How to Choose Fine China for Your Registry

Narrowing your options for fine china? We're here to help. Continue reading for our guide on how to choose fine china for your registry.

By Ruksana Hussain

How to Choose Fine China for Your Registry
Photo by Zola

So, it’s finally time to move on to the next item on your wedding planning checklist, the registry? You’ll inevitably have to think about dinnerware, including the fine china you’ll use to host formal dinners and large family celebrations.

The fine bone china you choose for your registry should be something you will use and that both of you like. Whether it’s shape, style, china pattern, or colors, you want these pieces to fit your aesthetic. You also want to ensure you have enough storage space, plus choose pieces you can easily clean and maintain

Here, our top picks for fine china for your registry.

For a New Start

Wedgwood-Renaissance-Gold-5-Piece-Place-SettingPhoto Credit // Wedgwood

Look no further than Wedgewood’s Renaissance Collection for your formal dinner setting. While the blues and golds provide a regal touch, the interior design motifs coupled with bold accents make this modern classical style an elegant addition to your home. Expect to receive a few compliments on your choice of this British brand famed for its timeless luxury pieces.

For a Luxe Look

Caskata-Arbor-CollectionPhoto Credit // Caskata

Another indulgent bone china collection, Caskata’s Arbor Blue Rimmed Dinnerware Set brings in the gorgeous deep blue and white combination to your dinner table, but is inspired by New England landscapes and coastlines. Think of it as a contemporary interpretation of classic motifs and one way to incorporate a high-end character into your at-home dinner party.

For a Colorful Fiesta

Vista-Alegre-Cannaregio-CollectionPhoto Credit // Vista Allegre

Still sticking with the whites and blues, but adding a bold splash of orange is Vista Allegre’s Cannaregio Collection, featuring floral and vegetable motifs on unique shapes, marrying tradition and innovation harmoniously. It’s just like the magical city of Venice—where this dinner set finds inspiration from.

For a Whimsical Detour

Seletti-Hybrid-CollectionPhoto Credit // Seletti

Dinner party conversations will get quite interesting with these happy creations from Seletti’s Hybrid Collection—a far cry from the traditional formal fine china most couples choose for formal events or a special occasion. Each piece in this set features different patterns and colors on each half, depicting scenes and themes via unique imagery. Get ready for long dinnertime chats.

For a Custom Collection

Twig-NY-Amelie-CollectionPhoto Credit // Twig NY

Remember the feel-good French movie ‘Amelie?’ Well, Twig NY’s Amelie mix-and-match Collection will give you the same vibe. Every piece is finished with a hand-painted gold rim, but the different colors and the happy shapes can make this a fun adventure choosing what’s suitable for your dining space.

For a Classic Call

Anna-Weatherley-Antique-Dinnerware-White-CollectionPhoto Credit // Anna Weatherley

Anna Weatherley’s Antique Dinnerware White Collection can really make a statement with its striking silhouettes and bold hand-painted gold rims. Clean lines make a great first impression, and rest assured: any dish served on these creations will shine.

For a Platinum Twist

Noritake-Odessa-Collection-5-Piece-Place-SettingPhoto Credit // Noritake

Want a traditional bold rim, but moving away from gold? Noritake’s Odessa Collection offers you the option of white dinnerware with etched platinum rims along with a band of dainty florals, so you can indulge in a classic look with a bit of a modern upgrade. It’s a simple change in colors, but this could make all the difference for your fine china preference.

For a Fashionable Find

Kate-Spade-New-York-Sugar-Pointe-5-Piece-Place-SettingPhoto Credit // Kate Spade New York

If you like the purses and accessories from this brand, then you know Kate Spade New York’s Sugar Pointe Collection will find itself on your registry in no time. An elegant and simple platinum scalloped edge is all the refining this white set of dinnerware needs to invite your guests to an unforgettable dinner soiree at your new home.

For a Practical Approach

wedgwood gio 16pc dinnerware setPhoto Credit // Wedgwood

When you don’t want to spend too much time deciding on fine china patterns and colors, the practicality of Wedgwood’s Gio Collection will speak to your sensibilities. Made for everyday dining, the four-piece set is microwave- and dishwasher-safe, has a textured surface that gives it a distinct feel, and is both decorative and functional in style.

For an Alternative Option

Vera-Wang-Venato-Imperial-4-Piece-Place-SettingPhoto Credit // Vera Wang

If traditional fine china in exquisite patterns and colors isn’t necessarily on your mind, then Vera Wang’s Venato Collection is a possible option. With an unrefined marble take on a dinnerware, inspired by the quarries in Italy, this set moves from the stark white base to one that’s somewhat stained brown to give more character to an otherwise simple staple.

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