How to Choose the Right Bedding, According to Parachute

Weddings bring promises of new beginnings and new bedding—thank you, wedding registry! With tons of bedding options, it’s hard to know which fabric is best for you and your partner. Let our friends at Parachute help you out.

By Kate Lynn Nemett

White themed room with blue bedding and white brick wall
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Weddings bring promises of new beginnings and new bedding—thank you, wedding registry! With tons of bedding options, it’s hard to know which fabric is best for you and your partner. The right textile has the power to relax the mind and put the body at ease, to beckon you to bed each night, and return you to the world rejuvenated the next morning. Cue our friends at Parachute, the fast-growing home essentials brand based in Venice Beach, CA. We asked them to outline their three best-selling textiles so you can start your married life with the best sleep ever. Read on for all you ever wanted to know bedding fabrics and discover which type of sheets are right for you.

Parachute White-and-Blush-Linen

Parachute Linen Bedding in White and Blush

What Is Percale?

Parachute’s percale bedding is made using the finest long-staple Egyptian cotton, combed with precision to remove all impurities and dyed naturally in a process that surpasses the highest safety and environmental protection standards.


Parachute Percale Three-Piece Duvet Set in White

Their percale weave is most easily comparable to the perfect, white button-down shirt: crisp, clean, and livable. A garment washing process gives it a more casual appearance, and it will only become softer the more it’s laundered.


Parachute Percale 3-Piece Duvet Set in Slate

Its tightly woven weave—accomplished in a classic one-thread-over, one-under fashion—gives the fabric a simple, matte finish while providing ultra breathability. Cool to the touch, percale fabric is perfect for all seasons and is especially forgiving during the balmy summer months.

What Is Sateen?

Sateen bedding is also made using long-staple Egyptian cotton, but provides a more lustrous experience. Its unique weave—four-over, one-under—gives this material the elegance and drape of satin with the comfort and durability of world-class cotton. Fun fact: sateen is a nice option during colder months because of the tighter weave.


Parachute Sateen Bedding in Light Grey

Ultra smooth to the touch, sateen fabric feels luxurious against your skin. Parachute’s sateen bedding is finished with a signature double stitch tipping, giving it a distinguished look.

What Is Linen?

Linen is a light and airy fabric with timeless appeal. It’s essentially different from Parachute’s percale and sateen bedding because linen is made from the flax plant (not cotton). Garment dyed and washed in small batches, each piece of their linen has a unique color and feel. Its casual elegance and breathability make this fabric well-suited for year-round use, whether you sleep hot or cold. Linen’s hollow fibers give it a natural ability to absorb moisture from the air and release it again as humidity levels shift. This is how the fabric keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. To learn more about linen and how it’s manufactured, visit All About Linen: From Flax Plants to Fabric of Royalty.


Parachute Linen 3-Piece Duvet Set in Fog


Parachute Linen 3-Piece Duvet Set in Coal

Whichever fabric you choose, we know you’re going to sleep better with Parachute. Sweet dreams!

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