decor

With any hope, Mother Nature will be on your side and give you a sky full of stars on your wedding day. It helps to pick an outdoor venue beyond the city limits where stars can be on full display, but you can add in your own star-studded elements to ensure that your starry night wedding theme plays out well, regardless of the weather.

A few creative ways to incorporate the stars and moon is to hang them from guests’ seats. Use cutout stars or moons as seat placements, or assign each table a constellation. Featuring tar-shaped centerpieces on the tables, and dangling star- and moon-shaped adornments from the ceiling also help to pull the wedding decor together. Although a star-studded sky will serve as the main backdrop for your ceremony and reception, curated accessories will emphasize the effect.

Opt for Warm Lighting for an Ethereal Glow

Afternoon ceremonies are all about sunshine and bright colors, while nighttime weddings are better suited for cool tones and lighting that sets the mood. The glow from low lighting is perfect for an evening wedding. Skip harsh overhead lights and opt for candlelight and strings of lights to emulate the appearance of twinkly stars. This type of atmosphere keeps the aesthetic dreamy and magical.

Play around with the different placements of lights to ensure that there’s enough for guests to be able to see, without overdoing how much is needed. Strings of lights to make a canopy or larger centerpieces with candles as the main focus may be just enough for what you need to celebrate in style. Use luminaries to light your wedding ceremony or the road to the reception. There are plenty of ways to include ethereal lighting into your wedding to support the idyllic effect.

How to Create a Romantic Starry Night Wedding Theme Photo Credit // JoPhoto

Incorporate Special Staging for Photo Ops

Photo booths are popular at most weddings and give you another chance to work with the romantic starry night wedding theme. Supply moon and stars props for guests to use in the photo booth. Additionally, work with a photographer who has experience shooting evening weddings. This is important to achieve the best lighting and framing of nighttime photos.

A fun idea is to use sparklers as a photo op for your entrance into the reception, or as your send-off. Walking through an arch of sparklers held by your guests is a beautiful way to end the evening and gives your photographer one last chance to capture what’s to be many special moments.

Get Creative With Subtle Star and Moon Additions

If you want to keep the stars and moon to a minimum in your decor, add hints throughout the wedding ceremony and reception, but don’t make it the main event. Add sparkle when selecting your bridesmaid and/or flower girl dresses. For rustic style weddings, flower crowns are a popular choice. Why not add in a few subtle stars, as well?

Star-shaped cookies or a star and moon topper for your wedding cake are subtler ways to speak to the theme. A navy and silver guest book and party favors also embrace the nighttime appeal in a subtle way. It all depends on how much you want to play up the nighttime theme.

Amp Up the Romance With a Celestial Setting

Everyone will be in the mood for love when your wedding day comes around. By setting the scene with a celebration under the stars, it only amplifies how extraordinary the evening will truly be. Color schemes, lighting, and special touches make the difference as you plan your big day. Create a space that will make your guests gasp in amazement and give you the wedding of your dreams.

When embracing the natural setting of a sky full of stars, there are several directions you can go. You can have an elegant affair filled with candlelight and sparkly crystals, or you can have a playful vibe with star-shaped everything. The only thing that matters is taking what’s available to you and making it uniquely yours.

Turn to Seasonal Touches

To enjoy being outdoors, underneath the stars, consider the season and the extra advantages it brings to your wedding details. For example, a wintry night may call for fire pits and hot toddies to cozy up to, or a sheer canopy with heaters to keep guests warm. As an alternative for a rustic, summertime wedding, use twinkly lights in Mason jars to mimic the effect of lightning bugs, a seasonal touch that feels warm and inviting.

Between the location, venue, and season, each of these details will help you to determine the style of wedding that will make your celebration feel like a dream come true. Let the season inspire your attire, decor, and even your menu as you plan your romantic starry night theme. Allow your imagination to run wild with all the ways that you can work within this theme. Dare we say that the sky's the limit?

Regardless of the theme and atmosphere, decor, and last-minute details, your wedding should embody everything you’ve ever envisioned. This planning guide is meant to inspire, but ultimately, you’ll be the one that makes it feel magical.

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