How To Celebrate Your Engagement During Quarantine

Has quarantine thrown a wrench in your engagement celebrations? Check out these socially-distant ideas for celebration.

By Taylor Bryant

zoom engagement party
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Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic: Every wedding planning journey has its twists and turns. To make sure your path is as smooth as possible and to help you keep an eye out for tiny potholes and giant roadblocks, always follow the advice of your local health guidelines and the recommendations set forth by the CDC. The state of the pandemic can change quickly, but by staying informed, you can make it to your destination—wedded bliss—without a hitch.

In 2020, the pandemic has thrown a wrench in even the best-laid plans. Couples planning to get married are having a particularly trying time, with many wedding ceremonies postponed and others moved virtually. Engagements, though, haven’t stopped. Even with quarantine, partners have managed to pop the question (and, honestly, if these unprecedented times have taught us anything, it's that life is short and there’s no time like the present). However, some couples are grappling with whether or not they should formally celebrate their engagement while a global crisis is going on.

The simple answer: yes. It’s completely fine if you feel awkward or unsure about the idea of throwing an engagement celebration, but it may actually infuse some much-needed joy into an otherwise bleak year.

To help you celebrate your recent engagement, whether solely with your fiancé or with family and friends, we’ve put together a list of fun and safe ideas.

How to Celebrate Your Engagement During Quarantine Photo Credit // Unsplash

Do a Socially-Distanced Engagement Photoshoot

Hire a photographer to visually commemorate this special moment. You can even have the photo shoot take place outdoors to be extra careful. If you don’t feel comfortable hiring someone you don’t know, you can also stage an at-home photo shoot yourself. Since you and your partner have spent a lot of time indoors in the past couple of months, snapping some engagement photos in your apartment or house is very fitting.

Throw a Zoom Celebration

We know, we know, a lot of people are suffering from Zoom fatigue at the moment, but what’s one more video call? This is especially good if you want to celebrate with friends and family who live in different countries or states. Plan a virtual cocktail hour, have loved ones make some toasts, and maybe even incorporate some games to liven things up.

Plan a Drive-By Celebration

These events have become particularly popular during the pandemic, because they allow you to see your loved ones while remaining at a safe distance. Have friends and family (who are close enough, of course) drive or walk by to say hi and dole out their congratulations (and maybe drop off a gift). You can have music playing and drinks on deck to really get in the spirit.

For those who aren’t local, you can also live-stream the drive-by, so these special individuals still feel like they’re part of the celebration.

How to Celebrate Your Engagement During Quarantine Photo Credit // Unsplash

Go on a Local ‘Engagement Moon’

Book a staycation at a local hotel, or go on a mini road trip and rent an Airbnb for an engagement honeymoon. Getting out of your stuffy apartment and spending some time in a new environment together is a good way of getting away while remaining safe. If you choose the former, make sure to treat yourself with some room service.

Try a Nice, Romantic Night at Home

Or, treat yourself at home. Order your favorite takeout, open a bottle of wine, light some candles, and simply enjoy each other’s company—and your new engagement high.

You can simply choose to bask in your bliss or, if you’re the type, you can also start wedding planning. Start imagining what you want your big day to look like: Do you picture the ceremony being indoors or outdoors? In the summer, fall, winter, or spring? Do you know what you want the color scheme to be? Use alone time to make sure you’re on the same page.

Plan a Belated Engagement Party

Start planning a belated engagement party. Since we don’t know how long the pandemic will last, it’s important to lower your expectations and maybe hold off on booking a venue just yet. But if celebrating with the people you love in person is a non-negotiable, let these special people know that you plan on toasting together in the near future. Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

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